7 months

{I will not comment on the fact that I haven't blogged in over 2 weeks. Life is beyond crazy around here and my motivation to blog is severely lacking. But as I promised before I HAVE to document at least a monthly post so I don't forget the craziness that is our life. Hang in there with me!}

Seven months old. Rounding up to one year instead of rounding down to one day old. A mixture of sadness and excitement comes with this monthly birthday because although I love every new stage Truman enters I can't quite grasp the fact that he is getting so 'old'. :)

(these photo shoots are getting exponentially harder as the months go on. Couldn't get a good one for the life of me)


The month of September was probably the most eventful span of days in this kid's life so far. He had his last day at his first daycare, then flew on his first airplane for a trip to Missouri. When we got back, he started his new daycare with Miss Lori, mommy started a new job, then he popped his first two teeth within days of each other, caught a cold (his third so far), came down with his first ear infection, and then we flew again for Keri's wedding. Needless to say we've struggled with keeping any sort of routine around here and instead focused on getting baby boy healthy again. Oh, and remembering to breathe while treading water--that's the motto for our life these days.

(Any Mizzou fans out there? Truman the Tiger making an appearance...along with wool longies)

I have a new found love for Amoxicillin because it brought my happy baby boy back to me. But that happy baby boy has a new found hatred for the bubble gum flavored stuff and getting him to take it twice a day for ten days was absolute hell. I pray that the ear infection is completely healed and never ever returns, considering I had the worst baby ears ever back in the day. Here's hoping that was the only one! It was awful and he was cranky and in pain and couldn't sleep and I'm patting myself on the back for following my gut and demanding the doctor to see him before we flew for the wedding, even though they thought it was 'just teething' and 'just a cold'. Hooray for a mother's intuition.

(our little family at Keri's wedding. Note the disgustingly cute outfit made by my mom).

(my men before the wedding---swoon.)

(what a ham)

(best shot I have of his nubbin teeth---which are actually a LOT bigger today but he is shy about flashing those chompers, I guess).

As far as milestones go, this past month brought us a semi-mobile baby. He is rolling onto his tummy constantly now and even manages to roll onto his back at times too (a miracle!). Once he's on his preferred stomach he can pivot around and spin in circles, scooting a little bit along the way. No matter how many blankets I put onto the floor he somehow manages to scoot onto the shockingly dirty hardwood just to spite me. He's definitely sitting unsupported now although I don't quite trust him to sit up without me nearby since he'll take an occasional face plant if I'm not careful. Can I just say that I am SO not ready for a rough and tough boy who gets hurt while on the move? I preferred my little blob baby who wouldn't move an inch once I set him down. Much safer that way. :)

(before the rehearsal)

(Missouri Grandma was a fab babysitter during mommy's bridesmaid duties)

(very serious in the mornings)

He loves to grab every.single.object within a two foot radius (ie my hair, Nate's glasses, toys, Henry, our food, etc.) I can tell his grasp is improving because he'll gently turn toys around in his hands and if he's feeling super-loving, he'll even give me a little love pat on my cheek while he nurses. But then again, those hands have discovered his manly bits, too, and bath time has now become 'let me squeeze my junk' time for Truman. It's hilarious and disturbing all at once. I vote for Nate to talk to his son about fondling himself in public---definitely a manly talk that I'll avoid at all costs.


(note the skilled hand usage. Sophie is still a hit)

His stats at the doctor's office still show a big, healthy baby boy weighing in at 19 pounds 6 ounces, and measuring just over 28 inches. He's still up in the 80th percentiles for his growth although I think he looks ultra-slim compared to his two month photos and he's wearing 12 month clothing at this point. His new big boy wardrobe is too stinking cute, if you ask me, but then again--I'm pretty biased.

