Busy as a Bee

One of the reasons my posts have diminished lately: album design, and lots of it. This is the type of busy that I adore so you won't hear me complain, but I'd like to share one of the albums with you now. I will show the other two later so stay tuned:)

This client found me through the wonderful world of blogging and she just so happens to be a Milwaukee girl [my first!]. Briena's photographer was Kim at KB Image Photography, who is obviously talented. Not only is she a great photographer but she boosted my confidence a bit as well. When I contacted her to get consent for displaying her images, Kim gave me some valuable advice. She informed me that I am "vastly underpriced for my talent" and urged me to raise my prices to get compensated for the many hours of hard work I put into each design. Did I mention that she is wise?

In reality, I've started with low prices for a reason----to gain clients and get my business off to a good start. I'm pleased with the beginnings of J.Lorene Design and I'm considering taking Kim's advice. After all, each album can take me anywhere from 13 hours up to 18 hours of my free time in the evenings and on weekends, which means I've made about $5/hour on some of the albums:) Pretty pathetic but then again, this company is a labor of love for me---I truly enjoy every minute spent at the computer, so being compensated for my time is a bonus. Perhaps it's time I shoot for a whopping $8/hour! :)

Anyway, let's get on to the beautimous design, shall we? This is Briena---a stunning bride, married back in 2006, in an uber-cool gallery wedding [a woman after my own heart!]. As soon as I saw her images I knew this would be a fun album for me....I'm a sucker for contemporary weddings filled with beautiful emotions.

Here are a few of my favorite layouts for Briena, click on the images to make them bigger:

As you can see, my style has really progressed since creating my first album [ours!]. I'm obsessed with the faded out stripes and unique arrangements of the photos---to the point where I want to re-do our wedding album!

To see Briena's album in full, go to my website and click the 'examples' tab. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!


  1. I love your layout. I havne't been to your actual blog in forever, darn that google reader! Anyway, do you think 5 years is too long to wait to get an album made? hehe. I bought stuff to do my own, but let's face it, with 3, soon to be 4 kids, it's never going to happen. I love your designs, and I think it's time I just had someone else do it for me. You'll be hearing from me.

  2. It looks great! I wish I knew how to do that! I can't even figure out how to get a picture to be the background!!!

  3. You have such awesome talent. I was just talking about your services to my cousin this weekend.

  4. Awesome job!

    Me obsessed with new camera + your awesome talent = a strong possiblity for some stylish albums


  5. top notch, Julia!

    p.s. you deserve to make at least minimum wage! isn't that at like $7 these days?

  6. I love looking at your layouts Julia. You do a fantastic job!!

  7. I love being that type of busy as well!

    Your album looks phenomenal, she'll be thrilled to death I'm sure!

    You should also take the advice.

  8. looooove the layout! great job julia!

    p.s. you need to make more money with that much talent!!!! :0)

  9. The album looks awesome! If only I'd known about your business before we had our album made...

  10. Gorgeous, as usual! We looked at the album yesterday when we were celebrating our anniversary!

    For those that already have an album, there's nothing wrong with two! :)

  11. I can't wait to get mine and for you to get some business cards lady!!

  12. Hi, I've been reading your blog and a few others for a few months now and finally decided to start one of my own! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say hello! I hope it's ok that I added you to my blog roll :)


  13. Thank you ladies! Abby, Sharon is right----there's nothing wrong with more than one album:) I like to say that a lightweight, relatively inexpensive album is always a plus.

    KLCstar~invite me to read your blog! I tried to click on it but it's private. Hello anyway!

    Melissa~the secret is NOT using booksmart. I've never used a template on there, just make my own designs from scratch on Photoshop. I won't use Booksmart b/c it's so limiting.

  14. Thank you so much again Julia! Everyone should use you to design their albums. It's a good thing it took us two years to make one...it gave us time to find the right person to create it! You rock!


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