Potential big news...

...Nate called me at work today to inform me that we have fish on the hook. What does that mean, you ask? One of the eight people who have viewed our apartment is "seriously interested." Like, 95% sure that she wants to move in!!!! 

A few negatives? Her monthly rent will be $50 less than us because she needs one less parking space and won't have a dog. So we'd owe our landlord $250 to cover the difference between now and June [when our lease is up.]

Also, she wants to move in "soon." She closes on her current house March 1 and would like to be in here beforehand. Nate said we need until February 19 to pack everything we own and move it into the in-laws place. Why February 19, you ask? I have no idea because that is a Tuesday and I work both Saturday and Sunday before this date. I think Nate picked that date to give us three weekends to move but it won't be easy. He's working more and more lately and the thought of moving our stuff in the evenings give me the hives. We have a lot of stuff and nothing is packed since we weren't sure when we'd move. But regardless, we wanted to move out asap and now it might actually happen. It's finally sinking in: we're moving again!

But the good news: We are going to save hellified money from this point forward, we'll get our security deposit back [which will still be quite hefty even without the $250 we'll owe], and I'll have a brand new [free] place to decorate! Pretty exciting, and another transition. 

So let's all cross our fingers that the woman signs a lease. Our landlord is working out the details with her tonight, supposedly. I'm nervous! 

On another note, this was going to be my 99th post and I'm planning on doing something special for my 100th. But then I decided to delete a post from awhile ago because I didn't want to upset anyone and felt bad about some of my harsh comments. Sometimes I get a little carried away with my descriptive terms and I really shouldn't judge people I've never met. So I called myself out on that and deleted the post---I felt kind of sneaky, like it was a DD on The Knot. But then I realized that this is my blog and I get to decide what stays and what goes. 

So anyway, now I have two more posts to go before I hit 100. Pretty sweet, huh?


  1. A DD on The Knot... Hee hee!

  2. Which post was it that you deleted? I do not remember you being harsh about anyone. Oh, wait, I might know which one...


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