Twenty-Four weeks

Six months. Woah, dude. As I laid in bed this morning I was thinking about how it's practically December, and then with the holidays and traveling it will be the end of January before we know it. And then I'll basically be ready to pop out a child. Holy crap! Definite light-bulb moment.

Because of the debacle with belly shots last week, I made Nate take about 80 tonight. And I went back to the original '4 week' sports bra to do a true comparison. And I admit that I tried to flex my abs a bit too, just to see what the old girls could do. Basically, it just gave me a weird ripple above my uterus but at least I don't look quite so porky compared to last week. Ready, set, overanalyze!!


Also, because I really do have some cute maternity clothes that have been so generously loaned to me, I wanted to take a 'real clothes' shot, too. This is my current favorite top, with a little room to grow for sure, and my new favorite jeans. They are the tiniest bit too short but that's what I get for borrowing clothes from normal height girls.

And because my second tri belly shot grid is nicely aligned right now, ready for just THREE MORE WEEKS, I shall show you the progress. I like symmetry and repetitiveness, did you know?
second tri
So what about the baby inside that belly? Well this week he is working on more brain and lung development, along with more taste bud growing. He's still moving around like crazy and I'm pretty sure I can now feel a difference between a sharp kick and a slow rub across my ute, which is more like a hardening. Now that he's moving up in my gut, he's not pushing on my bladder as much so I don't have to pee every SINGLE night anymore, but more like every other. But don't worry, when I do wake up at about 6 am each day to pee (if I've made it through the whole night) I'm wide awake. It's not so cool during the week because I think I will myself to still feel tired those days, even though I can't go back to sleep for a few minutes before my alarm. But on weekends when I cannot fall back asleep it's pretty freaking sweet because it makes my days off seem a lot longer and I get even more done.

For instance, I worked my tail off this weekend on a nursery project. I'd like to present to you my artistic masterpiece:

I began by doodling, after looking online at clip art, Google images, and some etsy prints. I didn't trace anything but just got some random inspiration because I wanted to include lots of different things in this artwork:

You'll find blueberries, which makes my heart twinge a bit remembering back to when he was just the size of a little bloob. Now he's headed towards an eggplant next week....where does the time go?

You'll find highly personalized touches like Henry-the-one-and-only:

And two states intertwined:

You'll find lots of fun cartoon-like animals:


And when you put it all together, you get my masterpiece on canvas. I had to blur out his name which is painted in white on top of the navy blue. Plus I blurred out his initial in two other places...aren't I sneaky?

Hanging in the room above the crib, just how I envisioned it. Well, except for the annoying plastic bag hiding his name. I almost want to reveal it just so I can tear down that eyesore of a bag.
You likey? I'm quite proud. I haven't done any painting in forever and I miss that version of a creative outlet for me. It really didn't take too long, either, maybe 5 hours total, and because my two canvases plus acrylic paints were all 50% off at Michael's I spent next to nothing on this project. Plus, you can't get much more personal than his name, our duplex, our family, and bits of our story on the wall. I love all of the bright colors, of course, and think that wall decor will be one way to tie it all together. Sigh. This project made my heart so happy:)

Also, after I decided we'd have to make another trip to Ikea for the shelving unit I wanted, I just so happened to see this one at Target for $20 less and a wee bit smaller (which is better, because I was worried the Ikea version would swallow the whole wall).
Perfect place to store books and toys and other random things that will have no home, don't you think? Above the shelves I will put my little wall gallery of frames and other artwork I intend to make. So many projects, so little time!

Also, I REALLY wanted to put a video of him kicking on here this week. But alas, it was just not meant to be. In due time, I suppose.

So that's me at 6 months: showing without a doubt, painting up a storm, and still focusing on the freaking nursery, of course:)


  1. Wow, I love what you did!! So creative and something that he will always love and cherish! Very cute :)

  2. Oh my gosh...I am so impressed by your artwork. Damn, I wish I was creative like you. I thought that I wanted a sewing machine for X-mas and then realized how expensive they are. I guess I just have to be inspired without actually creating. Your nursery looks awesome. Will you be keeping the name a secret until the end?

  3. Wow, Julia, that painting looks great! I don't have a creative bone in my body, so I think it's really cool you can do something like that. :)

  4. yay! cute art. can't wait to find out baby boy's name!

  5. Your artwork turned out amazing! Plastic bag and all.

  6. Wonderful job with the artwork! I love the little elephant :)

  7. You are starting to really get round bump! And don't you love hand-me-down maternity clothes? I was so very lucky to get some too. :)

    The artwork is awesome, Julia. You did a killer job. I'm very impressed!!

  8. Julia! I had no idea you were so creative! Those paintings brought a tear to my eye...well done!

  9. Henry has this look on his face like ok guys, SERIOUSLY what is going on?!?! Hhaha love the bump-so cute!

  10. 1- You look GREAT!
    2- Henry looks so handsome :)
    3- LOVE the artwork.
    4- Dying to know Baby Boy's name.

  11. love the picture, i wished i had an artistic bone in my body!
    baby bump looks super cute, i'm glad one of us looks actually preggo.
    so i was teaching today,i was on lunch supervision, when some grade 7 girls were out in the hallway rather than the classroom. i asked them politely where they needed to be, and they told me they were just getting something from their bag. fair enough. i let them carry on, so long as it didn't take too long. as i was leaving, one girl paused and then said "can i ask you something?" of course i said yes, and then i waited. there was quite the long pause, and then a hesitant and soft "umm so you um...expecting.....(long pause which i waited to hear what was coming next), or are you um...........just fat?" i'm sure i had a look of disbelief. thank goodness i am expecting, or i may have been slightly insulted. i can't lie and say that i'm not a little insulted though. apparently i look like a big fatty. end of story.

  12. Very cute! I am SO not a painter. Well, an artist painter anyway.

    I can stencil with the best of them though! :)

    The belly is getting bigger! How exciting! :)

    I can't wait to find out his name either. I love secrets and find them out! :)

    Also, I love exclaimation points.

  13. Your bump is so stinking cute! And that artwork is fantastic. You rocked it!!

  14. That artwork literally made me tear up. That is that most amazing, precious, beautiful thing in the nursery. This baby is one lucky little man!!!!

    You look great too!

  15. damn girl, i need some creative talent like you! I painted a pic for his room but in no way as good as yours!

    btw. we have that same bookcase for his room and i LOVE it!

  16. you look so cute!!! i LOVE the artwork you made!

  17. Free hand?!??! Girl, is there anything you can't do? ;) Awesome job! That nursery is comng together very nicely.

    Ok, your belly is quite "popped" if I do say so myself. And I'm super jealous of the loaned maternity clothes you got. I just spent about $200 this past weekend on much needed bras and shirts. [If you DO end up needing clothes, Motherhood has some super cute stuff!]

  18. I love the paintings. They're adorable!

    I also agree with Andrea - it looks like you popped recently. It seems like a noticeable difference from a week or two ago. You look so cute!


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