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Our household got their hair did today. Collectively yet separately. We are kooky like that.

Nate 'does' his own hair with an electric razor almost every week. He is certainly the most low key of the whole group and also the cheapest [we like that about him].

Henry lasted almost 6 weeks without being groomed. He was reaching the 'utterly shaggy' phase and could barely see out of his eyes. I think he gets embarrassed of himself if we let him go more than his standard 4 weeks. So high maintenance, that one.

I lasted almost 12 weeks without a haircut and couldn't take the insanity any longer. Nothing like having a short haircut grow long resulting in a stringy mullet of sorts. It was time, my friends....and I suppose that makes me low maintenance compared to my dog since I go twice as long without a haircut. I wonder what that says about me and also about our little family....when the dog gets beautified more often than his humans?

The sad part is this: both Henry and I spent the same amount of money on our haircuts. An upscale human salon and a regular old doggy salon are the same price nowadays? Who knew?

Let's move onto the visual evidence, shall we?

Before [shaggy the fabulous]:

After [neat, tidy, and quite proud of himself]:

The unkempt duo last night:

And revitalized today after our respective appointments:

Note the mullet-like qualities in the first one. Note Henry's annoyed look in the second.

Before: creepy, sad, and frazzled. After: tilting our heads with glee.

I have no idea why my hair looks darker now that it's cut. I haven't colored my hair at all in almost a year so it's a mystery to me...but maybe it has something to do with a professional style? As in, their fancy flat irons maybe make it shinier and therefore darker? I dunno.

And the final test for this human's haircut: the ponytail. Before it was a real pony, one that held all of my hair. After it is still a pony, but a sprig...and now I have that dreaded patch of hair underneath that will not fit up in the ponytail. Ah well, you win some and you lose some.
I guess this means I will use a blow dryer for all of 2-3 days, just because I'll like the new haircut. After that I can guarantee it will be wash-and-go and I'll embrace my natural curl in order to avoid the extra 5 minutes spent with a blow dry. Low maintenance, people. That's me.

Also....what could this shiny new doggy want now?

Oh, just the best chocolate chip cookies in the entire world. Thanks to Darci for this fabulous recipe. And everything tastes better from my new KA mixer.

So that's that: new hair + new cookies = a happy little family.

I'm off to sniff Henry's magnetizing fur now.....whatever they use at the groomer makes me want to bury my face in his armpit for a solid two days. Is that weird?


  1. I got a haircut today too! Sometimes it scares me how much we are alike. Have you been noticing the similarities lately? I need to figure out how to blowdry/straighten my new bangs to make them go across my forehead like yours. I seriously do not know how to do it! Henry's cut looks very handsome, as well. My mom always mentions that Zoe's haircuts cost more than hers!

  2. I am so glad you made the cookies! And all of your respective hairs look fabulous.

  3. Cute pics, and your hair looks great! Mine always looks a little darker after the salon, too. I think it's all the crap they put in it.

  4. Hi Julie...totally love your and Henry's new haircut! I must admit I'm due for one...I had my hair permed in July last year and now, my stylist wouldn't touch it till next month. Ack! I can't wait to have it back to straight again.

    I am also totally green with envy -- I am lusting after a KA mixer at the moment but it's not in our budget!

  5. I love your new haircut! I agree; I always manage to take extra time and effort for the first few days, but then I'm right back to my old tricks.

  6. I love the new haircuts - you guys look great!

    I have short hair also and I know what you mean about the ponytail thing - that's the worst part about having short hair!

  7. You both look fabulous. I'm so craving some of those cookies!

  8. Okay 2 things:
    1.) Henry is the coolest name ever.
    2.) Henry's faces are the coolest ever.
    Both of you are so photogenic, it's ridiculous! Love the bangs!

  9. Henry is adorable...and you too... =) Thanks for reminding me.. I need a haircut badly.. But lets bet I'm not as organized as you, therefore, I will a) not take before and after pictures and b) probably won't make a hair cut appointment....

  10. Awww, Henry is too funny! And I can't believe how different your hair looks... so much darker and so shiny and pretty! Love the cut!

  11. Love both yours and Henry's new do. I'm the same way with the styling. I blow dry and flat iron for a few days after a cut, then I slowly move into a little mousse for the "curly look" and then after a week or two it's a pony tail all the time.

  12. I WISH I could wash and go!

  13. Henry truly does look soo sad pre cut! And honestly, if that's a stringy mullet, you can pull it off (that's supposed to be a compliment, even if it doesn't read like it!)

    BTW that blue looks phenomenal on you, very crisp!

  14. Both you and Henry look chic. I am now questioning my parenting qualities since Marsh and I pin Tupelo down and buzz her when her fur gets out of control. Talk about cheap. And traumatizing for both parties involved.

  15. You two look fab! Any reason Nate's cut didn't make the post? Must be because he's the most low maintenance.

  16. your dog is adorable and your hairs look very nice.

  17. LOVE the haircuts! Henry looks especially handsome with his shorter do. And I love your short hair- you both look much happier! Great photos! I'm dying to cut mine but I am growing it out until the wedding. Then I'm CHOPPING if all off. Can't stand it!

  18. This post totally cracks me up! You both have fabulous new dos! Love them both! Your hair cut is so cute! It makes me want to cut mind and color it dark again! We'll see what I think in 2 months when I go back... :)

  19. You both look mahvelous! And whenever I get my hair cut it looks lighter (maybe because I'm blonde?). Everyone always asks if I got it dyed along with the cut.

  20. You both look fabulous and I wish I could have some of those cookies, they look delish

  21. Your hair looks great! It's so shiny!
    And Henry looks quite dapper too!

  22. Cute haircut! Henry's looks good, too. :-)

  23. Cute haircuts ALL AROUND! What an adorable family. :)

  24. Your haircut is super duper cute! Looks wonderful :) And I wish my hair had a natural curl to it. Isn't that how it always works? The girl with stick straight hair wants curly hair and vice versa?!

  25. Cute! Cute! I love a great cut!

  26. Henry looks awfully handsome post-haircut. I could tell he was getting embarassed;) That is weird how your hair looks darker. Does it look darker when you wash and go? In any case, your haircut is supercute!

  27. Love the haircut!! I can always support a mullet though too, so you have my vote either way :)


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