20 weeks: Banana-rama

Twenty weeks: 1.11.12



Size of baby: a banana according to Baby Center or a cantaloupe according to The Bump. I simply cannot imagine baby is as big as a melon just yet, since Baby Center doesn't claim that one until week 34, so I'm sticking to one of my (and Truman's) most favorite fruits this week and will probably choose most Baby Center fruits from here on out. They are just more fun than The Bump, as much as it hurts to admit that one.

Cravings: This week I was totally digging diet soda. Which is funny because I never drink it anymore, maybe once a week at the most? But I just HAD to buy a diet A&W Root Beer two liter at the grocery store this week and seriously have to restrain myself from chugging the entire bottle in one sitting. Something about that bubbly, sweet, coldness that I can't get over. I realize this is not very healthy, blah blah blah, but cut me some slack here. I gave up my heavy addiction to coffee. A diet soda every now and then (and root beer doesn't even have caffeine, people!) will not kill me.

What I love: being half baked! Being at the magical 20 week mark, which means ANATOMY SCAN baby! Freaking 5 months pregnant = no joke anymore. loveitall.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Our big scan is tomorrow, Thursday 1/12/12, you guys. Cannot handle the anticipation that baby will be visible on a screen for us to view for a whole hour. Obviously, praying that baby measures right on track, appears totally healthy, and then finally, that he/she spreads 'em wide just like Truman did for us, so there are no questions about private parts. And then waiting 48 hours for the Big Reveal on Saturday. Can barely handle all of this right now, seriously.

Worries: That something might be flagged in the scan. Looking forward to getting the official call from my OBs office after the scan is complete to discuss the results. But we do happen to have a fabulous ultrasound tech because I requested him, and he's the same dude that did our big US for Truman's 20 week scan and also he is who I saw right before my D&C. Remember how I was going to a different OB during my miscarriage and it was handled in the worst way possible and I wound up in the ER with words like 'hysterectomy' floating around me? Yeah, that sucked. And this US tech was so sweet when my current OB (my saving grace) wanted to make sure that my uterus was not, in fact, on the verge of exploding from a random blood vessel like the other OB had said. He made me feel very confident with my choice to return to this OB and even said, 'hope to see you back here soon under different circumstances.' So basically, 'hope you get knocked up again with a healthy baby and then we can do a FUN scan, instead of such a horribly sad one.' Well, I'm here, buddy!!

What is different this time around: Ugh, why was I such a typical first-time-mom-overachiever last time? I had painted the nursery, purchased a crib and a changing table, and obviously this time around I'm nowhere near that prepared. Also, I was just starting to feel 'fat' and bought some maternity clothes. My bump was freaking puny last time and I thought it was big. HA. Oh, to be young again:) I have had those first 'I feel pretty chunky' thoughts this week, because clothes just aren't fitting me like they used to, and I'm definitely in between sizes of jeans now. But I have to remind myself that no matter how frumpy and awkward I feel, I'm going to be exponentially more uncomfortable in the coming months so I might as well get used to it. Nothing a big old cardigan and some leggings can't fix, anyway. :)

Symptoms: A few headaches this past week, which are never fun. But don't worry, my beloved diet soda seems to help a bit.

Sleep: No issues just yet. Passing out so hard that I wake up in a puddle of drool most mornings. Very sexy, no?

Movement: Lots, daily, and Nate and I have been having a lot of fun watching my belly bounce around and also feeling it from the outside. Did I ever mention that I love feeling a growing baby move around inside me? Totally indescribable.

The belly: Big. Fitting into maternity tops that were too big just 3 weeks ago. And multiple patients of mine have noticed at this point. Like, woah.

Boy or Girl: Honestly, no real intuition anymore. Too anxious to find out on Saturday to place any bets. But you are welcome to predict the future sex of our baby if you so choose! I am guessing I'll have pictures to show along with the big announcement maybe on Monday morning-ish, so hang tight!

Milestones: The babe is 10.5 ounces, 6.5 inches, and can now be measured from head to toe instead of just to the butt. He's swallowing, producing poop (!!), and continues to grow up a storm every day. Inching our way towards viability day, dude!

