38 weeks: A Watermelon

Thirty-Eight Weeks: 5.16.12




Photo Thoughts: Some weeks I like these pictures and other weeks I really dislike them. This week, I like. Love the colors, love that I'm holding such a giant fruit, and that Truman is at least in the background.

Size of baby: Because I had an ultrasound on Monday, I know this baby is estimated at 7lbs 10oz (more later). But as for the food comparisons, either a leek according to BC or a pumpkin according to TB. So I went with a watermelon, naturally.

Appointment updates: New category! Since my appointments are usually the highlight of my week and have been semi-eventful lately, might as well give me a section to unload here on the old bloggie. My BP is good, weight gain fine, but instead of measuring 'perfectly' for my fundal height measurement like baby has always done every single week, this time she only measured 35.5 weeks although I was 37 weeks. Which is really weird because at 36 weeks she was 36 cm (ie perfect). So my OB said she is either super low (which we don't know for sure because I declined the internal exam), was just curled up really funny (definitely a possibility because I glanced down and saw the whole right side of my stomach hardened up like her butt was sticking out at us), or my fluids could be low. She also mentioned that maybe baby girl is actually small but then said she wasn't actually worried about any of this because she's always measured just fine and I'm still feeling a lot of movement. Just to be extra cautious, she ordered a growth ultrasound for Monday.

I was really nervous even though my OB did not seem concerned about this small measurement at all. But the ultrasound could not have gone better. First, I got to have the awesome US tech that I love, who has now given me four ultrasounds: Truman's big 20 week anatomy scan, my ultrasound before my D&C when I switched back to this practice, this baby's big 20 week anatomy scan, and now this growth ultrasound. He is really good at talking and explaining things so you don't feel totally out of the loop and nervous. And guess what? Baby girl is anything but small. She measured in the 70th percentile again, exactly like her anatomy scan at 20 weeks. And another weird similarity? She is estimated to be 7lbs 10oz right now, which is the exact weight Truman was at birth at 38 weeks! There is a discrepancy between what I think is my due date (May 29) and what my OB says (June 1), mostly because I think her old school paper wheel is just off and I prefer to go with the internet calculators I used after charting, so they had me down as 37w3d at my ultrasound (when I called myself 37w5d). Either way, baby girl is definitely healthy and will most likely be bigger than her brother. Eek! Her legs measured incredibly long, like 40w3d long, and her head was also big at 40w0d. But he said that she is so ridiculously low (yay!) that it was hard to get an accurate head measurement. Her arms and abdomen measurements were right on or a little smaller at 36-37 weeks and my fluid levels were a 'great' 14 when they like anything over 8. Whew. Also, no boy parts were visualized, my placenta was nice and high and healthy, and her heart rate was a 'fantastic' 133. Compared to the last time I saw her at 20 weeks, she just looked huge and adorable and REAL.

So overall, this week's appointment taught me a much-needed lesson: when anxiety and worries start creeping into my head I HAVE to learn to relax, pray, and let it go. It reminded me a lot of my first trimester when I was so scared that I'd lose this baby and all I could do to get through was pray and trust in God. Why have I not made that a priority even when things are good? It's so easy to doubt and worry and try to control everything but I really need to stop with that nonsense. Because baby girl just looked so precious on the ultrasound with her giant body, practice sucking some amniotic fluid, and putting her big hands up to her face.  So glad the ultrasound went well and the next time I 'see' her will be on the outside!

Cravings/Diet: Still getting overly full after eating small-ish meals and I'm getting to the point where nothing even sounds good in the evenings.

What I love: This belly and the exciting anticipation that comes along with being at the end of pregnancy. I never really got to experience this last time and have found it's sort of a mixed bag of emotions. Part of me knows I need to savor these last days of pregnancy and our time as a family of three but another part of me just wants to meet her RIGHT NOW and it's hard to remain patient. I really do hope she comes early but I know that is sort of greedy and silly to 'plan' at this point. It might be a long two-ish weeks up in here.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Besides having her come out to meet us, which is basically consuming my mind right now, I'm really looking forward to running again. And having a beer on hot summer nights. And being thin again. I do love being pregnant and wouldn't trade it for the world but man, this body is just getting too foreign to me.

Worries: See above about measuring smaller suddenly last week. Plus I was a naughty girl and allowed myself to read a few birth stories online that included scary but rare complications which totally freaked me out.

What is different this time around: Well I'm 38 weeks and still pregnant, which means this is the most pregnant I've ever been! No more weekly posts to link from Truman's pregnancy. Wow. Just wow.

