Seven reasons to smile, by moi:

1. Coming home to this guy each evening. Sans facial hair [and head hair, for that matter]:
2. Realizing that my husband is metrosexual enough for the following:

10 million long sleeved shirts, 8 million polo shirts [Ralph Lauren should personally thank my husband for buying one of every color]....That are, in fact, color coordinated. Isn't it ironic that he arranges his shirts like a RAINBOW? With metrosexual tendencies?! I won't even get into the fact that the man has more clothes than me because when he reads this he will refute that statement adamantly. :)

3. Drinking red wine. Lots of it. And making progress with our centerpiece:
4. Coming home to my other little man each evening:
Who happens to have the most adorable face after a haircut. Doesn't he look intelligent? I wish he could talk because I'm sure he'd sound just like Bill Gates. [not really sure what BG sounds like, though]:

5. The fact that the winter is losing the weather battle with spring. It got up to SEVENTY FOUR DEGREES today. And yes, I'm still in Milwaukee. I swear it's like heaven on earth.

6. The fact that I was dragging all day today--tired, moody, and coming down with a cold. But then I forced myself to run outside after work and I didn't even die. In fact, I ran almost 5 miles
in the glorious sunshine. There's just something about fresh air that can make everything better.

7. The fact that my Blurb book is supposed to arrive tomorrow! We almost have a wedding album and it might even be ready for our St. Louis trip. I might pee my pants if it's sitting on our doorstep tomorrow after work. I'll keep you updated on both the album and the peeing:)


  1. Totally busted out laughing when I saw how anal Nate's closet looks. I specifically enjoy the turned up collars on all of his Polo's. Cute. Is he for hire? My closet needs serious damage control.

  2. LOVING Nate's rainbow coordinated closet!!! Freaking classic!

    We totally have the same wine cork collection going! Our has more than yours though ;)

    My Blurb photo guestbook and bpic books arrived yesterday and they were PH-ENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!! I had originally ordered through Picaboo and the quality SUCKED so it was a relief for Blurb to come through with the goods. Seriously, the quality is awesome!

  3. That's definitely funny! Rob is NOT that organized. I can't wait to see your book! I'm sure it will be fabulous.

    :::SIGH::: I can't wait to come home to my men after the wedding!

  4. haha I have to show my husband that picture. His closet consists of most his nice button-downs hung one over the other on a hook because he's too lazy to put them on hangers. Then he complains that they're wrinkly! Sheesh.

    Good list. :)

  5. I didn't recognize you with the lighter locks Julia! That's a very cute picture of you guys.

    Yay for Nate's organizing skills! Bless his heart. :-)

    And Henry is just adorable, as always.

  6. I can't wait to see your Blurb book! You better post some pictures (yeah, I know we saw the layouts, but whatever). You really have some of the most gorgeous wedding pictures I have ever seen.

    And I love the rainbow polos. How Martha Stewart.


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