Four Months

Dear Truman,

You are four months old today, buddy! What a big baby boy we have on our hands. Gone is the little squishy newborn and in his place is this chunky, happy, active baby. I cannot believe that your 6-9 month clothes are barely fitting anymore and I'm just not ready to pull out the 9-12 month outfits just yet. Slow down, mister man! You are changing every day, learning new things, observing the world around you, and I just love to soak it all in from the sidelines. Look at how much you've changed:
(the angle makes 3 month Truman look fatter than 4 months, but I promise it's just an odd crop and he's not shrinking).

Your absolute favorite thing in the world (besides your awesome mom and dad and brother Henry) must be your hands. Hand sucking is your favorite hobby and you are very proud of yourself when you stick your entire fist in your mouth and drool all down your shirt. All the cool babies do this, I'm told. And you must be the coolest.

You are such a happy baby, Truman, and I can't get over how laid back you are (who did you get THAT trait from, mister?). Sometimes you will just stare at absolutely nothing and start to crack yourself up, which of course makes your mommy and daddy die laughing, too. I remember when we had to work so hard to see your smile and now it just happens non-stop, without reason, and I have to say that I'm still loving those dimples. Don't stop being such a happy little dude, okay?



This month you've found your voice as you squeak and squawk and you've even begun to yell. It's hilarious to listen as you try to work yourself up into an actual cry by yelling a whole bunch. And you've even begun to chuckle--no doubt about it, you can actually laugh now and it's amazing.


Not only do you love your hands, love to smile, and love to talk but this month you really got the hang of tummy time and can raise your head up from the ground now. You love to look around at the world and at your crazy mommy with the camera. Thank you for obliging me about 8 million pictures this month, bud. :)



You've started to drool quite a bit and spit up a lot more than you used to which means you wear a lot more bibs than before. It's really pretty cute though and even when you totally drench my back in puke I still love you. That's a strong love from your mommy, right?
This month we got out your jumparoo and you absolutely love to bounce around in there staring at the numerous (obnoxious) toys encircling you. The alertness in your eyes and the constant scanning of the room tells us that you are incredibly aware of your surroundings now and you've gotten so interactive compared to just a few months ago. Grabbing toys, staring at the TV, turning your head when someone walks in the room and talks, and watching brother Henry do his thang are all some of your faves lately.

Oh, and watching soccer and golf with daddy is always fun. He's teaching you to research a bunch of outdoor gear already and I'm not sure I like it. But you sure do like spending time with your pops.

You rolled over for the first time this month and did it again the next day on the bed, but it's still pretty difficult for you to do and I don't think you'll do it consistently for awhile. I guess we have to start watching you a little more closely than before since you are now a mover and a shaker, so no more leaving you on the bed or the couch and walking away. You might jump right off of there, you goof ball!


Now that you are a big boy and all interactive and stuff, we've started to pull out a few of the MANY toys you already have from mommy's baby showers. This one is a fave already and he is your bestest friend around: Douglas, the lamb. Tell me that isn't the funniest name for a toy ever.

I love how you recognize your daddy and I and your face lights up immediately when you see us. I love that you are extremely happy in the mornings and after you eat. Watching your eyes as you stare at the trees moving in the wind, or as you look towards a passing car with wonder, and as you smell fresh air around you is all such a treat for me, Truman. We take so much for granted in this big world but watching a baby see it all for the first time reminds me to slow down and take in the scenery a little more, rush around a little less. That's hard for mommy to do when she feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to spend with you but when we are together, I love every second and feel incredibly blessed to be your mommy.

My little expressive Truman. You crack me up. You make my heart hurt. You make me want to cry more than I have in my entire life---happy tears only, of course, but I didn't used to be a happy crier. You've made me open my eyes and decipher what is really important in this life, and what is totally insignificant. You've made me fall in love with your daddy even more than before as I watch him with his son, and as we team together to raise you as a pair. We love you so much, Truman. Words just cannot express.



One year ago at this time (on July 6, to be exact) I found out that I was pregnant with you. That was a day that forever changed my life and one year ago I had no idea how amazing it would be to have a four month old baby boy to love. I love you today, I've loved you since before you were born, and I will love you forever. I can't wait to watch you grow up through the next four months and beyond. You are such a blessing, such a goofy dude, and so handsome, too.

And with that, your Missouri Grandparents are coming tonight to see you again. They are going to watch you on Friday instead of you going to daycare while mommy and daddy work. We are going to have so much fun with them, and when they leave on Monday I'm sure you will make your Grandma cry which will make mom cry, too. Make sure to give them plenty of your killer smiles while they are here and maybe you can convince them to move up to the Great North. Two sets of grandparents in the same state to spoil you? I don't think you'd complain.

Your the best little buddy I could have ever asked for, Truman. Here's to month #5 being even better than the fourth!

Love, Mommy


  1. Such a big kid! It does kind of look like he shrank--too funny. :) Amazing what can change in a year, isn't it?

  2. (I tried to comment before so apologies if this is a duplicate)

    What a beautiful letter to Truman! He's so cute - I love his expressions, especially when he has one eyebrow raised as if to say, seriously?? ANOTHER picture??

    The name Douglas is hilarious for a toy - that name always makes me think of the movie The Cutting Edge, which I have seen upwards of 50 times... :)

  3. Such a sweet and loving post! Reading this makes me so excited to have babies!

  4. 4 months! Can you believe it? He is expressive! Love the smiles. :)

  5. I got teary reading this at work today. What a lovely post (and I can't get enough of the pictures of wee Truman and all of his expressions)!

  6. What a beautiful post! Truman has the most wonderful expressions! Simple adorable :)

  7. His facial expressions are priceless! What a fun personality he has already!!

  8. Julia, for some reason this post is probably my fave of all the months. So freeeeaaaakkking adorable. My personal fave is Truman with Nate looking at the computer. haha Makes me laugh :)

    Hope you are doing well and p.s WE HAVE HONEY!!!!! Let me know how many lbs you want.

  9. Don't think I'm weird if I'm tearing up at the thought of how fast your baby boy is growing up.

    Very very sweet J. He is such a cute ham for the camera!

  10. Where did you get those tshirts for different months?

  11. kiraz~
    i made them in Photoshop and print them out on adhesive paper.

    you can buy similar ones on


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