(a fave for his smile and the cute outfit)

(his weekend lounge wear)

He's eating about 3 ounces of purees at daycare and then another 1-2 ounces here for dinner. So far carrots are the biggest hit around here followed by butternut squash. Peas are still the biggest failure in the history of babies and we will not be trying those again. :) Breastfeeding is still plugging along although I'm pretty anxious over the changes in our routine possibly leading to a decrease in my supply. I'm having a hard time pumping in my car more than twice in a work day and Lori thinks Truman would eat more than his 4 ounce bottles at daycare. So we are trying 5 ounces now, usually 3 bottles but sometimes 2 and sometimes 4 bottles total, and I'm striving to pump at least 3x/day to match his input. It's hard though, and stressful, and I have to allow us to use a bit of our 300 ounce freezer stash without feeling like a failure. I know it's ridiculous to stress so much over the liquid gold especially when we have a stock-pile but I just can't help it---I am determined to make it to one year without supplementing because I'm just that stubborn about goals I set for myself. If we have to use a bit of our freezer stash to make it, so be it---but let's all pray to the breastfeeding gods to ask for my supply to hang in there for big T-man. Five more months, boobies--you can do it!!




Truman is still a happy little dude 90% of the time and all of the cliches still ring true (as annoying as they sound). He really is the light of my life; he really did change our world; and coming home to him after a long day at work really does melt my heart with happiness. He's happy, healthy, eating well, napping like a champ, and is super fun. But if there is any aspect of life that is a challenge for Truman it's definitely sleeping at night. I don't even have the energy to elaborate on the subject but let's just say he is nowhere near sleeping through the night and is still coming to bed with us after waking up in his crib, nursing in our bed multiple times. I'm feeling the pressure from numerous sources to teach Truman to stay in his crib all night since it will just be harder to accomplish as he ages. But I'm torn about what to do at this point. I keep saying once life settles down I'll try nursing him in the rocking chair and placing him back in his crib but every time I try that it leads to hours of lost sleep for me. Totally not cool and very inconvenient when I have to work the next day. Someday he'll sleep through the night consistently and I'm sure he'll have a new 'issue' to work through at that point. But for now this is our biggie. And really, if that's the worst thing we have to deal with (not sleeping through the night) then we have it pretty good, right?

Onto the eighth month....I can't wait to see what this one brings. Let's hope it's a little less-eventful than the last. :)


(I really should do a whole post on Keri's wedding but that requires a lot of effort. Here is one shot of the gorge bride, who held Truman's fascination obviously).


(and here are a few more for fun)

(Race for the Cure the morning after the wedding---celebrating our survivor)

(Tilly and Truman...sitting in a tree)




  1. Truman looks adorable... and so grown up! You look beautiful in your pics there, momma!

  2. oh I am going through the same thing right now with Nick. He is co sleeping in the bed with me every night. I feed him, then he falls asleep, then the goal is to move him into his crib but usually right after we put him down he discovers we've tricked him and he's crying for me. I'm so tired usually I just bring him back to bed so I can sleep, but he's in my arms all night. He is typically up at least 4-7 times a night, not fun. A mom in my mom's club gave me the # to a sleep therapist, so I'm totally calling this lady Mon. They said insurance covers it too so I pay nothing. She creates a plan to fix your probs and i've done some research on her, apparently she's a miracle worker. Nick can't self soothe, he's dependant on his bottle and me, and he fights sleep horribly. So that's what we have to work on. Fun huh!

  3. Those are the most gorgeous bridesmaid dresses ever! I LOVE them! I love the pockets, and the sparkliness, and the colors!

  4. So much to comment on but I only have a minute so I'm only gonna talk about sleep...do what works. I know it's hard to ignore the outside pressure, but the people pressuring you aren't Truman's parents. Do what feels right for you and do what works for your family. We tried to move Isaac to his crib a couple of times and it was a huge failure - like Truman, he'd fall asleep in his crib but once he woke up (usually 2-4 hours later) there was no way he'd let me lay him back in the crib and trying would result in lots of lost sleep. Then one day, I tried it, and it just worked. No crying, no big ordeal, he just went back down in the crib and that was that. It worked when he was ready. And that was the best mommy lesson I've had so far! Not forcing it on him meant a super easy transition for all of us. He now sleeps in the crib until somewhere between 4 and 6 AM, then comes to bed with us for some early AM cuddles. Hang in there, Julia! I know you guys will figure it all out. :)

  5. I hear ya about worrying about providing enough milk for your babe. Don't stress too much about digging into your freezer stash. I think those breastfeeding websites are such a help for moms like us but at times they also can cause a little guilt if you don't "do it right". I've heard moms say they would be devastated if they have to supplement. But you know what's more devastating? A hungry baby. So, do what you have to do and know you are doing great!