Let's compare bellies!
See what I mean about being so low this time?  My upper belly is just a lot flatter compared to last time, but maybe not truly 'bigger'.

Symptoms: A lot this week! First, I think I've really dropped now because I am getting cervical 'zingers' down there that take my breath away. And I can actually sit in one position without feeling like she is in my lungs so I am sure she dropped a little lower this week. I also started getting weird ovary pains that are super sharp and intense and I even caught myself semi-waddling over the past few days. Tons of BH contractions all throughout the day that are always worse in the evenings and have become uncomfortable to the point where I'm usually asking myself, 'Could this be the start of something real?' I've been crampy and gassy and generally uncomfortable every evening but each morning finds me feeling refreshed and very obviously not in labor. Ugh. So weird! 

Sleep: Not as great lately. I've been taking naps during the day again even though I don't feel horribly tired. Then that makes me stay up too late at night and I can't get comfortable when I do come to bed. So I feel like death in the mornings. Great stuff. I know this is nothing compared to what sleep will be like with a newborn and that freaks me out, of course. 

Movement: Yes, she is still moving like crazy in there but now it's more like a gentle foot jab instead of an aggressive knee to the lung. I've also felt more punches down low instead of just having high kicks. I swear, some times of the day she is like Renesmee Cullen trying to claw her way out of my loins and other times she is just a peaceful little angel baby in there. 

The belly: Undeniable and maybe the biggest it's ever been. No stretch marks, an outie belly button, and some of my maternity shirts are getting too short to cover this beast. Love it.

Milestones: Even though 37 weeks is 'full term', I feel like 38 weeks is an even better milestone to hit because lung development has gotten even better in the past week. After today I will be entering new territory with pregnancy which is totally exciting and maddening at the same time. I still can't say with certainty that I've reached the 'Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done' phase but I'm getting awfully close. I guess I just didn't expect to make it this far without my BP acting up and so now that I'm here, it's very hard to accept that I might be pregnant for a few more weeks.

Amusing comments from the general public: 'I looked like you when I was 5 months pregnant', and 'you are still so small, is this your first child?' Yeah, the 'small' comments came back this week in full force. I wonder if I will ever get a 'you look like you are about to pop' comment? Because I sure do feel like that!

Best moment of the week: Besides the ultrasound where I could see our little girl, my pre-natal massage on Saturday was a-freaking-mazing. And for my nesting instinct, it was highly therapeutic to finish Truman's second year album and I also got caught up on my pregnancy album, too. LOVE crossing those two things off my ongoing to-do list. Mothers Day was also a highlight because it was a fun day spent with my family at the zoo, reflecting on the little boy who made me a momma. I can honestly say that my title of 'Mom' is one of the proudest ones I claim. I can't believe I get to be a mom to two kids. So blessed.


family of three, for now!

Daddy's ears = handles!


Zoo day for mothers day

Hilarious Mothers Day card:

Me and my guy:
Mothers day

A random Instagram shot one afternoon, when I realized I had probably dropped:


  1. Oooooh, this is all so exciting! I'm glad you did the watermelon for your pic, just in case this is the last one! Here's hoping she decides to show her face very soon! I wouldn't wish being overdue on anyone...

  2. Love the belly comparison. Not only are you carrying lower, but I think you are carrying more in front this time too, giving you more of that perfect round belly. Very cute! And the belly button is too funny. Did it pop out with Truman too?

    I cat believe how close you are. I'm SO excited for you. I know it's not the same, but having Casey makes me so excited for our baby to arrive. It's really cool to see Isaac be a big "brother" to her and I've thought of you guys several times and how much you'll enjoy that aspect of it.

    And the end does suck. I was never done being pregnant, I was just ready to meet Isaac. It definitely made for a long and agonizing last week with some killer mood swings.

    Also sleep: when Casey came, the first few days were tough because I was used to sleeping all night, but I was shocked at how quickly I adjusted to two or three wake ups each night. My body just remembered how to adjust, I guess. So don't be too scared - it's been quite a bit easier than I expected!

    I can't wait to see this girl's face, learn her name, and see her room!!

  3. Yay she'll be here soooon! You wear pregnancy well. You do look smaller than most at 38 weeks but that's just because you're tall, you're lucky! I was so big at the end it was comical but I'm also 5 feet tall. They kept estimating my son would be over 8 pounds and he was only 7lbs12oz.

