basically just a photo dump

And now comes the post when I dump a bunch of photos from our awesome weekend. Hope you don't mind.

Last Thursday night my parents arrived in Milwaukee after driving all day long. Of course, they immediately went to Truman and ooh'd and aahh'd over his cuteness all evening long. Both Nate and I had to work on Friday and so my parents offered to watch Truman that day instead of taking him to daycare. I was a little nervous that Truman would be fussy, or they wouldn't feel comfortable setting up the stroller, or he wouldn't take a bottle for them but wouldn't you know....he did fantastic for them and they handled babysitting their only grandson like pros.





(His eyes are changing color but we can't tell if they will be mommy's brown or daddy's hazel. Any guesses?)


In fact, my CPA father held true to form and recorded every single detail of their day together down to the minute. I am not joking. I had a nice little spreadsheet waiting for me when I got home indicating exactly when his diapers were changed, how long each nap was, and what they did during each 'playtime'. Gotta love an accountant's attention to details! They really did have a blast with T-man that day and I was so glad he broke them in gently. :)




Friday night all of us (including my in-laws) went to dinner at a nearby pizza parlor and ate outside on their patio. Truman was a total flirt when he saw some grade-school aged girls nearby and couldn't stop staring at them. In return, the little girls declared that Truman was 'The funniest baby I've ever seen in my whole life' and began to make googly eyes at him, laughing their heads off at his expressions. It lasted for a bit, they had their moment together, and then Truman couldn't take the stimulation anymore so he had a nice little meltdown. Poor baby! The live music, loud girls, and funny faces they made at him were just too much to handle so close to bedtime so we decided to leave (but not before getting custard, first!) and call it a night. It's so much fun to watch Truman interact with older kids and if I must look at the bright side of daycare, it's definitely going to help socialize him and get him accustomed to playing with kids of all ages. I really do like that aspect of daycare.

(Truman is really starting to notice Henry now and he is totally obsessed with his big brother. It's too cute)




Saturday the boys golfed while mom and I ran errands, including a Babies-R-Us trip that resulted in entirely too many treats for Truman. I also tried on my bridesmaid dress for Keri's wedding and realized that my giant knockers are a total pest because I had to order up THREE WHOLE SIZES from my norm just to get the zipper to fit my chest. And now, my dress is huge everywhere by my boobs which will result in a hellified alterations bill, I'm sure. Whatever, I've come to terms with it but I still don't like seeing that big number in the back of the dress even if it swims on my waist because I am a girl and we tend to get a little fixated on our dress sizes, don't we? Ugh. But the dress is really cute and I can't wait for Keri's big day!! (Also, as a side note, her bachelorette party will be in St. Louis on August 7 and I'm flying in for just 24 hours to celebrate. It will be my first night away from Truman and I'm totally frazzled already---but I think Nate is even more nervous about me being gone for a night. No boob to soothe him to sleep = potential disaster. We shall see)




So anyway, Saturday night we had a yummy homemade meal with all of the grandparents outside and then I put Truman down for the night. Lois, Nate, my mom and dad and I all went downtown for the fireworks while Tony stayed behind in case T-man woke up. I was not that excited about making the trek downtown but I'm so glad we went because the 'works were amazing and Truman slept the entire time like a champ. Why do I even bother worrying about my baby? Oh that's right, because I'm neurotic.


Sunday the boys golfed again and mom and I hung out with Truman, took a walk, made a trip to the grocery store, and just enjoyed our time together. We ate outside again that night for the Fourth and then right before his bedtime Truman gave my mom the best gift ever: while he was on his changing table, Mom tickled his belly and Truman strung together numerous giggles to make an actual laughing fit. He's chuckled here and there before, but never a true laughing fit and let me just tell you---it was quite possibly the cutest thing in the entire world. We've tried to capture it on camera a few times since but it's never consistent but when we are finally successful in getting it on video I will post it immediately. There's just something about hearing my boy laugh uncontrollably that makes my heart melt. I have a baby that laughs, you guys! How big is he right now?

My parents left Monday morning after a yummy waffle breakfast and then our little family had time together to catch up on chores and Truman-time. Oh, and before my parents left we had to take pictures of Truman's new sunglasses, which he somehow loves, and they are freaking hilarious.



All in all, a fabulous visit with my parents. It's always sad to see them go but it helps to know that they will be back next month, with my brother this time!, for another visit. Nothing like having a grandchild in a different state to force many miles on your car, right dad?

And I'll end with my new favorite picture of me and baby boy-lounging on the couch together, ready to take a snooze.


  1. I love the guys look great!!

  2. Love all the pictures- it sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. What a busy (but fun) weekend! You look fab, so I don't know why you're worried about your dress size. It's clearly all in your boobs! ;)

  4. I'm neurotic about worrying about the babe when I'm not there as well :)

    Those are some really cute shades!

  5. I love your 'photo dumps'! Great pictures and a great looking family!

  6. I will take one of your photo dumps any day of the week! What a fantastic visit.

    Truly try not to fixate on the dress size. You're going to look smoking!

    Bummer on the melt down, but good choice powering through for the custard.

    I can't pick a favorite picture! I seriously love the one of him smiling full on vertical with his hat on. That smile!

    The one of him smiling while Nate's holding him with the sunglasses is super cute too!

    Tear at the giggling. He's growing up so fast!

  7. Those sunglasses on Truman are freakin' hilarious!

    Psssh to that dress size... Bridesmaid dresses run small anyway. I'm sure after the alterations are all said and done you'll look smokin' with your tiny waist and huge knockers.

  8. Truman is SO cute! He does make the best faces! I love that your CPA dad made a spreadsheet. I was a math major and I live by Excel!

  9. Great pics. It looks like you had a great 4th.
    LOVED the first picture. Grandma should have that one framed!

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  11. Oh my goodness... That 4th of July outfit is just too much!

    And, I feel you on the BM dress. I was a BM when Olivia was 3 months old and getting the boobs in check was more than interesting.

  12. That shorts outfit with the whale is too-die-for. I should know. My Brigham has it in size NB :)

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    we have some american relatives in have a wonderful family.
    your baby is really cute.I'm married.
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