Seventeen weeks

Week of the onion, huh? I'm pretty sure this isn't a fruit but whatev.

And for reals, this is an undeniable bump now:
About freaking time! I'm still wearing my regular pants though but I'm contemplating the Bella Band for the immediate future. Just a little uncomfortable by the end of the day but nothing major yet. With my shirt down you still can't tell I'm pregnant and people are still like, "OMG, you are barely showing! What a small bump! There's hardly anything there" all the freaking time. And I'm all, "Dude, I can tell even if you can't. This is more than bloat, trust me."

Still feeling the little bugger tap and jab, a little more frequently. Still peeing all the freaking time. Still feeling a bit more tired than my usual but highly energized at times, too. But don't worry, all last week I managed to avoid running for no good reason besides not feeling like it. And I was on such a good streak....maybe I'll get back to that sometime soon.

Baby now has finger prints which is pretty sweet, along with fat deposits. I hope he's growing some massive chunk around his thighs and cheeks because I can't wait to squeeze the heck out of his squooshie-ness. :)

On Saturday we attended the fourth and final wedding of the year and of course it was out of state (aren't they all?) in Illinois. It was fun seeing some of our friends and being in the open about my current state. And I'll tell you one thing, when you can't partake in an open bar you become thoroughly obsessed with the food. And OMG, we had the BEST twice baked potatoes, you guys.

So on our drive back home Sunday, Nate and I stopped at Ikea for one specific purchase: I finally committed to a rug for our nursery. It's been quite the emotional roller coaster, let me tell you, from the time I thought they were discontinued because they weren't online, to the time I wasn't sure I REALLY wanted all of that color, to the point where I finally said: "Nate, we are going to buy it and that's it. Take me to Ikea on the trip home, you fool"

But the drama didn't end there. Of course it didn't right? We get to the Swedish mecca and find my beloved rug as if a spotlight shone down from the heavens:
ikea rug
But then my lovely husband turned his head ever so slightly to the right and discovered this somewhat similar number. And thus began the debate of a lifetime:
You see, although I was dead set on my striped rug I was having a difficult time swallowing the price tag of $200. It's a 5x8 and real wool so actually it's not THAT expensive but it might easily be the most pricey part of our nursery. And Nate's version? Only $40 freaking dollars for a slightly smaller, slightly thinner rug. So immediately my mind raced thinking, 'It IS a lot cheaper and has similar colors. Maybe I can make it work even though I've seen it a million times online and never fallen head over heels in love for it, like I did for the Strib". I just felt like I needed to compromise what I truly wanted for what I should pay. Just like the crib: I really WANTED one that was $1000 or even $300 but searched around and made a $40 crib work just fine. I really WANT a rocker that is $300 but will most likely make an old rocking chair work for nearly free. So why not just settle on the rug, too, in the name of finances.

I went round and round while Nate patiently chimed in things like, 'It's your decision, but I really like the Lusy Blom one. But do what you want, you should be happy with the choice.' Then as I sighed and moaned and whined more about this great decision, he said, 'Okay, I'm going to look at the coffee stuff and when I come back, have one of the rugs in the cart. Either way it will be fine. It's just a freaking rug.'

So what did I do? I had my first pregnancy hormone-related breakdown and seriously got teary eyed while staring at these beautimous rugs. I couldn't believe I was freaking crying in Ikea over rugs but then again, I just couldn't help it. At that very moment it seemed like the entire world was resting on this decision and it was just too much to handle. Stupid Estrogen.

But then I pulled it together and made a decision. Yes, the Lusy Blom was cheap and pretty cute but it was less-cohesive in my mind. More difficult to plan bedding and curtains and pillows around that wild pattern. Plus it was off-white as a background which makes me nervous for dog vomit and baby poo....not to mention our bright white furniture would clash with the cream color. And so, my friends, I got the freaking Strib rug and never looked back. Yes, it was $200. But I'm seriously in love with this sucker. I've vacuumed it about 5 times while speaking in baby talk to it. Sometimes I roll around and sing lullaby tunes into the fibers. In the nude. Just kidding about that last part....

Henry totally digs it and thinks it's his new bed:



And because it is too beautiful to have scrunched up on the floor, smashed between the crib and the bed that no longer has a home....I went into full nesting mode and got rid of the bed. I say that like it was no big deal but seriously, it was quite the feat. The bed is now standing upright in our only storage closet....after much purging, cleaning, organizing, and pleading with Nate to stop hoarding crap. Yes, it was quite the ordeal but oh-so-worth it (in my opinion, at least).

Please note that these bare walls, crib, and rug are just SCREAMING 'I'm going to be a nursery, for real!"

I cannot wait to paint the walls now and plan on doing it in the next week or two. I'm strongly leaning towards an aqua for the walls. Then if it's a boy, I'll pull more of the bright greens and oranges for the rest of the room. For a girl, I'll pull pinks and yellows. It's going to be freaking fabulous.

Oh, and besides my beloved rug check out the other purchases:

You know I love me some brightly colored frames and getting 9 of these bad boys for $14 is pretty much a steal. Most of these are two packs and Tthe regular wooden ones will be painted by yours truly, probably a yellow and hot pink. Then comes the real fun of making and/or buying prints. Squeeeeee!

