classifieds: single white male

Name: Truman Anthony

Nicknames: T-man, T-dogg, True Man, True, T.T., Sherman*, Thurman*, Poo Poo Platter, Bubby, Mister Man, Bowling Ball Head, Chunkster, Biggie Boy, Boo Boo**, Boss Man.


Age: 6 months old, baby.

Height and Weight: a whopping 2'4" and 19.2 pounds of pure lovin.


Dating history: one delicious rubber giraffe named Sophie, the beautiful lady who was my first true love.

Favorite hobbies: Slamming milk at record speeds, staring at trees move in the breeze, eating bodily appendages such as hands and feet, long walks in the stroller, puking on mommy, and exploring the world with my mouth.

Dislikes: mommy's homemade pureed peas. My own version of hell.

(epic fail)

(sweet potatoes were a total success, by the way)

Special talents: rolling to the right only, screaming at the top of my lungs, partying in the middle of the night, smiling at people and thus making them my slaves for life, and melting the hearts of anyone who comes into contact with me.

Life goals: keepin it real while staying fly.

*these names are reluctantly admitted today and come with a story. When Nate tells people the name of our baby, apparently he does not enunciate. One of his teachers thought Truman's name was Thurman, which I find hilarious. But even better, one of Nate's patients thought his name was Sherman. Maybe for son #2!

**this one is forbidden to be used in our house, but I cannot help it. Nate thinks if this nicknames sticks into grade school Truman will be ridiculed relentlessly. I think my Boo Boo can handle it:)


  1. Great post! Love the new header!!

  2. LOL...brady wasnt a big fan of pureed peas but he picks them up ands shoves him in his mouth faster than you can say peas :) so, i think dr's are silly when the tell you to start with certain ones and blah blah. my kid LOVES veggies and the green ones are his fav. he was not a fan of the pureed green ones which is funny.

    truman is too cute. he's getting big! before you know it, you'll be me wondering how the heck hes about to be one soon!

  3. julia, i have been reading your blog for what feels like.. forever. pre-truman. and im finally delurking myself! woohoo! im a mommy to a five week old chubbawub and i cant tell you how often ive gone back through your posts (like for PUMPING 101!) i just have to say, that i laughed so hard i almost peed myself (not difficult to do these days) watching that video of T eat the peas. Just the fact that there was laughing.. and gagging.. the poor sweetheart! haha.. i cant wait until we can start solids!! :) have a fab holiday weekend!

  4. i have never *ever* seen a baby so obviously hate food in my life. That was freaking hilarious (i have 7 kids too, so it's not for lack of experience... ) Well done communicating your disgust, Truman!! (gorgeous name, btw...)
    (i'm just a random fellow mama blogger).

  5. The enunciation confusion made me laugh (and of course the peas video too!) We don't have kids yet - just fur-children that we treat like human children. :o) We have 2 Jack Russell Terriers, and we debated over the name of the first one forever! I wanted Truman, he wanted Sherman - and we ended up compromising and went with Nelson. :o)

  6. hehehe...cute!!! I'm sure Truman will have tons of takers :)

  7. I would like to submit Hailey's name for a future date for Truman. You never know!

  8. Bwaaahhh! Too funny! I have a feeling Truman will be getting a lot of replies to his ad!

    p.s. please don't name your next kid Thurman or Sherman ;)

  9. Hi Julie,

    Love your blog. I've been following for a long time now, pre-Truman and all. It's fun to follow you because I have a 6-month old girl, Ella. My aunt follows your blog, too, and always tells me things to get — like the bumbo — after she sees them on your blog.

    Anyway, I had a question about how you imbed video on your blog? I have a blog, too, and use youTube when I add video but I prefer the look of yours.


  10. That video is hilarious! He's looking at the camera like, "help me" when he sees those peas coming. Your little Poo Poo Platter sure is cute:)

  11. Ali~

    I upload my videos to Flickr, just like my pictures. Then Flickr has an option to take a link and embed it into your blog. They can only be 90 seconds long on Flickr, though. HTH!

    Thanks guys!


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