22 weeks: spaghetti squashed

Twenty-two weeks: 1.25.12




Photo thoughts: Um, I totally broke one of my belly pic rules. I let the Wisconsin weather win this week all together and had Nate take the pictures inside. I know, I know, I HATE breaking the 'rules' but man--it's cold outside. And I figured since we do have two 'good light' spots in our house, might as well use one of them this time. Plus, Truman is in a big boy bed as of about 2 days ago and I'm feeling very sentimental about his nursery turned toddler room. What better place than in my favorite room in our house for this weeks shoot, with his new bedding and big bed in the background! Cue the waterworks thinking about us moving from this house where Truman has spent his entire life and I spent a majority of my pregnancy decorating his nursery. It's going to be bittersweet to move, for sure.

Size of baby: a spaghetti squash from BC and a papaya from TB. I wanted to make a spaghetti squash for part of a dinner this week anyway. Score one for a belly pic fruit that can work into the meal planning!

Cravings: Diet soda, big time. I went from indulging once or twice per week to buying myself a twelve pack of Diet Dr. Pepper cans. Not good. This means my biggest vice is having a diet caffeinated soda almost daily now. GASP! But since I'm still not hitting the hard stuff for coffee, maybe I am not creating an addicted baby just yet, right? The diet soda tastes SO good you guys.

Also, last week I had my first extremely ravenous moment. Friday night after work I was starving and exhausted from driving in the snow storm while it was a high of 9 degrees all day. I wanted a pizza so bad I could freaking smell it on my way home. And it HAD to be Papa John's even though I think it's been at least 4 years since we even ordered a PJ's pizza for delivery. I ordered it online after I informed Nate that this is what we would be eating because I was practically eating off my own arm just thinking about it. And then waiting an hour for the 'za to arrive was almost scary because I was SO hungry, dreaming about that darn pizza that I was almost in a stupor. When it arrived, I could have easily housed the entire pizza pie but I let my husband and son have a few morsels instead. Man, that was good.

What I love: The growing belly and this 'honeymoon' stage of pregnancy when I have a ton of energy and don't feel quite like a house just yet.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Decorating a nursery in our new house, picking a name, and just to be pretty obvious---meeting our baby girl in May. It's seeming more and more real each day!

Worries: I have been pretty level-headed lately, if I do say so myself. I did have to use the doppler a few days last week though, mostly because if I go a few hours without feeling baby girl kick me I get nervous. I still say that doppler was the best purchase ever---nothing more calming than hearing that galloping heart rate.

What is different this time around: Last time at 22 weeks we had officially decided on a name, I had decided that my tiny belly had 'popped', and I wasn't sleeping the best after getting up to pee in the middle of the night. Well, this time we have officially come up with a top four for names, my belly popped months ago, and I am sleeping just fine. Not even getting up to pee in the middle of the night---usually just at 5 am or whenever Truman wakes for the day. Hmmm, very different this time around I guess. Maybe I need to be drinking more water.

Symptoms: That same night I was ready to pounce on our pizza delivery man, I had my first-ever experience of round ligament pain (I think). It was super sharp, only on my left, and only if I stood up really straight or moved too fast. Pretty horrible to walk around with a hunched back, just to avoid the dagger in my uterus. Did not like that. Also, I am incredibly congested at night now. Whenever I lay down my nose immediately plugs up and I have to breathe in and out through my mouth. Hence, the extreme dry mouth and nastiness that ensues in the morning. Even when I lay down with Truman to read books, I almost feel out of breath because I have to breathe through my mouth. Very odd pregnancy symptoms this week.

Sleep: Really great, actually. Besides the clogged nose and horrid mouth breathing.

Movement: Lots. Love it. I feel like she kicks pretty low 80% of the time which makes me wonder if she is breech right now. Not that it matters this early in the game, but still. I have had some bladder and cervix kicks already which are always a treat.

The belly: Definitely can't suck it in anymore. Belly button looks weird and I think I definitely look pregnant, even to the public eye. Still much larger than my 22 week shot from last time.

