Big Time Miscellany

1. I decided to treat myself this weekend and bought a pound of decaffeinated Alterra coffee for my own personal pleasure. I also bought this amazing mug and voila....I'm enjoying coffee on weekends again! Still decaff, and only on weekends, but my how I missed this ritual. There is nothing better than lounging around and sipping on a cup-o-joe, even if it doesn't pack the punch:
2. Speaking of weekends, let me whine for a second. I knew this summer was going to be freaking insane with traveling for showers, weddings, parties, visiting friends and believe me it is worth every second to see amazing friends/family who live so far away. But remember that I also have to work weekends for my job, usually 5 or 6 weekend days in a four month period. So I counted it up and from the beginning of May until the end of September, I have had exactly 6 weekends out of a possible 22 that did not include work or travel. Six, you guys. Isn't that a little pathetic? I was so looking forward to this past weekend because it was going to be #7 but alas, I am a softy and went in to work for 3 hours because they were absolutely swamped and nobody else could help. Eh, the overtime pay won't hurt and I talked myself into being okay with it mentally, too. But seriously, in my next life I'm going to keep nearly all of my weekends open without travel or work to just get caught up on everyday life. Sounds like a brilliant plan to me!

3. Is anyone wondering how Henry is doing with his training? The answer is pretty much fabulous but not yet perfect. The last time his trainer came to the house we purchased one of her Canine Genuis toys which houses food and treats. It's like an amped up Kong that keeps the little bugger mentally stimulated and boy does he love this thing. It's so cute to see him figure out how to dump it upside down and see the kibble spill out. Nate and I cannot stop laughing at him when he's Mr. Smarty Pants conquering the Canine Genius.


(If Henry was a human child, I would want this to be his school picture. Don't you think he looks so cute here?)

4. It's Packer season in our household which can only mean one thing: Nate screaming at the TV and Henry strutting around in his Packer jersey with pride. Boys will be boys. Please tell me his little chest hair puffing out from the top isn't the cutest thing ever.

Tail wagging=blur of happiness.

And no, we do not mention the curse word 'Favre' in this house anymore. Please do not get Nate started.

5. On my super productive Saturday, before I went into work, I tackled an organization project that has been bugging me for months. I cleaned out every storage area in our tiny bathroom and re-organized the hell out of it. But once I pulled everything out I was slightly overwhelmed...
The end result is freaking fabulous, if you ask me. And I didn't stop there since I went into the kitchen and reorganized a few more cabinets in there. It scares me to think that when the baby comes I won't have the luxury of staying organized. I'm thinking asking Nate or the in-laws to watch the babe while I go to town and clean the heck out of the house might be my best bet. Or maybe I just won't care anymore (doubt it).

6. I'm throwing Hannah a baby shower in St. Louis on Halloween and cannot freaking wait. I really haven't talked too much about her pregnancy but she is due on December 1, was my maid of honor and I was hers, and we were best buddy roommates all through college and beyond. Knowing each other for 10 years means we have gone through a ridiculous amount of milestones together and I am so excited to raise our kids together. They will be about 3 months apart and I'm quite sure they'll be best buddies....especially if they are in the same city and state. :)

But anyway, lots of fun ideas for her shower. I also have a secret project underway that I'm really excited about and here is a preview:
7. I really need some new underwear. I am obsessed with my old school Vickie's Secret 'Body by Victoria' undies because they are the only kind that do not give me a wedgie. But of course they don't make the exact kind that I love anymore. You see, my butt is rather flat and sort of long so I think that all underwear just naturally cuts into my's so unfair, I hate it. I've spent way too much money on other kinds of undies hoping they are anti-wedgie but so far no luck. I'm thinking of trying those Jockey briefs on TV. You know the one with the chick from Scrubs talking about how she doesn't have to dig into her butt for her underwear anymore? Yeah, those look pretty awesome. Any suggestions? And no, I will not wear a thong for everyday purposes. I've tried some boy shorts but they still ride up on my bum.

8. I'm all about reading pregnancy/birthing/parenting books right now. Well, I haven't actually done a lot of reading besides my What to Expect book and a few other 'Your pregnancy' type books. But I have a long list of books I want to borrow from the library or buy used and want to share them for opinions and other ideas:

-Great Expectations
-The Ultimate Breastfeeding book by Dr. Jack Newman
-Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo
-Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
-Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake
-The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy
-The Happiest Baby on the Block

Anyone read any of these or have other 'must reads' for me? I love to read books and if it weren't for my book club group at work I would have a hard time finding the time. But I've gotten better about trying to squeeze in some time right before bed lately.

Oh, and non-pregnancy books I want to read or will read for our book club include:
-Middlesex (next to read for the club, I've heard great things!)
-Stroke of Insight (medical people can't get enough of medical stories, you know)
-Still Alice (another medical one about Alzheimers)
-Stori Telling (because I love her)

For those of you who read I really love the Goodreads site. It helps me remember which ones I want to read and which books I already read.