  4. Kristal~my belly button is out of control this time compared to last, no way did it pop like this before! And that is a good way to put it about being at the end of pregnancy: it's not that I'm 'done' being pregnant because I do love it, but I am just so ready to meet baby girl! The nursery post is drafted and ready to go as soon as she is born, don't worry! :)

  5. Congrats on the end being in sight! You are so close! I had Ethan at 38w5d...EEK! You really do look amazing. I was just looking at my 38 week pictures (I'm going to post some in a few days and I looked insanely bigger than you.) You are definitely carrying lower...do you think baby girl dropped a bit? So excited for you! ALmost there...

  6. Happy 38 weeks, beautiful! Cannot wait to meet that baby girl!!

    Your belly is so cute - definitely more pointy and sticking out this time. And the belly button is funny - I'd take that over the stretch marks any day, lucky!

    Fingers crossed that that little lady decides she wants to show up sooner rather than later. ;)

  7. Last few weeks! Or maybe less! That was one of the hardest thing for me the last few weeks, wondering if every BH was labor, if it would be soon, etc. So much anticipation!

  8. I can't believe you are already 38 weeks! You look amazing! I think your belly looks lower too but it the perfect shape!!

  9. You look great! can't wait to "meet" this little lady :-) Have you shared your instagram name? i'd love to follow!

  10. You look gorgeous. Random compliment: I love your hair. So cute!

    You've definitely dropped, which is a good sign. I loved the second time around when I promised to just wait and let Brigs come whenever he was ready. But it was so frustrating as well because I didn't know what real labor pains would feel like and I wondered if I would give birth on the toilet or something because I waited too long to go to the hospital, lol.

    But trust me when I tell you the difference between BH and real contractions is undeniable. I hope that helps :)

    Good luck, mama. Soon, very soon.

  11. Love this all Julia. I can't believe you are almost at the end! I also can't believe how differently you're carrying--and it's super interesting to me that you're carrying lower with a girl, since you always hear the opposite with old wive's tales!

  12. You look gorgeous, Julia, and I am so happy for you!!! Also, since we have similar body types, to me you actually do kind of look like you're about to pop ;). Not sure if you actually *wanted* to hear that or not -- I hope so, haha! I can't WAIT to hear about baby girl's big arrival!

  13. I'm an avid reader - although I'm pretty certain that I've never commented :) I took a Blogger hiatus this late summer/early fall, post loss. I was SO beyond excited to read such wonderful news for you & your family! I've tried to catch up on things with Wren & baby numero tres - so happy for you :)

  14. NO BOY PARTS!!! HAHAHA! Scarred for life! :)

  15. Oh my god you are SO close! That means I'm getting closer too, eek!

    Will your next post be your birth story, or Nate saying you are in labor?! I'm SO excited it's ridiculous!!!!

    House looks great, so happy you got all of the big stuff done before baby. You look beautiful and so happy, I can't wait to see your little girl.

    Keep us posted!!!!!

  16. EEEK, you are so close to meeting your baby girl. And a leek for comparison? Come on! I know they are talking about length, but that is just not fair when you are clearly carrying around a watermelon. Ah, that lightning crotch seems like it was happening just yesterday. Good luck, Julia! I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby!

  17. You're so close! And still look unbelievable! Adorable family pics.

  18. You're almost there and looking great as ever! I love reading your posts since you're only a couple weeks ahead of me -- gets me prepared for what I have in store for me the weeks ahead.

    And as for your measurement scare, I experienced the same thing that you did. At my 29 week appointment, I was measuring at 25 cm. It was terrifying. I had no idea what was going on - I feared that maybe I had IUGR or that my baby had some type of chromosomal or genetic issue. The hour I had to wait between my appointment and the US was the longest hour of my life! They got me in for an ultrasound right away and thankfully baby was measuring right along at 29 weeks (a little bit ahead, actually). They couldn't explain why the measurements were off - maybe the way baby was positioned? Maybe because I'm a little bit thinner to start with (which doesn't really make sense since I never measured off with my son)? Maybe because I have a longer torso (which also doesn't make sense for the very same reasons as above)? Anyways, at my subsequent appointments I've been catching up, but still a little behind. At 32 weeks I was 29 cm, at 34 weeks I was 32 cm, and at 36 weeks I was 35 cm. So, looks like there was no need for concern, but it's still scary as heck, isn't it?!?

    Anywho, so very excited to see your next post! Who knows? Maybe she'll be here by then and we'll get to see some adorable pictures and find out the name :) Stay comfortable these last couple of weeks...


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