Boy or Girl: A healthy baby GIRL!!!!

Milestones: Girlie is 11 inches long and 1 pound. Tiny tooth buds are forming, along with lanugo and the pancreas. Apparently her eyes have formed but the irises are still not pigmented. Sort of creepy when you think about it.

Best moment of the week: a fabulous home inspection on Saturday, which means the house is even closer to being 'ours'. Which means I got to measure out the nursery (and every other room) and get serious about planning a for some fun girlie colors. I have a feeling that in the midst of this home buying process, the move, the decorating/renovating, that the remainder of this pregnancy might go a little too fast for my liking. So I'm trying to savor it and not get too ahead of myself with a big To-Do list. Such a fun time in our lives and I want to enjoy it instead of being stressed about all of the details (ie money matters, mostly).


  1. I know this will surprise you, but I had a doppler too. It was so awesome and reassuring. Your little belly looks so cute too! We definitely need to move before I get pregnant. Thinking about doing it while pregnant makes me feel crazy. The stress, hormones, and nostalgia...oye. Mike would divorce me for sure :) I'm so excited for your little family!

  2. Lady, you have the most adorable belly, eva. So jealous over here since I never really felt like I had the perfectly round baby bump.

    Yay for spaghetti squash. Tell me you loved it :)

    Papa Johns sounds soooooo good right now. So good...

  3. Def sounds like Round Ligament Pain -- it's like a cramp in your foot that you can't stretch out. BLAH!

    I'm jealous of your energy -- I never had it this last time. I blame the soul sucking energy of the little boy. Maybe he was just getting me ready to deal with two boys. :)

    I'm excited for your house too -- all the planning. I can just enjoy the process through you instead of freaking out the hubs. haha

  4. The photos are cute and colorful! I see dino sheets in the background. That will be Brig's room theme with tons of fun colors!

    I am so excited for an inside tour of your new home. I am a big fan of older homes. It looks like the homes from our old neighborhood!

  5. Yay for squash week :-)

    You look amazing and the pictures are great as usual!!!

    And this probably sounds strange but I am SO glad you are drinking Dr. Pepper right now as well. I am craving this stuff these days. Actually, I've been craving it ever since I found out I'm pregnant but this past weekend gave in and bought a 12 pack as well. I told myself I'd drink one, maybe 2 but no more than that per week. Well, that was on Sunday. And now on Wednesday there are already 4 cans missing ;-) I worry about everything during pregnancy but I just had to give in on this craving and it feels SO GOOD!!! :-)
    Maybe I should at least switch to diet so I'm not getting baby addicted to sugar ;-) I do love it though how active he is after I had one can *lol*

    Congratulations on the house inspection. One step closer and I can't wait to see your pictures!

  6. You rock those indoor pics :) It's too cold for extended photo shoots outdoors, that's for sure!

    I think it is wise to get those babies used to caffeine ASAP - I mean really, are you going to go without for the entire time you're nursing, AND with a toddler to boot? Let's be real here ;)

  7. Love the indoor shot and your comment about moving Truman to a big boy bed almost made me tear up... I clearly remember those days.

    I had a cup of coffee AND a diet coke every day with both of my boys. They are totally normal and do not ask for coffee with their cereal in the mornings. ;)

    You look great!

  8. I love Truman's room! I think it's perfect for your bump pictures.

    Also, I will so be that parent who will never let Lizzy paint her room. If we ever move, I will CRY.

  9. Congratulations on how well everything is going this time around, and how fun to have one of each (meaning a boy and a girl). I'm sure you're loving planning a precious, creative and personalized nursery for this baby as well - can't wait to see what you come up with! And pizza ALWAYS sounds good (and I'm not pregnant right now).

  10. Can I ask where Truman's toddler bed is from? (Or maybe that's a future post...?)

  11. A---T's big boy bed is actually Nate's old bed from when he was growing up! It's part of a bunk bed set and we used that side rail from the top bunk to make it more 'toddler friendly'. Nothing like a free bed found in my in-laws attic! :) Wish it were white, but I will live...


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