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I love taking pictures to document our lives, and obviously my favorite subject is Truman-the-one-and-only. I have a 'nice' camera but it's nowhere near a professional level. And photography has always been a fun little hobby for me, nothing more. Then when my friend Erin asked if I would snap a few pictures of their little family for Christmas cards, I got kind of excited. I mean, both Erin and I usually have our go-to-photographer Andrea to take our fabulous pictures each year but alas, she's busy snuggling baby G this year. :) I told Erin I'd do it but warned her I would be much slower, much less professional, and my pictures would be a lot worse than Andrea's and Erin patiently said she didn't mind at all. And so it was on! My first 'photoshoot' for a little family. And man, I did not expect to love it this much! It sure doesn't hurt to have one of the most adorable, photogenic families ever in front of my lens in addition to a glorious day for light. I just have to share because I'm loving so many of these images. And the pictures are sort of slow to load on this post because there are so many---but be patient (it annoys me, too, don't worry).









Then there are the pictures of 'just Henry'---the lively, precious 2 year old who is absolutely hilarious in person, and one of Truman's best buddies at daycare. Can you get over this grin?




And then we did a few maternity shots for Erin, who is due with baby #2 in February. Erin is one of 'my kind' who adores being pregnant and it obviously shows in these pictures. Talk about glowing!

(in love with the light here, the brightly lit wheat-grass stuff is so much fun and I love that the boys are randomly in the background)

(25 weeks and the perfect bump!)

(foreshadowing for baby boy's name...)



After our little 20 minute shoot, Nate and Truman met us all for brunch. And I cannot get over how painfully cute our boys can be when they hug like this! I die.




So yeah, a great morning was had by all. I got home and immediately jumped into editing the pictures because I felt like we'd gotten some really awesome shots. And now I can understand how the 'real' photographers of the world feel when they have a great shoot---it could be addicting for sure! But as I told Erin, I really don't anticipate doing this for real in the future. I guess I won't rule it out completely but I enjoy photography so much that I wouldn't want it to turn into a hassle, or take the fun out of it. So for now, I can just keep looking at these fun pictures of this sweet family and smile.

And now I guess I should think about my own family's Christmas card pictures...might need to get creative with a tripod this year...


  1. Just for you, my dear Julia, will I recreate this comment. And let this be a lesson to me to always copy/paste long comments just in case blogger sucks!

    Anyway, you did SUCH an awesome job with these! I totally pinned it to remember for my own family/maternity shoot. I love also that Erin's belly is approximately the same size as mine at 25 weeks :)

    Henry's eyelashes - seriously to die for. Why is it always the boys that get those??? The hugging pics are too much. I LOVE seeing Annie hug other tots - so cute!

  2. Julia! You did such a great job! I love the one of him running on the train tracks. Great job for your first official session. Keep it up! On a sidenote, I think Truman is definitely starting to look more like you!

  3. As always, cute fam!!! My faves are the first one and the family shot in front of the red wall. I'm sure Erin will be thrilled!

    And I think I know where these were taken. I've shot there before ;) Was it in front of that little red shop by Erin's work? Love that place!

    I can't let you use that silly tripod for your Christmas card photos. As long as you don't need a long family session I'd be happy to be available for your card pics :)

    [Oh - one more thing. I saw these photos on flickr this morning and I'm dying to know how you edited 50+ photos in PS so quickly?!?!?!?!]

  4. I love them so, so much Julia and I can't thank you enough for doing them for us.

    I think you're being WAY too humble in this post, of course ... you were SO great at giving ideas and direction, for making Henry cooperate, and for taking the pics quickly before he ran away again! You definitely could do this professionally and it's nice that you can have that always in the back of your mind as an option! I do understand what you mean about that possibly taking some of the fun out of it for you, though.

    Anyway, thank you for the millionth time, and I'm glad you wanted to show off your lovely work on your blog. ;) You rock!

  5. Great shots Julia! What an adorable family!!

  6. I would have been totally happy getting this session from any of my pro friends! They're great--the first one is my absolute fave!

  7. Ditto on the too much humility! Great job Julia! Sure they're gorgeous as a family, but you out did yourself in capturing them! :)

  8. These are great! You did a fantastic job and I wouldn't say a single bad thing about them. Oh and you're right... what a sweet family. Not to mention the love that those boys have for one another. Too sweet!

  9. You did a great job! And the pics of the two boys hugging are so freaking adorable.


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