So who does he look like?

The favorite question to ask new parents is getting old, my friends.

Because seriously, every single person in the world informs me that Truman looks just like Nate as if I had nothing to do with this adorable being. My DNA is all over that tiny face but nobody gives me credit. In fact, they usually ask the infamous question of 'Who does he look like?' but then before I can even respond they say, 'I think he looks just like Nate, don't you?'. Don't get me wrong...Nate is a handsome dude and was a cute baby but I really do see myself in Truman these days.

So I took it upon myself to investigate. It's really sad to me to see that the 80's were a time before boat-loads of pictures were possible (thank you digital images!). Both my parents and Nate's parents only have a SINGLE PAGE of about 4 photos from months number 5 and 6 in our lives. Ummm, one page to cover a whole month of life? Please. Try about 1000 pictures to cover one month of life (ahem, will thank me someday).

Observe Nate and I at 6 months compared to our baby boy at the same stage in life.

Ladies first...

1. The most badass photo prop in the history of posed pictures, combined with a gentle grin:

2. Wide mouthed and yelling, probably.

3. Looking totally aloof. I think this is the strongest resemblance to me of all the pictures.

4. See, I knew how to raise my eyebrows just like T does now! And the little half smile is all me, apparently.

Then comes Nate. And yes, I do think Truman looks like his daddy in these photos so the whole world is right on this one.

1. Open mouthed, staring in wonder, and sitting up briefly:

2. Still staring in wonder (same mouth!!)

3. Loving the left-sided gaze. Also, I love that Nate had fuzzy reddish hair!

4. Their moms both had blackmail in mind. Nate was a HUGE child, even bigger than Truman. I love it so much.


  1. OMG, we get this question ALL THE TIME (obviously) and almost everyone, except my own parents, say "oh, she looks just like Ben!!!" mostly because she has blue eyes and so does he. It shouldn't annoy me, but it definitely does!

    Honestly? Truman looks like both of you, and you could put yours and Nate's baby pics next to each other and people would think you looked like each other too :) It's true what they say - most spouses have similar features...

  2. That's awesome! I see both of you. Handsome kid. :)

  3. That half smile comparison picture of you and Truman is uncanny! You two definitely look alike there. I always thought Truman looked a lot like Nate but now I'm seeing your genes making an appearance for sure.

    We have to laugh every time we get those "who he looks like" comments. Some people swear he is Jim's identical twin and others say the same about me. It's strange to hear those opposing views all within one day.

  4. HEHE! I love this post! Such fun comparisons.

    I sent Tony a picture message the other day of Isaac and his reaction was too funny, "He's so adorable. What a mini-me!"

    I foresee this in your future. :)

  5. I think that he looks a lot like Nate, but he has your eyes -- not necessarily your eye color, but definitely the shape; and the eye color looks like it's getting there. :) So, I say: Both of you! :)

    I've read that all babies look like their dads when they are first born, because in the caveman days, it was easier for the fathers to recognize their offspring that way.

  6. T-Man seriously looks like the perfect combination of you both! Completely adorable!

  7. I take it back! Truman look JUST like you! I had to see the baby pictures for it to click, but I stand corrected. YOU all the way!

  8. i think he looks like both of you, maybe you a little bit more right now!

  9. How about this: Truman looks like HIMSELF!!!! Truth be told, he looks like the "adult" Nate and the "baby" you...But really, who cares? He's all yours and he's adorable - just enjoy!! And when people ask, "Who does he look like?" Say, "He's the best of both of us!" :)

  10. T-man totally has your eyes, and I notice it every time you post pictures. I think he is a perfect mixture of you both! :)

  11. Question where do you get the cute shirts that say 1 month, 2months ect for Truman's monthly pics?

    if you could email me at thanks:)!

  12. I think he looks more like you J...seriously! I will judge for myself next week....can't wait!

  13. Hmmmm, I think it's a good combo of both actually. Maybe a little more like you.

  14. He is the spitting image of you. SO CUTE!

  15. I think he looks like a mini-Nate (not as much the baby as the present Nate). It is sooooo cute. I love his furrowed brow every once in a while. He is seriously a precious!

  16. Ive been following your blog for about 8 or so months. I found it when I googled something like "nursery w/ dark trim"..My darling daughter is about Truman's age so its been fun to read along, and be like, "OMG, this is me!" Ive also definately sent thoughts and prayers to you at various times too. But, Ive never felt compelled to comment until now, until this post. And its not much of one, I just wanted to say that I totally see your forehead/eyes in the little guy. I cant actually see the resemblance of Dad!

  17. OK, I have taken this challenge very seriously! After studying the matter I have decided that Truman looks more like Nate as a man...but Truman looks more like Julia's baby pictures than Nate's. Does that make any sense at all? haha!

  18. I think he looks like you believe it or not. He is adorable! I wish my son looked like me at times.


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