STL Fundraiser Set!

For everyone asking about a St. Louis fundraiser here is your event. I had to add some of my favorite Flickr pink pictures in honor of this occasion and just because I like them.[Daisy1 by Curio Art]

When: Saturday, May 10th
Where: Rbar [a popular SLU bar for those non-college friends]
Time: From 7pm-3am
Price: $10 at the door will get you drink specials all night long. The bar is donating 100% of this cover fee to Keri.
Theme: PINK! Everyone should dress in the most fabulous color ever created. Between supporting Breast Cancer and it being Keri's favorite color you can't go wrong.
Other excitement: There will also be a raffle for Cardinals baseball tickets, so get excited for that as well!

[Definition of Pink by Claudia1967]

Contact Katie at if you have any questions.[by Claudia1967]

[as a side note, I have to work that weekend. Of course I do! Don't even get me started. So I'm slightly bitter that I'll miss this one. It would melt my ice cold heart to see some blog followers go to this event to support Keri. Pictures of you dressed in pink required.][Dublin-St. Stephen's Green by little.jafa]


  1. Beautiful photos!!

    I'm sure the fundraiser will be a huge success.

    I wanted to come on and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. :)

  2. awesome pink photos lady!

    i can't wait to hear the success of the fundraiser!

    i see it is your bday tomorrow! happy birthday hun! have a great day!!!! can't wait to see what the man does for you! :0)

  3. Love the St. Stephen's Green pic, it's so beautiful there. I won't be able to attend the fundraiser but I will be praying for Keri. Unfortunately, works calls.

  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great one!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you get everything you wanted:)

  6. Argh. This sounds like so much fun, it obviously for a fabulous cause, and we love RBar. We'll be in Mexico, but I'm telling everyone I know to go! :)


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