On a lighter note...

My blog has been a bit heavy lately, no?

Let's take a break from the deep thoughts and look towards something much more trivial, superficial, and totally unnecessary: my birthday is around the corner. I'll be 27 on the 27th, which makes this my 'golden birthday.' Nate just informed me of this fact today. I had no idea it was so special!

So I figure I should dream big, right? I don't NEED anything at all. But of course, there are items that I wouldn't hate to have, either. I can't remember the last time I actually shopped online or browsed my favorite websites. And it was long overdue, my friends.

I now present to you my mega-ridiculous-birthday-wishlist. I don't expect you all to run out and buy all of these items but I won't stop you if you are bound and determined to drop some major dough. Mostly I like eye candy and these things are pretty:

If we had a second laptop we'd have a lot less stress in our lives. I know, it's an awful problem to have, but with one computer and two people, things don't always add up. Of course we'd get another Mac:

Now that I'm running again, I remember why I hate my gigantor Ipod--because it's so freaking big and has to clip onto my pants. I think one of the following would suit my training much more, don't you?

And then there are the clothes. Lots and lots of eye candy here, folks. The first tribute is to J.Crew---my love, my nemesis. Such mixed emotions when it comes to this store. Why do they have to have such gorgeous pieces with such hefty price tags? And why do they have to make these types of things JUST FOR ME?

And Anthropologie is my friend, too. So many fun dresses, tops, and accessories. Don't you think I'd look fab in these for our San Diego trip?
What? I never denied having expensive tastes. And I'd never actually BUY anything because of my inner-tight wad. But it's fun to look and drool.

On another note.....remember how one of my 2008 goals was to save 15-20K by the end of the year? It's only April and we are REALLY close to hitting our goal already! I don't know how this has happened so quickly. Maybe it has something to do with not paying rent, getting a nice tax refund, and Nate pulling in some paychecks. That could be it, I suppose. But I'm really proud of us because we've worked really hard at saving money. We even splurged a little on our wedding DVD and our vacation and we still managed to save this much.

I guess this means it's time to look at houses and consider another move.....NOT! There is no way I'd willingly move anytime soon. So for now my inner tight wad can gloat and relax a bit, and I can't call us 'poor' anymore [just to make Nate mad]. I'm sure I can find other ways to bug the boy:)

And finally, I updated my blog roll. It's getting out of control, I know. But I didn't realize how long it had been neglected. And I forgot how much I adore Google Reader.


  1. Wow, your blogroll is getting long!

    And double wow, that's awesome progress on your savings goals. :sigh: I think it'll take us well into next year to get to that point, but oh well! Progress is progress. :)

  2. It is also called your champagne birthday. So make sure to enjoy lots of champagne on your 27th! My champagne birthday isn't until I'm 31. About 7 years away.

    Thanks for adding us to your blogroll!

  3. Congrats on meeting your savings goal! That is so exciting! Just think of how much you'll have at the end of the year! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

  4. P.S. I finally got the pictures on a cd. I'll send them on Monday!

  5. It was my golden bday this year too! I turned 27 on March 27. It was about as uneventful as it was turning 26.

    Congrats on saving that much money also. So exciting!

  6. Oh yeah, and yay for birthdays!

  7. Hey it's your golden birthday you can totally wish big!!!!!!
    I hope you get something really awesome for this special birthday.

  8. That pink blouse from Anthropologie is too cute! I might have to look into that too :).

    You should definitely check out the iMacs in addition to the MacBooks -- I am in love with mine! The 20" screen is huge and beautiful :).


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