Attack of the SKORT!

BEFORE: a lowly runner, stuck in a time warp wearing a sports bra from high school, 'cheerleading' shorts, and a ribbed cotton wife-beater.Please note how slow and uncomfortable she looks. Chafing, hot, and outdated.

AFTER: A successful trip to REI during their summer sale and $350 later [combined between said runner and her husband]

Outfit #1: Ready for running, biking, and possibly swimming if needed. Tight shorts [read: REALLY tight] and tank top equip this runner to be 'hard core':

And slightly scary. This is definitely a no-nonsense outfit, no?

Outfit #2: Tight capri pants [still REALLY tight] and a pink shirt, ready to wick away moisture while remaining stylish:

Please note that these types of outfits inspire said runner pose like a model in a fitness magazine.

Outfit #3: mesh tank top and a SKORT!!! She did it, folks. She took the plunge and bought a running skort. No turning back now....

Yes, she is a dork but strong and determined to run 26.2 miles. And if this pimped out skort makes her feel happy, who's to argue? The Nike Personal Best Running Skort is surprisingly comfortable and adorable, and not to mention on sale! Boy shorts underneath mean running sans lacey underwear:)

Here was the runner up: the REI OXT Fleet Skirt. But it was a little TOO frilly with those flaps, and it flared out too much. A girl can ease into this skort wearing for now, right?

Significant research went into these purchases. Upon closer investigation, it was discovered that skorts are all the rage. All over the place. Coveted by many. For instance, in Athleta there was this plethora of skorts:

And these statements:

But the best description went something like this: "Passing the guys on your run is hard enough for them, but imagine their surprise when you cruise by in a skirt." Girl power, baby.

And so on our 9 mile run today, I shall don this combination: skort plus hard core tank. Wish us luck! Any votes for The Marathoning outfit? Never too early to think about The Big Day, right?

[on a side note, my running partner and husband has run exactly ZERO miles this week. That's right, nada. I've been a good little runner and followed the training plan to a tee, going 3, then 4, then another 3 miles this week. Nate has just been studying his face off, so we shall see what happens as a result.....]


  1. I love the Nike skort. I have this for cycling:

    Yep, padded butt and everything. But it's fun and makes me want to wear it, thus making me want to get out on the bike. Granted it doesn't fit right now, but when it does, I'll be out there peddling away.

    Shopping for this stuff is loads of fun!

  2. You look fantastic in all the outfits, especially the skort. Love it. You may want to start modeling for Nike on the side...just another side business to keep you extra extra busy. Good luck with the run. Looking good is such a great motivator.

  3. So are shoes a part of your new running gear?? I noticed they were in your old getup but not in the new. Hmmmm....

    Kudos on the new outfits. Bye bye chafe!

  4. Amanda~ who needs shoes when you have new running clothes? :)

  5. You forgot to mention that these outfits had reflective qualities too! All part of quality running gear :-D

    And I have to say -- you pull off the skort nicely. I was a bit leary the first time you mentioned it but it looks quite natural on you!

  6. hey, girl. I LOVE SKORTS, especially when worn/modeled by a #1 granddaughter. She HAS to be the rage of WI. I applaud you for your commitment to running however many miles. I also loved your facial expressions.A woman on a mission. GO, JULES. MM

  7. All the new clothes are great, but I absolutely love the skort! It looks as cute as I thought it would.

    As a side note...I envy your thin legs! If I wore shorts or pants that tight, it would not be a pretty site!

  8. Aimee~shorts THIS tight are never pretty, but thank you for the sweet compliment!

    And MM is my Memaw [Grandma]! Let's give her a hand for commenting for about the third can be challenging to figure out how to comment but she did not give up, and what other Grandma do you know who actually reads and comments on blogs. She has her own Facebook account, too:) HI MEMAW! Love you!

  9. You're adorable. I love the new clothes. I'm pretty jealous, too, as I should really bite the bullet and get new workout clothes. I wear the same pair of pants to the gym every day I go, no joke. It's slightly embarrassing.

  10. Love your new outfits, Julia! And I'm glad your training is going well, too. I'm doing a training program in Chicago and we're on the Chicago Marathon schedule (Oct. 12), so I'm a week behind you guys. Maybe I'll have to try out the skort myself for future long runs....

  11. New clothes always motivate me! ;) Enjoy 'em.

  12. Love all the outfits. Your cuteness sickens me. I own a few 'running' skirts (is that what you're actually supposed to do with them?) that are leading a fairly happy life in the bottom of one of my clothes drawers. Mine came from where you can mix and match a ton of fun colors.

  13. So, you look great in a running skirt, but it might not work for us mere mortals;) I LOVE Athleta, BTW. I could drop some serious cash from that place.

  14. prep~I love that site! I might need another skort soon...

    and mary~BAH. I bet if you got a skort you'd love it! Mortals schmortals:)

  15. OMG, you skinny mini!

  16. I love all your purchases, especially the skort and the pink tops. And your grandma's post was adorable!!


    Seriously, the pictures and poses are too good!! Ha!

    You sure do look like a hardcore runner, minus the motion blur, plus cute facial expression.

  18. Your post inspired me to drop a bit of cash on some new running tops on my way home from work tonight. If I'm going to get sweaty, I might as well look good in a nice new top (and not a cotton t-shirt emblazoned with field hockey champs 1994...). Love the skort!


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