It's a dogs life

Please look at the following photos of my boys and try not to say, "Awwwwww". I'm referring to the dog, not the human although both are pretty cute:
[nate's annoyed face is noted]

[henry's broken wrists are noted]

[then henry starts to get funky]

[why is it necessary to put one paw up on the couch?]

Why does Henry feel the need to contort his body like this? Because he is a show boater. He loves the attention and I swear he knows when I'm taking his picture.

Then there is this fabulous piece of evidence that our dog is X-rated. I've shown you still pictures before but nothing like a video to convey his true colors. I'd say he's pretty spoiled, wouldn't you?

And now I present to you the best part of Nate's day:

Similarly, the best part of my day:

Ceasar Milan would be SO disappointed in us. Yes, we let our 25 pound dog jump up on us. Yes, we let him get excited. And yes, I make out with Henry most nights [my mouth is tightly shut, don't worry!]. Big deal. It makes the long days at work or school worth it, I tell you.

The funny part is that Henry gets this excited whether we've been gone 9 hours or 9 minutes. We need to get him a watch...

Any other dog lovers out there get this type of greeting upon entry? Isn't it the best?


  1. Henry is so cute! Although I don't have a dog, I have a cat who likes to think she's a dog!

    When I come home, she's always sitting in the kitchen near the door (a foot or two away) waiting for me. She starts to meow at me and rub against my legs.

    Some other ways she's like a dog- she likes to give kisses (she enjoys licking me - no clue why!), she plays fetch with her toy mouse, she tries to eat anything that's on the floor, and she always wants to be around people. She seriously follows me around the house. When I wake up, she's very excited and wants to be held and pet. Not your normal cat!

  2. Awww... I love those videos!!! Henry is spoiled, but how could you not?? He is adorable, so loving...

    Edison is a very patient bunny. He just sits, staring at us, waits patiently for us to pick him up... then... he goes nuts! Hopping all over, digging on our pillows, grunting, kissing...

    Kids of the furry kind, are the best!

  3. What a cute little puppers! I love how x-rate he is lol, that is pretty bad!!!

    I completely understand making out with your pet - with mouth firmly closed - one of my cat insists on giving me kisses! She loves licking below my nose above my lips?

  4. I love it! My dogs both give me excited greetings, jumping up and down, licking, barking, running in circles. Sometimes I feel little tinges of guilt associated with how spoiled my babies are. They sleep with us, they're allowed on the furniture, etc. But then I remember that I love it! Those are MY favorite things as well as theirs!

  5. I love Henry! The videos were too funny. We have almost the same scene at our house when we get home, except we usually arrive at the same time so the excitement is intensified ;)

  6. I love the looks he gives you guys when he stops for a second! Too funny! Who cares what Ceasar Milan says, at least you know he loves you!

  7. I'm a Ceasar Milan failure, too. My pups jump, bark, run, and give me kisses when I come home and I let them. I've tried making them wait until they're calm, but I'm the one who can't wait to give them big hugs and pets. Nothing makes my day better than getting a "hug" (aka: she jumps up and wraps her legs around me and gives me kisses)from Greta Louise. And the sight of Ducky's stub wiggle is just too funny. And poor Slapshot Oliver, I don't think he actually knows why everyone else is excited but he feels the need to "tell" me how much he missed me (aka: he whines incessantly until I pet him).

    Screw Ceasar Milan. My dogs are good enough behaved for my liking AND I can love on them whenever I want.

  8. Super cute!

    Yes, I'm all about greeting an excited Bailey and letting him welcome me home. And I love love love puppy kisses!

    Here's a funny thing though...when I get home from work, I'll pet Bailey and then go up to Jim to give him a kiss. Bailey gets super jealous or something. He jumps on us like a)he's trying to get in on the action or b) he's trying to pull us apart. Does Henry get that way too?

  9. Andrea~yes! Henry gets very jealous if I give my attention to anything or anyone other than him [just when I get home, not all the time]. If I reach down to pet my in-laws dog, Sam, Henry freaks out. They are too cute sometimes!

    I'm glad I'm not the only whipped mom who lets her baby jump all over her. And yes, he definitely sleeps in between Nate and I each and every night. With his head on our pillow and tucked under the covers. It's sick, really.

  10. Those videos are so adorable.

  11. Lurker here, I love the doggie vids. That is also the best part of my day. My dog jumps on my butt and is SO excited to see me, as soon as I sit down, he is in my lap. It's so nice to have a cuddle when you get home from a long day, or just a trip around the block.

  12. SO SO CUTE! I love those videos! Although, I think that he may be a bit of a perv! My parents cockapoo gets really excited like that too...but she pees when she goes crazy! At first we thought it was a puppy thing but she still does it! Did Henry ever do that? Or is it just a girl thing?

  13. Best.Post.Ever. That first video is HILARIOUS! I literally laughed out loud. Henry always entertains me. :-)

  14. Lauren~Hank never pees upon excitement, but I've heard that about other Cockapoos and Cocker Spaniels. Never even a dribble:)

  15. Too cute!

    Like Aimee, I have two cats that sometimes think they're dogs. They both greet me at the door when I get home from work. Its such a great feeling! I get more attention from them when I get home from work than I do from Ric. LOL

  16. On the one hand, yes, it is the best thing in the world to come home and be jumped on by a fuzzy face who has most likely been waiting for you to arrive home all day and shower you with affection. On the other hand, when that 'fuzzy face' weighs 80 pounds, and there are 2 of them.....not so much.
    Henry is a doll.


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