    I know I say this every month but I really can't believe Truman is 7 months already! Feels like just yesterday we were shooting your maternity pics!

  6. kind of makes me want a baby... he's so cute! Just need to get done with school...

  7. Oh my goodness, he is sooo stinkin' cute! He's really growing up!

  8. I don't know that I've ever commented Julia, but I had to, I feel so strongly about the sleep thing. I agree with Kristal 100%. Do what works for you and your family, and don't let other people's ideas about how your baby should be sleeping cause you to doubt your own instincts. I have a baby who sounds like the exact 13 month old version of Truman as far as sleeping goes. Starts out in his crib, and 2-4 hours later he's up and wants his mommy and to nurse, at which time I bring him to bed with me because that's the only way we end up getting any sleep. And you know what, the only time I usually resent our sleeping situation is when other people make me feel bad about it, or insinuate that what I'm doing is wrong. Screw that. It's not wrong, and when he's ready to sleep for longer on his own, he will. And it's none of their business anyway. Ugh. I have to be honest, I've gotten to the point where I don't even like to bring the subject up, even with my doctor. (Especially with my doctor, who has been bringing up letting him cry it out since he was about 6 months old.) Finally, if you're thinking of trying to change your sleep situation, or even if you just want to hear about how you're so not alone in this, and your baby is sooooo normal, and it is NOT the norm for babies to sleep through the night, try Elizabeth Pantly's "No Cry Sleep Solution". It's great, I read it cover to cover, and then realized I am just so not ready for any sort of "sleep training" thing yet. For some reason, it helped get me to that point, it helped me be at peace with our situation. Anyway, good luck, and just keep going with what your gut tells you. It won't do you wrong. ;)

  9. That's so cool that they ran the Run for the Cure the day after the wedding!

    Truman is so grown up! Why do I find it so hard to believe that he is 7 months?

  10. My first comment goes to you because you look beautiful in these photos and your hair is so cute curled and styled like that. It's probably nice to get dolled up every once in a while.

    And Truman just looks like such a happy man! I love the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, like in the picture of his nubbin teeth.

    I obviously can't comment on sleep issues but just wanted to tell you to hang in there. I can't imagine working as hard as you do and still getting up so much at night. I hope you get some more solid sleep soon.

    Congrats to Keri on her wedding! Beautiful bride and she has come so far. What a day of celebration it must have been.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of Truman in his cold-weather gear! Bundled up babies are so cute!

  11. Truman is SO stinking cute and Keri made a gorgeous bride!

  12. You totally topped yourself with this post. Amazing Truman photos, beautiful family pictures, gag worthy cute outfit for Truman that your Mom made [are you kidding? So cute!], bridesmaid dresses with pockets and also a race thrown in. You are crazy cool! Miss your face around here, but this post made up for it. :)

    I hope that you can figure out what works for Truman's sleeping, because you need some too lady!

  13. And I didn't proofread my last comment whatsoever, so I'm now concerned that gag inducing doesn't come across as nicely as I meant. I really do mean it's disgustingly cute!

  14. Happy 7 months Truman!!! You are getting so big!

    And yay for Keri's wedding! I'm so happy for her.

  15. Sorry, I am a faithful reader who has never commented but just had to add my two cents this time. Why does everyone have to have an opinion about YOUR childs sleep habits? This is your family. Do what feels right, who cares if he sleeps with you. The bottom line is that mommy needs her sleep too! We are co-sleepers and wouldn't change it and our kids are a lot older than Truman! Enjoy your sweet little man, he is adorable!

  16. I've been meaning to ask you this for awhile -- where did you get the brown baby bag you use? It looks like it has tons of pockets and space, and I'd love to look for one as a shower gift. Do you have any idea where I could find one?

  17. ha, Vet School--that is my breastpump bag! I love it and use it on trips a lot. I do believe you can buy just the bag but it comes with a mini-cooler and a changing pad, too. Mine is in brown, way better than the black.


  18. Thanks for the link! That's a very reasonable price.

  19. Hi! Commenting on this post for the second time like a big dork. It's so much fun to read it again now that my little guy is almost 7 months old (how in the heck did that happen!?) :)


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