And because I have a thing for giraffes (Nate has always said I resemble this animal more than any other), I just HAD to get this adorable little creature.


I think if Henry could will himself inside the crib to lick the giraffe's face off he would do it in a second. Between the toy and the rug Henry wrongly thinks he's scoring way cool stuff for himself. Poor little buddy just doesn't get it yet.

So that is week seventeen: more of a bump, tears over a rug, and progress with our nursery. Just 3 more weeks until we see the little nugget's face (and other important body parts) at our big ultrasound! Where is the time going?


  1. #1 - That is definitely a real bump.

    #2 - You made the right choice regarding the rug. And one "splurge" won't kill ya. Especially considering the killer deal you got on the crib. That totally justifies the rug.

    #3 - Love the giraffe!!

  2. I love the rug. Adore it. Drooling over it. Want to drive four hours to Ikea to pick it up with nowhere to put it.

    I think you made the right decision.

    And, PS - I've totally had an Ikea-induced meltdown in the store. And, I don't have pregnancy hormones to blame. =)

  3. i just absolutely adore these weekly posts, the food equivalent of your baby and the drama around nursery decorating. you are fabulous. can't wait to confirm your suspicions that it's a boy!

  4. the room is going to be so fab. great choice on the rug too. you would have regretted not going with your first choice! AND you saved so much on the crib, so you deserved the rug. :)

  5. the rug is scrumptious! may have been a lot more but it is so much better. looks like lots of fun. :)

  6. I was so involved in that rug decision that I had to scroll down before I finished the paragraph! So glad you went with the stripes - its what you really wanted. I talk myself out of things like that ALL the time and then I end up regretting it. Good choice!

  7. YAY for the rug - it looks awesome in your pictures. Definitely the focal point of the room! And you totally deserve to splurge on it! I'm so jealous that you live close to an IKEA store. I think the nearest one is like in Chicago or something.
    Wow, only 3 more weeks!! How exciting!

  8. Yup..totally seeing that bump now :)

    Great decision on the rug. I would have chosen that one too. Can't wait to see this cute nursery come together!

  9. that rug is fabulous! i can't wait to see it paired with the bright walls and other accents.

    your bump is freakin' adorable. 'nuff said.

  10. You do have a bump and GREAT rug choice.

  11. Love the rug; you got great deals on everything else, so an investment piece you can build the rest of the room around is TOTALLY worth it. :)

  12. Great call on the rug - much more gender neutral in my opinion. Your nursery is going to be freakin' fabulous!!

  13. That rug is AMAZING! You are saving so much money on everything else I think it was definitely worth it.

    I have had your headboard post up on my computer for the past two days trying to bring our bedroom into the 21st century. And based on your nursery progress we might have to copy that too. If you see in Google analytics that someone has been reading your blog for the past 600 hours (I hope it doesn't take that long!) you'll know why!

  14. I'm in love with that rug too and have ear-marked it for our new nusery! Definitely great decision!

  15. I can't believe you did it! That rug is totally sweet though. I totally agree with the PP -- the steal on the crib makes up for the rug.

    I'm really going to have to recommend a glider with cushions, if you can fit it in, instead of a rocking chair. I LOVE my glider and my SIL doesn't really use her rocker that much. Maybe you'll find a screaming deal on one of those too...

    Love the bump! There is a girl that I work with who was about your size to start and she's about a month ahead of you and by the end of October you will definitely be out of your regular pants. She didn't look preggo for a long time and then in the last week -- BOOM! There's the belly. :)

    Those weird meltdowns don't go away either -- I still have them and I'm closing in on 5 months post partum.

  16. I adore everything about this room! The rug will last forever, and you'll totally get your moneys worth. Adorable giraffe too!

  17. Awwww, I love the start of your bump, you look so cute!!! And great choice on the rug, it looks awesome in that room. YAY for progress all around!!!

  18. awww BUMP!! so cute. I love your nursery...I would never even think to do bright colors like that. I'm so excited to see the whole thing put together....annnndddd to see the post on the gender.

  19. Awww, the bump is adorable! I love the rug you picked out and I think it's perfect! I'm so excited you picked that one! And as other people have said, the great deal you got on the crib more than makes up for it if you're worried about the cost! I think it was still a pretty good deal plus, sometimes it's nice not to have to settle. :) Love these baby posts!

  20. I definitely think you made the right decision. The rug is awesome, and deep down, the one you really wanted. It looks great in the room.
    And your little bump is so cute!

  21. What a cute bump you have!

    I love that rug! I can definitely see your vision for the room and it will be fabulous.

    That giraffe is so cute! (except, I thought it was a hippo until I read otherwise. Oops!)

  22. next week can you take a picture with you shirt down? so we can see how you "look" every day? because i feel like you are DEF showing and don't get how other people don't see it!

  23. (i didn't know how to say that without sounding creepy...sooo, hopefully you understand what i mean!)

  24. Love the rug! You made the right decision. I think the other one was way to girly and this is totally unisex.


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