hack job

A few days ago, my dog looked like this:
this is how he rolls
Long ears, long beard, and about a month overdue for his routine hair cut. In my opinion, perfect in every way albeit a little shagtastic.

I broke down and finally scheduled him an appointment with the groomer and Nate took him in yesterday. When I pulled up to the house after work, I saw my little buddy peering down from the window like always. I saw him throw his head back and begin to howl, contorting his little mouth into an 'O' to signal that his mom was home at last. That is when I noticed something was different. As he flopped his head backwards, his ear immediately caught my attention....what the heck?? Did they.....no, that's not right.......OMG. HIS EARS ARE SO SHORT!!!!!
a little out of it

I'm used to this adorable face awaiting my arrival every evening:
little Hankster

And instead got this one:
where'd my ears go?

I'm used to this stringy tail, this shaggy torso:
fluffy tail before the chop job

And now we have a dog that is sleeker, to say the least. He's practically shaved you guys!
sleek and almost shaved

This is Henry's natural bang before I took the scissors out on my own, just a few days ago:
bangs before the chop job

And now? No bangs to be seen. And also no beard. My baby! What have they done to my baby?!
shortened mustache

Okay, so maybe it's not that bad. I'm sure it will just take some time to get used to this new do, right? Apparently Henry's favorite groomer was not there yesterday and some new chick butchered him into this new strange sight. It's really not her fault, though. I guess my husband told her to 'leave an inch and a half all over.' I think she took that statement to the extremes and really, if it weren't for his incredibly short ears I think it wouldn't be such a shock. I cannot stop laughing at him and he's about had it with my chuckling:
very unhappy

His eyes seem to have bulged out and spaced apart without all that hair and I must admit that his cuteness factor jumped up a notch or two, don't you think?
absolute favorite

But can you just look at his dorky ears again, please?
little man

No more eyelashes, either:
bubbly tongue

I think he likes it. He is strutting around like he owns the place, even more so than usual. That is, until I start laughing at him again.

I call this next series "The Many Faces of Henry". Also known as, "If I Close My Eyes, Will You Go Away?" Please enjoy:




I know I've mentioned it before but Henry has never looked like Falkor more than he does in this next picture. Hold this one in your mind....
Then look at this and try not to laugh:
total falkor
Fly away, little Henry. Go find your fur:)

Even with this new hack job haircut I love him with all my heart. How can you not love this face?
hey buddy!
Thanks for the photo shoot, little buddy. I'm sorry I couldn't stop laughing.

In other news, remember how we signed up for the Chicago Marathon on Tuesday night? We BARELY made it under the wire because as of Thursday, registration was closed! Dang that was a close call. I guess it was meant to be.

Also, the St. Louis Marathon pics are up and let me just show you something:
Apparently everyone who crossed the finish line with us forgot to smile for the cameras. Dude with a pulled hammy looks particularly painful, no? I love looking through race photos because the facial expressions are always so animated.

Also, it was so freaking rainy. I think this pic shows the wetness quite well:

(from the Go!St. Louis website)

And wouldn't you know it? It's raining at this very moment, too. Of course yesterday was sunny and 80 degrees on a day I had to work indoors and today-- on a day off--it's miserable outside and in the 50s. Oh well, I'll take it. Even a rainy, cool weekend beats a sunny workday in my book.

Off to stare at my comedic dog again...


  1. I love the finish line pics!! You two look great. :)

    And if I weren't set to have a baby practically on the day of the Chicago Marathon, I might have made the trip down to watch and try and spot you guys! Running that marathon with all those people was still one of the most incredible days of my life - I'd love to re-live it vicariously through you! It'll have to be enough to just read about it, though, and see your pics. My coworker and her husband just signed up this past week, too!

  2. Oh my gosh I am cracking up. The Falcor comparison pic is just too much. :-) Henry looks so handsome, but the ears are pretty funny.
    I am so glad you signed up for Chicago just in time! It was definately meant to be.

  3. The Falcor comparison pics were flipping hilarious. I laughed out loud. Nobody is here, and my dog looked at me like a whack job.

    The finish line picks were cracking me up too. I would have def been one of the ones with a look of agony on my face!!

  4. Your finish line pictures were WAY better than mine. I couldn't even bring myself to post the ones that they took. I looked "special" to say the least.

    Poor henry!! Hopefully it'll grow out fast..

  5. Henry looks so young and innocent!

    The race pics crack me up. There are a few on the internet when you google my name - horrors! how embarassing. I certainly don't look as cute and cheery as the two of you.

  6. I think Henry looks really cute! It's a perfect "do" for summer!

  7. Another marathon! I am impressed you finished it with a smile! I would be more in tune with the pulled hammy dude, i am sure. Henry is adorable!!!!

  8. I am literally laughing my butt off over here. Your Henry is still adorable but my sense of humor totally gets what you mean about his ears.

    Love the cheesing on the finish line pics.

  9. I couldn't not laugh, it was impossible. ;)

    The same thing happened when we cut the fur on my mom's dog (a Lagotto Romagnolo) - her ears! So tiny, all of a sudden. Actually the entire dog seemed to shrink, and we didn't really take that much off because winter hasn't let go there yet.

  10. First off, OH MY GOUSH....the Falkor analogy had me ROLLING! It is just plain scary how much they look alike. Henry is still adorable, but I must admit, I do like him a bit shaggier, and definitely longer ears. But it will grow back, right? This is why I'm so glad I have dogs that require no grooming. Just brush once in a while, and throw in the tub a few times a month!

  11. Aw, I think he's really cute! Ready for summer (whenever summer decides to be ready for us, that is)!

    Love your finish line pics! You two look great. More than I can say for some of the others.

  12. Those pictures of Henry had me laughing out loud. Especially the Falkor one! My parents' shih-tzu looks like a tool whenever he gets his hair cut short - it's so hard not to laugh at them!

  13. I have to say, Henry looks adorable. I'm sure you'll just get used to it, eventually.

    My grandfather would always get his fat little dog shaved every summer, and not only did she love it, it made her look slightly thinner!

  14. Awww! I think Henry looks so cute with his super short summer cut! Although he kind of looks like a different dog though, I can see what you mean about his ears!

    The end of the race photos are great. I always put my hands up when I finish the race and I look so silly in the photos because of it. You two look awesome! Good luck with your training!!

  15. I have a maltese and my friend always references The Never Ending Story when she's around! lol

  16. aw, henry is adorable with any haircut! but i know what you mean. charlie got one bad haircut once, and i swear, it killed me to even look at him. henry's is not nearly as much of a hack job as charlie's was so consider yourself lucky!

    AND, when you're in chicago for the marathon we must get together. you run right by my place so i'll come and cheer you on!


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