American Baby

Dave Matthews ain't got nothing on this American Babe.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! And as a gift, here's a sneak peek of our photo session from today.

Patriotic outfit by Missouri Grandma, of course:

His new thing is to suck on his lower lip. What a tough boy!

Henry gets in on the action:

Our little ham:

So far our visit with my parents has been amazing! Babies-R-Us is quite dangerous when I have my mom as a shopping partner and Truman now has WAY too many 9 month clothes. Whoops! Plus, the downtown Milwaukee fireworks are pretty impressive to small-town Missourians. Truman and Wisconsin Grandpa stayed behind while we trekked downtown despite being totally exhausted and I'm glad we did---MKE sure knows how to do fireworks and they never disappoint! No pictures this year though....too tired for that.

Much more to come.


  1. Cute! Hailey also does the lower lip suck.

  2. Your mom makes the cutest stuff. Love his outfit! And sometimes I think we lead parallel lives...I went shopping with my mom for clothes for Isaac yesterday. :)

  3. That hat is just too much! Love it. Happy 4th!

  4. SO cute!

    i grew up watching the milwaukee fireworks on the 3rd. miss doing that-they're the best!

  5. Cute!! Sounds like you're having a great time. Happy 4th!

  6. Ohmygosh I could just eat him UP!!! And big smooches to Henry too...I still love that sweet face of his!!

  7. Truman sure is rockin' that patriotic outfit! Hope you guys had a happy fourth :)

  8. He is SUPER cute! America should be proud :)

  9. He looks like such a big boy with that hat on! Adorable!

  10. Seriously. Seriously. The hat? It's too much! He is just too cute and the smile. AHH!

  11. Hey!! I LOVE reading about Truman. He is absolutely adorable. And I also wanted to let you know we are back to blogging! But instead of mollyandmarshal, we are now

    I love his outfits, by the way!



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