Twenty Weeks

Holla at your girl. I'm halfway done, baby! Five months pregnant, 20 weeks, and housing one of these giant fruits:

A cantaloupe, really? Wasn't it just a blueberry yesterday? I can just imagine a round cantaloupe in there, can't you? {Also, please note my giant boobs. Out. Of. Control}

20wks shirt


Big freaking milestone this week? We're going to see the little nugget's goodies on Wednesday! I really hope he or she is feeling like an exhibitionist and spreads 'em wide open for us to get a peek, but I guess we shall see. I also have a regular OB appointment on Tuesday, where I will get weighed. Since I do not own a scale {nor do I ever plan to own one, since it makes me a crazy loon thinking way too much about the number}, it should be interesting to see what is in store for me. Let's remember I had gained a total of 6 pounds at my 16 week appointment. And lately, my butt feels like a giant squishy pad of tissue. Big. And dare I say it, FAT.

I believe that any pregnant woman gets about 3 free passes throughout her pregnancy to complain about feeling fat. So I'm NOT going to use one of my freebies in this post but OMG...I am never wearing those black Nike pants for another belly shot again. My arse looks like a giant flat reflective elephant butt. I'm hoping it's just the pants combined with the flash and the shadows, but disgusting! Also, if I have gained more than 15 pounds total I am COMPLETELY blaming Nate. You see, he's practically force feeding his pregnant wife in the name of making his baby healthy. I'm all, 'I'm full' and he's all 'Have another cookie, dear.' I'm like a force-fed cow, and it's all his fault. Rant over, I still get three more freebies, my eye rolling from you!

Other bits of awesomeness this week? On Friday night I was sitting at this very computer when baby started kicking up a storm. I put my hand on my belly like always, and discovered that it was strong enough to feel from the outside. We had a few false alarms before, when I got all excited and ran over to Nate to make him feel but then the baby was all shy and shaken up from my sudden movement. So this time I slowly sauntered over to Nate and made him gently feel my tummy. Sure enough, he felt the kick nice and strong! He felt his child moving inside of me, you guys. How freaking cool is that?

Even cooler? The next morning, on Saturday, as baby went to town again, I pulled up my shirt and SAW my stomach move. I called Nate to come over and sure enough, he saw it too. So we went from no external movement to both seeing and feeling it. How insane is that?

Other way cool things I accomplished this week? PURCHASES! I finally sucked it up and shopped for some real maternity clothes. Mostly because of my giant elephant butt and the fact that my tummy makes shirts creep up to places they shouldn't go. I hit up Old Navy for these babies:

And some work pants. Come on, these are so HAWT, aren't they? They came in talls and I figured even if the enormous panel is too much right now I'll probably need it in a few weeks?

And these fabulous gray leggings from maternity Gap. These were the most expensive piece, of course, but don't they look SO comfy?
And after scouring Craigslist every freaking day for at least a month, I finally found our dresser/changing table combo. It's all the way up in Madison, so we have to drive up there and get it Friday morning before I fly to St. Louis which sort of sucks. BUT, just look at the potential here!
It was custom made from real wood, no nasty particle board, 15 years ago. I plan on repainting the white and replacing the knobs with some pimped out ones. That strap on top will be perfect for a new printed changing pad. PROJECT! Another freaking project and another awesome nursery find on Craigslist for a whopping $75. I'm starting to get addicted, my friends. Next up? The rocker. I'm totally stalking C-list every day like a crazy but I can't help it.

So yeah, on Friday I'm flying down to St. Louis to throw Hannah's baby shower and I cannot wait. My mom is picking me up from the airport and we are going to pull everything together before the big event on Saturday. Let me just tell you, planning a baby shower for your best friend when you live hundreds of miles away ain't easy. But I'm feeling pretty good about how it's all coming together thanks to the help of some other lovely STL ladies. And dude, baby showers are JUST as fun to plan as bridal showers, if not more fun. Lots of pictures to follow, I'm sure.

Enough about me, what about that cantaloupe in my gut? Well this week baby is starting to form poop. Yep, you read that right. Meconium is forming in his or her tummy to get ready for that awesomely disgusting first baby poop. Also the genitals are fully formed and ready for our viewing. I know I complained about waiting until 20.5 weeks for our big US but it really wasn't that awful to wait. And plus, baby is moving around like a fetus on acid nowadays so I guess it's better that we waited a bit.

