metro hubby of mine

J: Your new 'backpack' came in the mail today.
N: Really? My Patagonia one?
J: Yes, your really metro-sexual, name brand bag you purchased for school [that doesn't start until June.]
N: [Runs over to the box with wide eyes and tears it open.]
J: OMG. That is the LARGEST backpack I've ever seen in my life. It's too big, Nate.
N: That's what she said.
J: Stop with The Office quotes, you aren't as funny as Michael.
N: You really think it's too big to wear to school?
J: Well, it looks big enough to carry two Henrys in but other than that I guess it's fine.

[looking at each other, wheels turning simultaneously.....]

All I can think of is this: My husband is now officially a Jessica Simpson wanna be.He'll totally make new friends in PT school with that thing, right? Especially if Henry tags along to each class. They'll be quite the pair.

Henry: Mom, I simply don't have the time to attend classes with Dad. I'm a very busy person.
H: Seriously. Leave me alone. I'm doing my Sphinx pose, woman.

Sam: When are you people going to leave my house already? My schedule is totally thrown off and I just can't take this chaos anymore.S: Feed me. I'm wasting away to nothing!
Just a typical night in this house. Never boring!


  1. OMG!!! You crack me up!! I love your dialog!
    But don't worry... my FI's a metro-sexual too.. so I feel for you!
    And Henry... poor guy... :)

  2. Nikki, I'm with you. Julie - the dialog always cracks me up, partly because I can imagine Brian and I have the same conversations :)

    And that bag is huge...I hope Henry had his thinking cap on during class!

  3. That was funny!

    Your dog is sooooo CUTE!! I just want to eat him up!

  4. know that Mike is metro too! Where did we find such pretty, fashionable men?! Anyways, those Henry pictures cracked me up! He looked pissed in a few of those!

  5. Metro men=hotties :)

    I think Henry is even a bit metro, if that's possible...

  6. these pics are hilarious!

    metrosexual bag! :0) hilarious!

    henry looks so cute in those pics! i am going to post a pic of my cat in the cutest halloween costume- just for you! :0)

  7. This post is funny. And seems so long ago that we used to refer to Nate as a "meathead." Actually, I think Mark has replaced Nate in the meathead department as he has decided to join a rugby team. Nothing like running around in short shorts, knee high socks, and high top cleats (sick!), chugging beer, and knocking people over. The striking blow was when he informed me that he will not be wearing a cup because they are for... um, *a word neither of us likes very much.*

  8. OMG that's hilarious.


  9. Hilarous! Thanks for the laugh tonight.

  10. I, too, am married to a metro.

    And he uses the "that's what she said" line whenever appropriate. And sometimes, when not appropriate, too.

  11. Blogger must be acting up because it won't let you leave a comment on your post above :(


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