[for those of you non-knotties, that stands for Babies On The Brain. You're welcome for the education].

It's not that I'm yearning for a child or anything. That type of thing comes and goes and right now I don't have The Fever so much. But I do have BOTB because there babies popping up everywhere lately. I mean, I turn my head and another kid springs up out of nowhere. It's like they are multiplying and gradually invading my mind, saying, "Come on lady, you know you want to succumb to The Fever. Don't you want one of us already?" Generally speaking, no, kids. I don't. I'm in a phase where I quite like my free time. I love lounging around in the evenings and weekends with nothing to do---no kitchen projects, no moving boxes, nada. It's great and you aren't going to get me just yet. But give me a few days and who knows.

So what is the purpose of this post, you ask? Well, to show off the new babies in our friends' lives, of course! Try not to think in a high pitched, squeeky voice when you view these pictures.

1. Exhibit A: Steph and Chris. Friends from college, a nurse and a doctor, just moved to The Great North like us [to Minnesota, though. ] Shortly after our wedding they announced they were preggo with their first! Yippee. And just a few weeks ago their new addition arrived: you'll never guess his name.....come on.....

It's HENRY! What a stellar pick, you guys! And he's almost as cute as our Henry [but he probably poops on the floor less, so that's a plus.] Nate's cousin also had a Henry last year. I didn't know our dog would be such a trendsetter, but he is pretty cutting edge overall:)

2. Exhibit B: Mary and Danny, friends from SLU, live in Arizona [super jealous!!!], and Danny is in Law School. He's also the infamous break dancer at our wedding. You know the pictures, right?

So anyway, they had a baby girl a few weeks ago. And her name? Makenna Anne. Isn't that the most adorable name ever?
And OMG I cannot look at her cheeks in this picture. Hi, Makenna. I want to eat you right now. Seriously. Too cute. She and her mommy are going to give Danny a run for his money. Watch out Arizona!
3. Exhibit C: Adam and Laura, friends from my high school, first ones to get married, and sickeningly intelligent. I'll get to that part later, but this picture sums it up. They were the ONLY couple in all of our Studio B to step outside the box. That tells you something right there, doesn't it?
Laura and Adam had baby Ethan last year on March 14. Here are some pictures of Mr. E from October. I swear his eyes mesmerize me. Hello, Ethan. Can I take you home for a little bit?
Seriously, he's a baby Einstein. You can just tell. I'd like to lick his face off.

Well the big news is that Laura and Adam are expecting their second baby! Now this wouldn't be such a big deal if 1. They didn't go through infertility treatments to have Ethan, thinking they'd always have problems, or 2. Laura wasn't a first year resident.

So yeah, let's talk about this for a minute. Laura is the most intelligent person I know. She is the one who got a 35 on her ACT and a 1570 on the SAT [remember, a 36 and 1600 are PERFECT scores.] Oh yeah, and she got a 4.0 all through undergrad and now she is a resident. I don't think she ever got a "B" in medical school either. See? Isn't she just disgusting? It makes me want to puke my guts out. But it gets worse. She isn't one of those creepy smart people who can't even form a sentence because of all the information in her skull. She's actually normal, too!

So anyway, we were talking and she's all: When are YOU going to have kids?

And I'm all: Dude, I don't know. I'm so busy with working full time and I just don't know if I can continue to do that after we pop out a kiddo. So we might wait until after Nate is done with school so I could maybe decrease my hours and we'd still have health insurance.

And then I realized that she's a resident and literally works 80-100 hours PER WEEK. And she has a one year old. And she's pregnant again. Dude. That puts things into perspective for me.

Note to self: never complain about working full time to Laura again. And never use that as an excuse to wait on kids. But then again, I can't compare myself to Superwoman Laura.

And this post would not be complete without a shout out to my single mom friends out there. Meet this pair of trouble makers: Allison and Milldogg.
Child number one belongs to Milldogg. Her name is Ariana and she is freaking HUGE for her age. I swear she looks like a five year old and she's not even three. In Milldogg's words, "Thank the Lord that she is potty trained or else I'd be exposed to some massive human poops that could kill a horse."And Madelyn belongs to Allison. This picture is a year old because....ahem...I haven't received any new ones lately:) But isn't she just a doll? I talked to Al on the phone yesterday and Madelyn was busy buckling up her baby dolls in the back seat. Squeezable!

UPDATE: Allison proved herself a speedy uploading mama and emailed me new pictures as soon as this post went up! Here is my fave:So that's it. My friends' kids. I'm quite satisfied with our relationships via photos and an occasional visit. I KNOW I'm not ready for the screaming temper tantrums and lack of sleep. I need to build myself up to those events, so for now pictures will do:)


  1. Do you know what my favorite thing in the world is? Adoring OTHER people's kids! I LOVE being an aunt. I love working with the preschool kids at work. I also love leaving them all behind at the end of the day and enjoying some free time with my friends and my dogs. As much as I envy those pregnant bellies... sigh... I'm with you, so not ready yet.

  2. I always forget what BOTB means so thanks for the re-education!! Haha--I of all people should not forget what it means!! :)

    Love the pictures but like you always tell me, they're not so cute after 15 hours of shitty diapers and crying and snotting, etc. hahaha

    I still want one though.... :)

  3. I hear you, Julia. I entertain the idea every now and again, but I am so not ready for that lifestyle change. I want to be able to take a shower when I want, dammit! I have friends in grad school that are trying to finish their PhDs while raising children and living on grad school wages. And I complain about how much work my birds are.

    ps-I have a two year old nephew named Henry. It's a great name!

  4. All those babies are so freaking cute! I want to squeeze and pinch each one of them!

  5. Yay for babies! :) What cute pictures - thanks for sharing!

    You're so lucky - I don't know ANYONE with a baby. Guess I'll just have to have my own! ha.

    Seriously, my fever's been bad for awhile now. I really, really value my free time and my and Dave's alone time, but I also am almost ready to give it up!

    But I do constantly worry about how I'll manage to work full-time AND raise a kid. (and then another and maybe ANOTHER!) But then I remind myself of people like your friends who raise kids on their own or work way more than I do ... and I know it'll be doable.

  6. i totally hear you on the kid thing. there are about 5 or 6 girls in my office that are pregnant or have just had their baby.

    i have the FEVER i have been married for almost a year and i really, truly want a baby!

    on the other hand i do enjoy my freedom and i would not want to let that go just yet- and i definately don't want to let it go until we are both ready. even though i may be ready i have to wait for hubby! i hear this baby makin thing takes two!

    those pictures are adorable!!!! love it!

  7. Speaking from experience, yes, babies are a lot of work (and then you have to wake up and actually GO TO WORK!), but it's worth every minute. Life really does not begin until the moment your child is born. Julia, I know you will be an awesome mommy!

  8. Tell me about it

    Most of the time, i just feel like i am not ready, and other times, when we baby-sit Jesse's nieces and nephews, i just want babies right away...but i wake up really so not ready!!!


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