Speedy update

1. Keri called me today to specifically say the following: "Please tell everyone that the donations are NOT tax deductible. I thought they were but it was a misunderstanding. The fund is totally legit but you just can't claim donations to the IRS." 

She is so funny because she seriously stressed over this, thinking that people would accuse her of 'false advertising'. Love that girl.

But now you know the truth. Give to be kind, not to claim it on your taxes.

2. Also, as I'm sure you've read on her website by now, she said in her message, "I don't have the cancer gene!!!!!!!" Just like that, with multiple exclamations. It was so nice to hear not one but TWO good pieces of news in two days. Sigh of relief goes here----but of course, we'll never have a reason for this cancer. But I guess we can't dwell on the 'why me' stuff. 

3. We went out to dinner after work with fellow co-workers. SUPER fun but also it made me really really tired---we stayed until 9 pm! I can't cram in all of my computer time into one measly hour before bed! What was I thinking?! Kind of sad, isn't it? 

4. Thank you [times one hundred] for all of the support. The power of the internet is pretty ridiculous sometimes. Ridiculous in a good way, of course:)

5. Did I mention that we are driving to STL this weekend? I'm getting really freaking excited. Henry got his haircut today for the vacation. And I special ordered HOT weather for us northerners. It's going to be a blast:)


  1. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

  2. That is such incredible news about Keri. I read the results of the genetic testing on her website and was so relieved! That will definitely boost her spirits so that she can kick some cancer ass!

    Looking forward to finally meeting you on Sunday.

  3. I read the news about Keri's genetic tests coming back negative with a lot of relief - I'm so happy for her!!

    Looks like the warm weather is going to be sticking around here - you picked a perfect weekend!


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