All Grown Up!

This morning we took Truman to get his very first haircut. Yes, at nearly 23 months old. He is slightly 'delayed' in hair growth, I guess, but we didn't mind waiting this long to start forking over money for a lifetime of haircuts. Thanks for saving us a little moolah, Truman!

I'm not sure I have adequately displayed how horrible/amazing his baby hair style really was as of late. There have been a few mornings when his incredibly fine, thin, stringy hair was just pitiful and I knew it was time to finally schedule this appointment. Little man sure boasts some fine hair, huh?




Well today we decided to go for the 'first time haircut experience' at a little kids salon. Sure, it is a little pricey and silly but for the first big cut I knew it would be worth it. A fun car-chair, lollipops, your choice of cartoons (Chuggington, duh!), and then we got a little certificate with his picture on it and a little bit of his hair in a baggie. Worth it to this documenting mama!

We talked up this haircut to Truman so he would be excited, and he was. Until she sprayed his hair with water. Then he surprised us and started to cry and say, 'DOWN!' while reaching for me. Uh-oh. Can't handle this face.



So mama had to stand right by his little car and let the big man rest his head on my belly. While double-fisting two suckers. And staring at Chuggington. He ate the entire top of the sucker off the stick, just biting right through it. I think he was a little nervous:)



But then when it was time to switch sides of his head, Truman was totally fine and 'in the zone'. So I could get a few more pictures of my big boy.





And Ta-Da!!!


Sigh. My boy is all grown up. Just in time to be a big brother which will surely make him seem even older. But we have to admit, he looks pretty darn handsome, doesn't he? When the lady pulled out the styling product I saw Nate's eyes twinkle a bit, reminiscing back to his own glory days when he could style his luscious locks with the best styling pomade out there. I think it's time to pass the torch to our son, my dear husband.

And also? Today is our home inspection!! Fingers crossed, prayers, thoughts that there are no major deal breakers! A three hour inspection while Truman is at home with his grandparents = plenty of time for me to take pictures, measure rooms, and imagine furniture layouts. Whoo hoo!


  1. Super cute - love his new 'do. And his sad face is too much!

  2. Yay for pics of the new place- and Truman does look so handsome and grownup!

  3. Love it!! Some of his faces even look like Annie's from last weekend :)

  4. awww, poor guy. I love that photo where he looks scared but isn't crying yet!

    Side note: Brigham hated getting his hair cut so much that he moved around too much and the hairdresser cut her finger really bad. Oops!

  5. I already saw on Facebook the news about the inspection-can't wait to read more details!

    These pictures are so sad and so cute at the same time. What a sweet little man to just want to put his hand on your belly. That picture of him tearing up with the frowny face is too much!

  6. Those bed head pictures are too adorable! I left my little guy this morning wearing the exact same PJs! Glad Truman made it through his first haircut. He's so handsome. And good luck with the house! Keep us posted.


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