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It seems like a lot of people were unaware of my weekend plans. When I say 'a lot of people' I mean about 2 actual beings who forgot to write my busy schedule on their calendar, since I know everyone cares :) Well, let me just clarify: I'm going to St. Louis on Friday night after work to run the half marathon on Sunday morning. Nate is running with me, as is Keri---which was the whole reason I signed up for this race [to see Keri and celebrate her health during a painful endurance run:)]

A week ago I was all, "OMG, I get to see St. Louis in full fledged Springtime! There will be flowers and green grass and sunshine! Yes, there will be evidence of life that Wisconsin is majorly lacking right now."

And then, this happened:

Whaaaa? RAIN? I did not order this forecast and I'm praying that the weather people are way off on this one. Why can't it just be sunshiny and glorious down there, strictly in my honor? Too much to ask?

So I could whine and complain that it will rain not only on race day [hello, blisters!] but also on Saturday.

Or I could look at the bright side and thank the good Lord this run isn't taking place in Milwaukee. Sure, Saturday will be amazing here but please look at Sunday:

Um, lows in the UPPER 30s, plus rain?! I think I'll take rainy and warm over rainy and effing cold any day. Eat it, Milwaukee. I still like St. Louis weather better.

On that note, I am packing tonight and I'm not sure I've devoted enough posts to the topic of packing. I hate it. It stresses me out. I would like to think with my Type-A qualities I am a fabulous packer but it seems like I always pack the wrong type of gear. I mean, it's organized and neat and all that junk....but my packing skills consistently lack proper estimation of what I'll actually NEED during a trip. Ugh. Just add this to the list of things I do not like [there are so many].

Speaking of packing, I would like you to guess what this is:

mystery running items

Hint: there are four items pictured here. 10 points goes to the reader who correctly guesses all four of these. I'm afraid this makes me a bit psycho....
mystery running items 2

And finally, I just finished New Moon and I have to was not my favorite. In fact, it seemed to drag on forever and I just didn't have the desire to get through it as fast as Twilight. I might do a separate post about this major let down but let me just leave you with this: when Bella cried and moaned about potentially turning THIRTY before Edward would change her, I lost even more respect for that whiny baby. No she di'int.

As someone who is turning the big 2-8 in a matter of days I take great offense to her statement found here:

'But you said thirty,' I whispered. The tears leaked over the edge. 'What? You're going to stay, but let me get all old anyway?'

Perhaps this should be my big wake up call: the Twilight series is geared towards a target audience approximately 10 years younger than me, if not more. They think I'm old and believe that turning thirty is next to death.

I suppose when I was 17 I thought the same thing, but still. I'm a little sensitive to this whole 'aging' thing, Miss Bella. So lay off the overly dramatic tantrums about getting 'all old' already.

And seriously, why did 2/3 of the whole book have to be about Bella being completely depressive and lonely. Talk about Debbie Downer!

With that, I am off. I will reveal my mystery items when I return. Try to contain your excitement.


  1. I think I see pills (maybe vitamins), a bagel, and maybe containers of honey and natural peanut butter?

  2. You're gonna be great this weekend!!! I can't wait to hear about it and you signing up for future runs :)

  3. Good luck on your run!

    I don't read those books but as someone who is turning 30 in less than 4 months, I am very sensitive to the age thing. 30 is SO NOT old. :) At least that is what I keep telling myself.

  4. i know exactly how you felt about New Moon. here's the thing- you're feeling exactly how the author wants you to feel: annoyed, bored, missing the cullens- namely Eward... it's irritating but it serves a purpose.

  5. Vitamins, English muffin, honey, and PB?
    Good luck this weekend! I hope the forecast is wrong.

  6. Multi-vitamins, cod liver oil, PB and a cin raisin bagel?

  7. The same breakfast you eat every morning...according to your "100 Things". (I promise I'm not a crazy stalker...just an admirer :)
    Good luck in the run...and despite the weather...we are battling the Cubbies this weekend!

  8. So you are coming to my city?! Sorry the weather stinks this weekend! I am actually heading to Chicago for the Cubs/Cardinals game..supposed to rain there too.

  9. I have to aggree with bagel, pb, honey, and vitamins.
    And just the thought of packing makes me hyperventilate a little. I HATE it. Like you, I always end up with the wrong stuff.
    Good luck on Sunday! Rain or shine, I'm sure you will do great!

  10. I'm pretty sure some of the previous commenters guessed correctly. Good luck on your run! I hope the rain holds out.

    New Moon was my least favorite book. Even I felt depression kicking in as I read it. Get through Eclipse and I promise you Breaking Dawn will make you smile.

  11. OK, three items are pretty easy to identify. A bagel, peanut butter, and honey (and I only know it's honey because you've professed your love of peanut butter and honey many a times on this blog!). The fourth item is obviously some kind of pill...I'm gonna go with prenatal vitamins (only because I take them too, so it's just an easy guess, haha.)

  12. to think i almost caved to curiosity and joined in the twilight phenomenon... it would have been too much as i add another candle in mere weeks.

    good luck in the race!

  13. I hate packing with a passion as well. I have a list I use, but I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something. Unpacking is so much easier.

    Good luck on Sunday and give Keri a big hug!

  14. Pills (vitamins or other), bagel, peanute butter, and honey! Have a good weekend!

  15. Hope you did well on the race! I ran the race last year and I really liked the course. My 2 sisters ran it this year but I couldn't run it with them b/c I worked late Friday and all day Saturday (and was on my feet all day both days), so I knew I wouldn't be able to do it.


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