Twenty-Five weeks

A new fruit marks week 25 and lasts through week 28: an eggplant!

And I know I say this every week, but I really think I've truly popped now. Looking back I think it happened between week 23 and 24 and is full blown this week.

{My own pair of maternity jeans! From Old Navy! In TALL length! It feels so good, you guys.}

Lots to discuss this week, my friends.

1. My 24 week appointment went well last week. I've gained another 5 pounds which brings the grand total up to 18. I still don't know where it's going other than into my actual tummy and giant knockers. Again, my doc is happy with my weight gain and would prefer to me to gain even more each month so I guess I'm not going to worry about it too much. Baby's heartbeat is still strong as can be and his kicking has gotten a lot more forceful, too. {Someday....a video of this alien-kicking-my-innards sight}. Next appointment at 28 weeks is when I have to do the one hour glucose test and anemia screen. The glucose drink is chilling in our fridge as we speak and I just can't wait to down that sucker. Also, after the next appointment I will be in the home stretch with bi-weekly appointments. Holy crap, this second trimester is coming to a close did that happen?

2. Had my first 'Are you pregnant' question from someone who didn't already hear the news this week...about time! I think that means I'm officially showing now, huh?

3. I bit the bullet and agreed to Nate and I joining the gym again. I really hate to spend the money on fitness when I truly believe we can utilize the great outdoors and yoga mats in our own home for free....but I just can't take the dark/cold weather at night anymore. And really, last winter I ran outside all the way through despite feet of snow, ice, wind chills below zero...but I wasn't carrying a living being inside me so it's a little different now. It was quite the debate in our household as Nate has been pressuring me to suck it up for months now but I've been holding tight to my money-obsessed roots. But now that we've signed up I admit that I'm loving gym time again. In fact, I'm quite proud of myself and announced to Nate that 'I'm back, mofo' the other day after my workout. You see, I thought my running days were totally done for awhile since my last few tries at 16-17 weeks were such failures (think urinary urgency, pulsating nether regions, and general discomfort). So my first few days at the gym were spend on the elliptical and honestly, I hate that thing. It's just not as satisfying as the old treadmill, in my humble opinion. So for the past few visits I've started up a jog/walk routine and then today I managed to jog an entire 3 miles without stopping (or peeing myself, which is more of an accomplishment, actually). My how I've missed a good sweat, the feeling of blood rushing to my skin, and the comforts of tired muscles. Sure, I was running at a 12 minute mile pace instead of my usual 9-er, but whatever...I did it and I'm feeling less like a blob because of it.

I think I might go hog-wild and sign up for the prenatal yoga class they have once a week at my gym, too, just because it sounds like fun. I've kind of slacked in the workout department over the past few months but all of a sudden I'm all about it again. 'Paying for my fitness', as Nate calls joining a gym, will probably keep me inspired until I'm a 9 month pregnant rollie pollie---I hope!

4. This week has been the week of ground-breaking news for my friends. One got engaged (Congrats, Milldogg!! Eeeek!), one announced her pregnancy (can't really say the name on this one, since it's still on the down low but SO excited), and on the other side of the emotional spectrum, one suffered a miscarriage (again, not mentioning any names but my heart breaks for her. Enough said.). Big news like this doesn't happen often but it sure did this week....because another fatty announcement? Hannah had her baby on Thanksgiving day!!

I got her text at 7:30 in the morning that said something like, 'Got my epi, at the hospital, waiting for this Turkey Day baby!' and I seriously shrieked. She was due December 1 so it was a few days early and everything went really well. The gender was a surprise but my gut feeling for a girl was right....please welcome baby Matilda! (Thank you daddy Michael for this picture, I just have to share her cute face with the world)

So basically, our baby boy will be betrothed to Baby Til and they will be lovers for life, I'm sure.
I cannot wait to squeeze her juicy cheeks and take a million pictures over Christmas. Plus, now I have excuses to buy outfits dripping in pink just to satisfy my girlie craving:) I'm just so happy for Hannah and Michael and yet, it's quite surreal to think that they are actual parents now. And of course, I can't wrap my head around the fact that we will be going through this amazing transition in a few months.

That's it: new babies, big announcement, jumping back on the fitness train, and packing on the lbs marks my twenty-fifth week. I really love being pregnant you guys. At least right now, at this point in the process, I'm feeling incredibly happy and blessed and ready to pop out another 3 after this one. But I suppose I should bite my tongue until I experience the glory of labor and delivery, the frenzy of living with a newborn, and lack of sleep. Call me naive but I cannot wait:)


  1. Yay for a belly!! Looks great!!

    The little one will be here before you know it!

  2. I knew Hannah had her baby, but I'm super pumped that you shared a pic. Precious!! I love those cheeks!

    I agree, you've truly popped now. The first 'are you pregnant?' question is a big milestone, too!

    And I'm with you - I'm loving being pregnant and I'm ready to pop out another one right after this one. We'll see how I feel after the first one arrives, though, LOL!

  3. you're still looking amazing. the picture of baby matilda made my heart break with happiness and i don't even know them. what a sweet face!

    you're so close! wow! boys are SO much fun.

    and... i was terrified that i'd gag through the whole glucose drink process, but it wasn't as bad as i expected. i wish mine had been colder, so good for you for chilling it in advance!

  4. Matilda is precious! What a beautiful baby. I think you've totally popped too. You look, without a doubt, pregnant now...and very adorable :) I dont know how you ever ran in the snow and WI winters! I'm such a girl about it and if it's mildly cold out, my butt is inside, at the gym.

  5. congrats on your first "Are you pregnant?"

    Glad you are enjoying the gym, you might want to see if they offer a water aerobics class, I LOVED being in the water in my third trimester and being able to raise my heartrate without pounding on my joints.

  6. you have popped and you look adorable!

  7. You have popped! so cute! :)

    I am amazed by you for running a whole three miles without peeing!

    Exercise is good for pregnant ladies -- the geneticist who did our anatomy ultrasound said that exercise brings on labor -- when you're at the end, I mean. Not now. :)

  8. That is one CUTE baby!! Tillie will be seriously precious growing up!

    You look great in your picture! Any workout tips would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling with running as well. I feel like my uterus is bouncing on my bladder every time I take a step!!

  9. You're looking so cute!! And congrats to Hannah on her beautiful baby girl!!

    And on my side of things - seven weeks into this motherhood thing - I still want to pop out several more!! Loved being pregnant, loving being a mom!!!

  10. YAY for your cute belly! Love the new jeans too...Old Navy maternity clothes were my favorite!

    Woo hoo Hannah and baby Matilda..what a cute name! You will have so much fun sharing all of the exciting new baby moments with her in a few months.

    I know exactly how you feel right now about loving being pregnant and wanting to have a whole bunch of kids--I felt the same way when I was preggers with Ella so we had Carter 17 months later! Now that I have 2 under 2 I am good for a bit. :) hehe...

    PS...I PROMISE that I will send the books tomorrow...with the holidays and kids it has been hard to get to the post office...

  11. Both pictures are terrific - so happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing the good news.


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