Best moment of the week: I was getting dressed one morning and Truman ran up to my belly, said 'BABY!', and then started hugging my legs as hard as he could. I sat down to get closer to his level and asked if he loves this baby, and he told me 'yeah!' and then gave my tummy a kiss. I kid you not, I almost melted and had to fight back tears. I just love picturing Truman as a big brother and I pray that having a newborn won't rock his little world too much, and that I'll be able to show both children enough love. But until I really have to worry about expanding my heart for another child, I feel so incredibly blessed to have my caring first born. Just can't believe I get to have another one of these little amazing creatures.

And the second best moment of the week? At 19w6d (Tuesday night), we made an offer on our first house. Fingers crossed it's the house for us, but WOW what a big week for our little family. So excited, many more house posts to come once we know if it's actually ours or not. And don't worry, Truman came with us to write the offer and pooped a nasty turd about 10 minutes into the meeting with our realtor. Even he noticed the stench. Fabulous.


  1. Can this week get any more exciting?! Anatomy scan. House offer. So. Much. Fun!

    Even though I've been through the whole second pregnancy thing, I'm pretty shocked at how different your bump looks this time around! And oh my goodness, the word fumpy doesn't even begin to describe you, my dear. You look look happy and beautiful and perfect.

    Diet Root Beer...yeeeee-um. In an ice cold mug too...mmmmm. I say ENJOY!

  2. SOO excited for you!!!! I can't wait to hear about your reveal! I don't think I could be that strong and NOT open the envelope for 48 hours ;-)

    We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and the entire pregnancy my husband and I were sure we didn't want to find out. Yeah, when the ultrasound technician had to lay me down and asked me if we wanted to know the sex of the baby it took me about 0.0001 seconds to say yes ;-) I have NO willpower ;-).

    And Congratulations on making an offer on a house. This is HUGE as well!

    Thinking of you tomorrow and praying for a healthy baby :-)

  3. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing GIRL. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to read all about the gender reveal!!

  4. Can't wait for you to find out the gender, and praying that all is healthy and whole with him/her!!!!

    Congrats on making an offer on the house- hope you guys get it!

  5. Happy 20 weeks, lady, you look fabulous!! Love this week and can't wait to find out who's in there!!!! :)

  6. You look great! I can't wait to find out what you're having, I remember the anticipation of finding out the gender is one of the best parts of pregnancy. I'm guessing another little boy :)

  7. Happy halfway mark!!! So exciting - I can't wait to hear more about all of it - the ultrasound, the sex of the baby (I'm hoping for girl for you although I know you don't care at all :) and the house! And that post BETTER be up ON Monday at 8am ;)

  8. Congratulations on making an offer on a house! That's so exciting!

    I think you're having another little boy.

    We didn't find out with #1 and we aren't finding out with this one. However, the chance to have a gender reveal party makes me want to change my mind.

    Have fun this weekend!

  9. Every week, I just LOVE your fruit pictures! And the inclusion of your son. You're looking fantastic!

  10. How exciting! So much going on for you. We'll be praying for your anatomy scan tomorrow that all goes well. And for your house offer, how exciting! I remember purchasing our home, so many signature's, yet still so exciting! ;)

    I'm putting my guess in for a GIRL! :) You look great lady.

  11. YAY for halfway! Love this update. I can't wait to find out what you're having...a little best friend bro for Truman...or a girl to lavish fun pink frilly things on...either way SO fun! Congrats on the house offer...very exciting...Truman's "thoughts" on the process made me LOL :)

  12. Oh man... I get that 1st time over-achiever thing. On my list of things to do this week is buy #2 a baby book. I bought our 1st the day after we found saw the heartbeat at the US... I am 15 weeks and haven't done a thing.

    You are so busy right now - with such awesome things! How exciting!

  13. Eeeeeek! I'm so excited for you guys. Can't wait to hear the gender!!!

    And that is so cute about Truman. Gosh, it's bringing back the best memories of Landon kissing my belly. I know he barely understood what was going on. But it was still so sweet and one of my favorite memories from when I was pregnant with Brigs.

  14. Can't wait to hear about the big reveal! And good luck with the house, my fingers are crossed for you!

  15. I am on the edge of my seat here, can't wait for the announcement! Good luck on the new house, crossing my fingers for you! :)

  16. Just found your blog and I'm SO glad I did! I'm 18weeks along with #2 as well :)


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