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I've been given a task--a project--if you will. And you know that I love projects:) Keri called me tonight and enlisted my internet searching powers for her wig hunt. Apparently I'm known among my friends for being "internet savvy" or possibly just "the one who spends way too much time online." Regardless, she delegated this task to me. And I will not fail, my doves.

Keri is anticipating losing her signature curly blond locks soon. As a planner she is already on top of the wig hunt. In addition to some fabulous scarves and hats, she will probably rock one straight wig and would like a curly one, similar to her real hair. As a reminder, here are her natural curls:
The problem lies here: she lives in a small town lacking curly wig options. The internet is her friend but apparently when you type in "curly wigs" to the almighty Google, time warps backwards to the 80s. And it ain't pretty, folks.

So when you see something like this, you get hopeful. Sounds perfect, right?

Not so much. Exhibit A--bad 80s perm with a little bit of mullet in the mix. Maybe it's just the way it's styled?

Okay, so exhibit B poses another problem: a lot of these wigs are for the African American ladies out there, which would be perfect if Keri wasn't such a Caucasian. I think the name brand proves it isn't for our girl:

Now here is a lovely pale lady. Feathered waves, weird layers, and a dull gaze. Is it just me or is something seriously wrong with this chick? Like she might have just woken from a drunken stupor?

Oh, dear Lord. She isn't 90 years old, people. [No offense to the 'mature generation' out there---especially you, Memaw. You'd know better than to wear this wig, right?]

And finally, I may be obsessed with the color pink and I'm all for breast cancer awareness but seriously? The name of this is 'incognito' because you can totally blend in with your surroundings wearing this beast. Yep, it's basically camouflage.

I should mention that my husband is a real comedian. When we first discussed Keri losing her hair he said, "Going bald isn't THAT bad. Just tell her all the cool kids do it." Which is cute in some sort of sad way. Keri also mentioned tonight that she can now sympathize with Nate and realizes how traumatic it was for him to lose his hair. They've formed a new bond that is deeper than I'll know. Perhaps they should wig hunt together?

How about this one---dude who looks like a cracked out version of Michael Scott on The Office. GREAT look for Nate! So the point of this post is this: does anyone have a fabulous website for curly wigs? Preferably 100% human hair and cute. Preferably not hot pink.

Of course if you are one of the lucky ones in life who have desk jobs with time to kill, possibly you could do some searching for us? Because so far Michael Scott is coming out ahead...


  1. Oh

    Those are absolutely, positively hideous!!! (And quite comical!)

    If I come across any cute wigs while wasting time at work, I will let you know.

  2. You are so right. I pride myself on being very savvy with google/internet searches but I only have found comical results. I'll keep searching :)

  3. 1. sounds to have some decent modern wigs...not much curly tough

    2. I've seen some on eBay

    Be's super hard to find curly wigs!

  4. How about this one -

    I'm off to look some more!

  5. What about That's where Jessica Simpson's extensions are sold through... but they also have some wig options. Just a thought!

  6. Ok so just to clarify--she DOESN'T want the "Motown Tress"???

    Come on she could totally rock that!

  7. OMG...those were some hot wigs! How could she not want one of those beauties?

    I laughed so hard when I got to the wig for Nate...too funny!

  8. Julia-My mom had breast cancer and she found a wig shop here in St. Louis. If you want to email me, I will get the name of it and you might be able to make an appointment and go in and talk to them while your here for Keri. They might be able to give you some ideas where to go. Almost every wig will need to be cut and styled for the person wearing it. In fact, my mom never did wear her wig.....she ended up wearing a bunch of scarfs instead---less hot.


  9. I will ask where my aunt got her wig when she needed it and I will also ask my sister where our friend got hers (she has breast cancer also and going through the same things Kerri is.).

  10. Wow. Just Wow. I mean we're not thinking Halloween here. I'll keep my eyes open. Good luck!

  11. "if she wasn't such a Caucasian"

    You make me laugh, girl. And those wigs are just beyond horrific!!! Wow.

