Frightening, indeed.

Ah, Halloween. What fun memories.

When I was young, it was an excuse to wear a creative outfit and get candy.
In my college days, it was an excuse to party [while also wearing a creative outfit].
Now, it's an excuse to buy and eat candy.

My how times change.

I handed out candy tonight to a bunch of adorable rug rats while Henry lurked in the background and Nate studied. By Henry 'lurking' I mean that he totally swiped two pieces of chocolate when I wasn't looking, and downed them in one gulp. Wrappers and all. At least he chose a Rolo and a mini-Reese's Peanut Butter Cup--he has great tastes in forbidden foods. I can't wait to see what happens with his digestive tract tonight!

Speaking of the devil, here is his festive tee shirt:
[Will do tricks for treats. His trick is to eat chocolate, apparently]

Now back to the point of my post: Halloween memories. Because I feel like reminiscing a bit I dug out my old college scrapbooks in the name of Halloween fun.

It is only because I care deeply for you readers that I am posting these pictures. Don't say I never did anything for you....some of these do not deserve internet time, but I cannot resist. All for the sake of a decent post, I present to you My Life in Halloween Costumes:

#1 1999. Our freshman year of college. I believe we are 'Julia Goolia Spice' and 'Hannah Banana Spice'. We are possibly related to the Spice Girls in some way, but mostly we fell prey to they common sport of dressing inappropriately just because it's Halloween. Shameful, really.

#2 2000. Our sophomore year in college. As you can read in my caption, we are a 'Pure Angel' and 'Evil Angel.' I had to edit this one a bit but I cannot help but chuckle. The hooker boots are key, my friends.
#3 2001. Junior year in college, fresh out of traveling abroad for a semester. In case you can't tell, I am a green M&M. I decided not to show you my white hooker boots again. One can only handle so much. Our sorority ruled, by the way.

#4 2003. [I believe I was visiting my then-boyfriend, Nate, in 2002 and thus missed out on the Halloween madness in 2002.] Hannah and I go as 'white trash' and hang out in the Central West End. We are now living off campus and obviously very attractive. That would be actual trash and plastic-wrap on our bodies.

#5 2005. [In 2004 I was living in Arkansas during Halloween during a clinical. Again, I missed the debauchery.] This year was a fun one, as we were officially out of college. Nate and Ryan are Ninja Turtles [yes, those are youth sized costumes] and Maggie and I are....
...the ladies from Full House! Maggie is Stephanie, I am Michelle, and Lindsey is D.J. Why Michelle has to wear so much self-tanner, I don't know. And why D.J. has to sport those hideous bangs, I cannot say. Yikes.

#6 2006. Again, with Maggie and Ryan we go as....Double Dare contestants!!!
It is Henry's first Halloween and he doesn't quite know what to do with us. Kim and Mark go as the best costume ever: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and a nuclear missle. Iloveitsomuch.

And of course, once we were married and boring and stuff, we no longer dressed up for Halloween. Therefore, Double Dare is the last costume I donned.

But I won't stop there, my readers. Not only did my college years bring multiple Halloween parties but when you join a sorority you sign a waiver to attend at least 5 costume parties each yaer. True story. [or not].

The following outfits were not worn on Halloween, but on random 'events' out with the sorority. I do not remember dressing up this much, but it's probably for the best.

#1. The Rock Star switch with the Delta Sigs in 2000. Please guess what I am:
If you guessed Missy Misdemeanor Elliott.....the African American, large are correct. Remember her trash bag shirt on one of her music videos? No? Okay, nevermind.

#2 Tacky Prom with the Pikes, spring of 2002. Yes, my friends, you might recognize this outfit because it's what I wore the night I met my future husband. Our relationship is special, let's leave it at that.

#3 Fall of 2002. I was a Pi Chi for recruitment week. That meant I disaffiliated and helped baby freshman during rush week. The Pi Chis all dressed up for one of the days of rush, and what did I wear?
Um, that is me in the front dressed as Nelly. Please note that all of the other girls are cutsie, girlie, pretty characters. Then there is me, dressed as another African American rapper. I never claimed to be 'normal', okay?

#4 2003. Another Tacky Prom with the Pikes. The handsome fellow on the left would be Nate, and the other lads would be his future groomsmen. Yes, we are a beautiful bunch, I know.
And that's it, my doves. Plenty of reminiscing for you complete with embarrassing photos of yours truly. I hope you enjoyed and pondered what hideous costumes you've worn in the past. Please tell me you've worn hideous costumes, too.


  1. Oh my...I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Nelly costume! And you played it up well :)

    I suppose I could post my many college Halloween costumes but Jim gets a bit jealous. I was in the slutty costume stage...slutty cat, slutty Dorothy, slutty Tinkerbell, slutty get the picture. LOL.

  2. Ha. I love the creatvity! P.S. I am sure you know this but puppies are allergic to chocolate so be careful! :)

  3. This post had me CRACKING UP!!! Especially the Nelly one. LMAO ha

    Thanks for tonight's entertainment!

  4. ka1t_lyn and others who are worried~I did the research and for a dog Henry's size he would have needed to down about a pound of milk chocolate for it to be lethal. Apparently dark chocolate is a lot worse for him, but he didn't grab any of my Hershey Darks so we are okay. So since it was just two little pieces of chocolate, she shouldn't have any problems besides some scary digestive surprises. Thanks for worrying about him, though!

  5. Great costumes! A scrunchy with an 80's prom dress - LOVE IT!

    And I LOL'ed at Henry eating the chocolate. My brother's dog, Chloe, once ate an entire bad of mini reese's peanut butter cups on Halloween. Packaging and all. She had glittery poop (from the foil) for a few days after that, haha!!

  6. I'm jealous that you get trick-or-treaters ON Halloween night. This middle of a random day that isn't Halloween crap is bogus.

    I love your Nelly costume. That's hilarious! And, I would never have guess Miss Misdemeanor Elliot. Sorry...But, I do remember that video...

  7. Ditto Sierra - middle of the afternoon on a Sunday is lame for trick-or-treating.

    I loooooove the pics, Julia. You were so darn cute no matter what you dressed up as!! :)

  8. Being in a sorority=wearing hilarious outfits ALL OF THE TIME! Love your pictures. I would have to bust out a scanner if I were to post mine but they are equally awesome. Go G-phis!

  9. I don't know how to choose a favorite!

  10. Those are great pictures. You had some very creative costumes over the years. :-)

  11. You forgot one very special Halloween... the year we dressed up as candles!! We were so dang cool.


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