Is that enough miscellany for you? I guess it's been awhile:)


  1. middlesex and stroke of insight are fantastic books. i loved "stroke of insight" and i'm not even a science/medicine person. it's just an incredible book!

  2. the underwear problem? hilarious! try Gap Body, that's my favorite brand.

    Good luck on the training ( and baby book reading!)

  3. Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West

    Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

    Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down Also by S, W-T.

  4. Ooh, I love me some Alterra! Henry is too cute in the Packer's jersey.

    I read Middlesex and thought it was pretty good, but I didn't love it like most people seem to.

  5. I love the Henry "school picture" shot. So cute!

  6. You and Hannah living in the same city? Is there some kind of news on the horizon regarding a move?

    About the books - I loved Your Best Birth. I hated Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy - I actually only made it about 1/4 of the way through and then just stopped reading it. Loved Belly Laughs and I'm currently reading Happiest Baby on the Block. BabyWise is highly controversial - not to say you shouldn't read it, but studies have shown that the particular method often leads to a failure to thrive diagnosis. But really, I think anything used in tandem with common sense is just fine, so whatever. My only other recommendation would be The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. Oh, and if you read Your Best Birth and you like it, maybe pick up Pushed.

    Happy Reading!

  7. OMG...I almost wrote an underwear post today. I loved Body by Victoria too. Now I can't find anything worth spending my money on!! So frustrating.

  8. I loved The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, and Belly Laughs was funny (and a VERY quick read). Babywise is definitely helpful!

  9. Please tell me the Halloween shower won't be a costume one! I loved the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, actually read it cover to cover!

  10. Yay for decaf. I didn't have any coffee in the first trimester either, but it was nice to have some decaf after that.

    Your Best Birth is a phenomenal book and I highly recommend it. Belly Laughs is cute, but you'll seriously finish it in 45 minutes - so short - so borrow that one if you can. I also plan on reading The Baby Book by Dr. Sears, his vaccine booke and Happiest Baby on the Block among others.

  11. I have had many family and friends use the Baby Wise books. They LOVE Them! This is the first time that I have read a comment that states they are controversial. My mom will be ordering them for me before our Feb baby comes! I have learned from others that these books have produced babies with an amazing schedule, while also being happy, secure, and content! Happy Reading!

  12. stroke of insight was amazing!

  13. I freakin' love Tori Spelling, too. Not ashamed to admit it ;o)

  14. Gap Body! They have great hipsters that are soooo comfortable and still cute.

  15. another gap body wear-er here. Regarding the books, girlfriends guide was helpful but I would rent happiest baby if you can- it's a 30ish minute video and will save you a ton of time not having to read the book. It's definitely worth watching - I use his techniques every day!

  16. thanks for these suggestions!

    no news on moving to STL....just like to toy with the idea of 'someday'. :)

    i will be going to gap body asap. sounds delightful to me!

    and no, the baby shower will not involve costumes, unfortunately. it could be pretty hilarious, though!

  17. Healthy Sleep Habits: Happy Baby is one that I have enjoyed and have been trying to put it into practice with minor success.

    No undie recommendations. I like the hip hugger PINK undies from VS.

    Finally: cleaning. I want to SO badly, but I have no energy by the time I can. It makes me sad.

    Halloween costumes would be sweet though! :)

  18. If you're looking for any other good books, try Whistling in the Dark, by Lesley Kagan. I'm reading it now for book club and it's great. And, the writer is from Milwaukee, and everything takes place around the Honey Creek Parkway, Vliet St, etc, so it's fun to read! Middlesex was a split with my book club - I liked it, but it's definitely a little strange. You'll have to let us know what you think.

  19. Stori Telling was an amazing book! I love your blog!

  20. I really loved "Middlesex" it was an unexpectedly good read!

  21. aren't you allowed like one cup of coffee from time to time?? Ugh, I bet it's rough.

    aerie hipsters - the best.

  22. Your dear Henry is just so cute. I also use Goodreads and I love it, it helps me keep track of what I want to read since the list grows all the time.

  23. I would run far far far away from BabyWise. Baby 411 is pretty good. Its from the authors of the Baby Bargains books. Speaking of, GET THIS!!!!!! VERY useful!!

    Love all the pics!

  24. I just got some new undies that I LOVE from Macy's - they are Calvin Klein, and they are kinda like boy shorts but very low rise, and they totally stay in place and are super comfy! They have lace around the edges but the actual undies feel like nylon or something. I too have a flat, somewhat long butt so hopefully they'll work for you too :)

  25. Ditto Gap underwear, bikini style. I hate thongs and I am always comfortable in my gap undies, especially when running. They don't ride up at all. I don't have any baby book recommendations-I just have many more dog books on the horizon;)


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