So that's 20 weeks: halfway mark, an elephant butt, external movement, maternity clothes, and a new Craigslist purchase. And lots of anticipation for Wednesday!


  1. yay for craiglist! you are finding some cool things. can't wait to see what you do with the dresser/changing table set. :)

  2. That's looking like a baby bump if I ever saw one! I am so excited for you, Wednesday will be here before you know it!

  3. Love your posts! How do you change your blog design like you do so often?

  4. You're finding some amazing things on Craigslist! I've loved what you've done with nursery already, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the dresser.

    You are definitely rocking the baby belly - you look fantastic!

  5. Hi Julia! It's Amy here, your blog-stalker-but-I-never-comment-because-i-didn't-think-i-knew-how-to-but-wow-look-at-me-go. (I'm the one in Minneapolis, but my sister is in MKE, and you and I are due within days of eachother.)

    So, now that I am here, I think you look just adorable! and loving your nursery choices. What great finds! I have to tell you - we had our 20 week u/s today and it was the greatest moment in my mommyhood so far. I. loved. it. And we are having a boyeeeee! The pride in my hubby's chest is enough to inflate a hot air balloon right now I swear. Soak it all in on Wednesday. and then show all of your family and friends your preshus little pun-kin ultrasound photos.

    All the best you guys!

  6. You definitely have that beautiful pregnant glow! I thought that the other day when I saw your pics on FB. BTW-are you doing something different with your hair these days or is that just what it looks like grown out? Either way, I'm loving it!

  7. Wow it does seem like just yesterday you were carrying a blueberry! You're coming all the way "up" to Mad-town! Too bad you'll be in a hurry otherwise we should have met up. If you can't make it over in time to pick up the dresser and you know that it's what you want DH & I could go get it for you. I'm loving the way your nursery is turning out BTW and I think it looks great with the original woodwork. Mixing styles (like modern decor & traditional millwork) is all the rage on the interior design blogs.

  8. I can't believe you're already halfway through this pregnancy! And hooray for getting to find out the sex on Wednesday! I'm still thinking girl, but we'll see.

    The nursery is looking totally fab!

  9. The glow? It might be because my skin is still bad and oily these days. And the hair? It's so freaking long I don't know what to do with it anymore. I am actually considering chopping it all off into something very drastically different. We shall see.

    Thanks ladies!

  10. Yay for Nate feeling the little one! And double yay for the big reveal this week!!! I'm just as excited as you are....I'm beginning to feel girl for you guys too.

    Ok..super jealous of 2nd craigslist find. I need to get my butt on there.

    Loving the bump :)

  11. Congrats on making it the the half way point!!
    BTW I loved Old Navy Maternity when I was expecting my daughter, hope it works well for you too.

  12. Oh and Amy~HI! Welcome. So excited to hear your big US went well. Very cool about us being pregnancy buddies, too.

    And Robin~we will be in and out of Mad-town like nobody's business Fri morning. In fact, I'm already bummed that I have to wake up earlier for this trip than I do for work when my flight isn't until 130 pm. Oh well. thanks for the offer!

  13. Whatever!! You do have a really beautiful "glow" about you-I don't care what you say! :) And I like the hair

  14. I found your blog through EAD and absolutely love the updates. CL (aka C-list) is amazing to find deals!

  15. i cannot believe you're half way there! but when you keep it a secret for 13 weeks it makes the time fly by in the blogosphere! you look adorable, as always. and not at all fat. puhlease!

    i cannot wait to find out what you're having! how about a poll!

  16. That's OK Julia maybe some other time.

    I came across this bright colored nursery today in my blog reader and thought of you:
    I like the modern mobile!

  17. How in the world are you already half way baked? Eagerly does not do justice to the type of waiting I'm doing right now!

  18. it doesn't look like you've gained any weight in your face - BONUS!

  19. I lost track of you for a couple posts, so I just read up on the past four or so entries.
    1. Good God, woman - you worry far too much. Everything will be A-KAY!
    ; - )
    2. Love the new blog design! I can certainly appreciate that!
    3. Hang in there! You're almost to the finish line!!


  20. We have similar taste. I bought the same 2 pairs of pants...I must say the selection of TALL maternity pants is extremely limited! Hope things to go well.


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