Wedding #1

Mike is Nate's cousin and he married Michelle on Saturday in Madison, WI. It was the first of three weddings for us this fall and it totally lived up to the hype. Did I mention that I love weddings? Cause I do.

Nate's little brother Jon and his girlfriend Emily came down from Duluth, Minnesota for the wedding. We always have fun with them and we clean up nicely if I do say so myself. Note the Banana Republic dress purchased from Ebay last year for a steal:

For graduation, Jon got a brand new Honda Element in orange. He is quite fond of it to say the least so I made them pose in front of the car for the blog. They loved it:)

The bride and groom during the short but sweet Catholic ceremony. We were fully expecting the hour long mass but they condensed it down to a perfect 30 minutes. Way to go, guys!

Over at the reception I snapped some pictures of the flowers because I know other girls love these details as much as me. Aren't they pretty?

Nate and Jon at dinner. I swear they are looking more and more alike over the years [but as Jon likes to point out, he still has his hair].

We are kind of starting to look alike, too.....but again, I still have my hair as well:)

The grand entrance. They are so happy!

Me and the beautiful bride. Michelle is a bundle of energy and always the life of the party. I'm so happy to have her in our family officially because now we get to share the same [hard to pronounce] last name!

Cutting the cake and showing off her pretty bustle.
Mike and Michelle attended our wedding last year, where the Browers debuted their Studio B photo booth. When they left our wedding, they said they were going to start their own photo booth business because it was such a hit. Sure enough, they started Beyond the Booth and have been doing really well with it across Wisconsin----but since they couldn't run their own booth on their wedding day, Nate and I offered to do it for them. I was a little nervous because we never had a chance to see the program before the wedding but we figured it out somehow and it was a total blast. We are up to no good, as you can see.

Here is our first test shot:

This is a mix between 'raise the roof' and 'muscle woman'---and somehow I look a little deranged.

We finally got our moment in the spotlight and had to think fast for our poses. We should have practiced before but we didn't--spontaneous poses are key:)

Again, not sure why muscles were the theme of the night.
The four of us. Nobody told me we were being serious in the first shot.

The bride and groom are too cute!

Nate decided that he needed to stretch in the middle of the reception. Marathon training really does affect all aspects of your life, I suppose.

I like when we dress up because then I can take lots of pretty pictures.

Mike and Michelle were such a fun couple all day long. I think it's safe to say they had an amazing wedding day and I hope the honeymoon to Cabo is amazing!

Sparkler send off at the end of the night.

Yay, Mike and Michelle!
It was a fabulous day and tons of fun. One wedding down, two more to go!


  1. Oh that looked like so much fun! I LOVE weddings too. I can not wait for my sister's wedding in Oct. It's the only one we have on the books so far...

    PS LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress

  2. I love weddings too!

    Your dress is super cute and I love the photobooth pics of you and the hubby :) You're so nice for offering to take care of that during the reception.

  3. yay for them! Michelle is SO cute and fun. I cannot tell you how many people have told us how much they loved Beyond the Booth at our wedding, quickly followed by how much they loved Michelle. No joke. Mike was a pro too...redoing shots if they weren't lined up right, etc. So great.

  4. OOHHH... love the dress! And those photo booth shots are too cute.

  5. Aww, such pretty pictures! It looks like you guys had an awesome time!

    I really love the picture of you and Nate in the bottom left, where your back is to the camera. His expression is hilarious!

  6. Love the BR dress!! How cool is it that your wedding inspired them to open their own photo booth business in WI! Yay for weddings!

  7. Looks like you had a blast! What a fun couple, pretty pictures and a great service that you provided!!!

    Love the dress as well!

  8. love the dress, what a score!

  9. great photos! that dress is fabulous - esp with the black beads! oh how I love weddings!

    also, love Nate's bro's car - that's what Gabe and I plan to buy when we're done saving for house/wedding, etc

  10. Looks like so much fun!

    Good luck on your run this weekend!

  11. The photobooth is such a sweet idea. Everyone looks like they had so much fun! I am going to get a photobooth for my wedding. I had seen a few rentals around and was waffling, but your photos cinch it. I'm gonna go for it!


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