  12. My mom got her wigs from Paula Young:

    Good luck!

  13. It looks like it's really difficult to find natural hair, normal looking, curly wigs. has some nice looking wigs with straight hair.

    What I find amazing in this situation is how you've both managed to keep a sense of humor. That is so inspiring! And it no doubt keeps Keri happy and healthy, and there's no doubt that will only help her.

  14. Best site I could find:

    Definitely some good ones on there!

  15. Wow those wigs are pretty bad, and I saw what you meant when I was searching and found the same ones! Here is one that is not too bad.. not as nice as her real hair but it might do?

    There are lots of great suggestions on here, I know you will find something for her!

    PS can she cut her hair off and get it made into a wig?

  16. Julia,

    Tell Keri to contact her local American Cancer Society office they will give her a wig for free and they have some beautiful options.


    here's a link to their online catalog.

  18. My mom's crazy hair dresser got her a wig from Raquel Welch's (sp) wig line. I thought it was pretty funny but then when watching SATC Samantha got a Raquel Welch wig also. Wigs are very expensive so I think these were a "reasonable" price without looking cheap.

    On a side note though, my mom hates wearing the wig (my grandma hated hers too) because they are tight and hot and my mom is always afraid that it's moved into some crazy do without her knowing it since she can't feel where it is like regular hair. So that being said, Keri may want to just invest in one really great wig (a good one can be styled like normal hair) and buy lots of scarves. I think my mom looks the prettiest when she has a scarf on any way. She just wears the wig to work to not scare her patients.

    Hope that helps. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  19. Okay--it looks like human hair wigs are going to be a lot more expensive but they look more natural so I don't know which way Keri is leaning. This website had really good looking wigs:

    This other website had curly wigs and most of them were scary looking but there were some that were really pretty:

    This one has so many its kind of overwhelming--some are too much but there are decent ones [ps--the manequins are SCARY!:

    There is also this website that has a bunch of Breast Cancer Awareness apparel and accessories for really good prices in my opinon

  20. Wow, thanks for the helpful responses, ladies!

    I'm having a blast looking at all of the links. Too much fun, I tell ya.

    I never thought about having her hair made into a wig. Doesn't it have to be at least 10 inches for locks of love? Maybe that is because you need that much for a wig? I don't know, Keri-- did you think of that??

    And Mrs. A brings up a good point---I had heard the American Cancer Society can help with wigs. Keri, did you know that? :)

    And yes, a few people have told me that wigs aren't all that comfortable to wear frequently. I could totally see Keri getting one wig and not wearing it except for special occasions out and about. I'm sure a pretty scarf would be HOTT on her little head.

    But we'll see. Also, with the real hair wigs....those can be curled, colored, etc. I wonder if they could perm one to look like her curls? Just another thought...

  21. Let me just tell you (from recent experience!)...finding a wig is a tough job. Although kind of fun. I had long highlighted blonde hair - cut to my shoulders - you know just in case it didn't really end up falling out (ha!). Anyway, I ended up with a shoulder length curly-ish red wig, a short blonde (malibu blonde, actually) bob wig and one that looked somewhat like my hair, but a bit darker. My insurance paid for 80% of one - but the trick is you have to claim it to insurance by getting a prescription for it (yes, the doc will write one) and saying it is NOT a wig....rather, a cranial prosthesis (I know). My biggest piece of advice is to look for 'mono' wigs. They have sort of a part that makes it look like your scalp. Weird (and a bit more expensive), but it looks much better than the others.

    Oh and I tried on a couple of human hair wigs, but it was weird....and kind of hard to get past the part that it used to acually be a part of someone else. Kind of creeped me out.

  22. I've been growing my hair and cutting it for locks of love for years and although I'm pretty sure that is for children, Pantene has a similar program for women with breat cancer.


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