House anyone?

If you are in St. Louis and want to buy or rent a fabulous house [or know someone who does], please read on. 

My best friend Hannah owns a house in Richmond Heights and it's for sale. It just so happens to be the house where 1. We brought Henry into our lives, and 2. Nate proposed to me! It's pretty special--not just for the personal sentiment attached--but because it's super cute. All hardwood, updated kitchen, brand new windows, 2 bedrooms upstairs plus a nice finished den/3rd bedroom in the basement. 

Here are some pictures:

Now for the important stuff:
Asking price to buy the home is $164,900
Asking price to rent the home is $1250/month
Hannah would also consider a rent-to-own option for anyone who doesn't have the money right now but wants in on the buyers market. 
And they are definitely willing to negotiate!

Here is the official listing on Coldwell Banker's site
And if you want to email Hannah for details, contact her at Hoonah319 at yahoo com

And no, I'm not getting paid to pimp this house all over the web. I'm just nice like that:)


  1. Super cute house! My husbands cousing and his wife are actually looking for a house in St. Louis right now. I have NO IDEA what they are looking for...but I sent them this link!

  2. Thank you for the post!!!

  3. Where in Richmond Heights is this house? Ryan and I are in R.H. now, wonder if its close, really cute house, sending Ryan the link!


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