I know a lot of girls despise Valentines day, since it's a total Hallmark creation. I'm pretty much indifferent to the holiday, but I do love all things pink and girlie---and therefore V-day paraphernalia is okay by me. [Hence, my new blog face lift complete with pink, hearts, and lovey dovey stuff.]

I already featured Anahata Katkin on my blog awhile back for her pimptastic artwork. But her website Papayalicious deserves it's own post. Especially with her gorgeous V-day cards. Take a look!

[fabulously vintage and fun.]

[obviously I'm a fan of the cherry blossoms.]

[simple and cute.]

[not usually a fan of her 'faces' but this one I like.]

[Love it.]

[A big fan for the flaming heart and ribbon]

[Lately anything with our monogram catches my eye. I can imagine many uses for this charmer.]

[AND she has adorable envelopes. Who doesn't love envelopes?? In pink and green?]

[SWAK? Erin are you reading this?]

[Something about this one makes me happy.]

[And in honor of my loving mother, whose birthday just so happens to be on Valentines Day, what about these adorable pieces?]

[This one is very 'her' and 'me' for that matter:) ]
Anyway---if you are single and love the girlie stuff.....or married but your husband doesn't care about decor [lucky ducks!] I think you should invest in some of this stuff for sure. Then send me pictures, please. I *puffy heart* all of them.


  1. These are so fun! I love all of that artsy stuff! I also love, love, love the blog! SO SWEET! If I had the time I would do a new theme for Valentine's too. I also love all the pictures on the side; YOU, are gorgeous!! Where did you get the papers?
    I have to admit I love Valentine's day. I am not sure why, usually nothing too distinctive happens, but I love it anyway!
    Any plans for your V day this year?

  2. I love Valentines Day for "some" reason. I really like the art you put on your blog. I'm going to explore the papaya website to see more of her work. How nice of you to get her work out there for others to see. I may have to go crazy and buy something from her. I really like the Mother cards :)

  3. I'm loving those cards. How cute would the monogramed one be blown up and framed??? I think I'm going to have to check her site out ASAP!

  4. If any of you girls [mom included] gets anything from PaPaYa you MUST send me pictures. I just can't splurge on myself but I'd love to live vicariously through you!


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