CC's second (going on third) week

Random things I've learned about life, myself, and my daughter in the past 2 weeks....bullet points necessary:

-Cecelia loves to be held and loves to walk around. Sort of hates sleeping when not in someone's arms. Also hates her car seat for anything longer than 10 minutes. Can't blame the girl when she just looks so tiny in that seat right now!

-Her hair is awesome/amazing still. BUT it gets really greasy and weird after 3 days without a bath, so we've been giving her a little spa treatment to fluff up that head of hair every few days. Works like a charm. And as you will see in the pictures below, it's sorta kinda red. I will die if I have a red headed daughter----cannot handle the cuteness!

-She has a clogged tear duct, just like her big brother used to get. Crusty eye plus greasy hair equals even more baths. Still adorable despite the crustiness, though.

-Her cord broke off on day 14. Yes, broke off. The longer stump part is gone but the little black part is still inside her belly button. Very odd, but I pulled a 'first time mom' move and called the Pediatrician about this and apparently it's normal and will eventually fall out all the way. Weird. Let's remember that Truman's cord stayed put for a record FOUR WEEKS. Hoping his sister doesn't follow in his footsteps.

-Another interesting fact: the same night her cord broke off, she reached up and grabbed a handful of her own hair and proceeded to pull the heck out of it. She freaked out and looked at me like I was to blame, and she would NOT let go of her mane. I had to get Nate to physically unwind her tiny fingers from her hair. Silly girl. If her hair does fall out I will partially blame Cecelia. I still pray it stays put but realize it might very well fall out soon. Which is why I'm taking lots of pictures of the spiky treasure we have before us right now.

-My mom left on Saturday, day 12. I sobbed the ugly cry and seriously can't explain how amazing it was to have her here with us. She made the meals, grocery shopped, did laundry, cleaned and played with Truman non-stop. I know I can do this motherhood thing on my own, but it sure was a lot easier with my own mom here. Good thing she is coming back in 3 more weeks. I had a great few days home alone with just Cecelia while Truman was at daycare and Nate was at work. Today is my first day with both kids home alone for 12 hours while Nate is working one of his long days. So help me God. Obviously, it's going well so far if I'm working on a blog post while Truman is playing with trains and CC is nursing. I'm really good at nursing while typing, apparently. And this post is taking about 5 times as long to write compared to my past posts.

-I took CC on 6 errands on our first day home alone together. That was sort of a dumb move on my part but we had a list! A list, I tell you! And all 6 stops were super close together but still, that is when I decided my daughter sort of hates her car seat. Plus it was a hot 85 degrees outside and she was annoyed with me carting her in and out of the hot car so many times. Had to make a nursing stop in the dressing room of Old Navy (where I found a cute one piece swimming suit! My first one piece EVER, but it's really necessary for this summer considering I just had a baby 2 freaking weeks ago. ) Had another emergency nursing/calming a crying baby pit stop in the back seat of my car while sweating. Fun times, I tell you. And of course she slept for hours after that, very content and happy.

-She is spitting up more than I remember Truman doing in the early weeks, but then again---I feel like I blocked a lot of things out from the first time around and maybe they are about the same in many ways. But she will spit up a little bit after some of her feedings. Then at 13 days old she for real gagged and spit up a TON, all over poor Lois. It really freaked me out but I'm pretty sure she is fine, just had a gag reflex that would not quit. Then she had one other episode of a lot of puke that didn't seem to bother her but it went all over me and her and seemed like a ridiculous amount. It hasn't happened since then but I'm still watching her like a hawk to make sure there isn't a real issue. I realize that true reflux is no joke and probably not what we are dealing with since it's only been bad two times, and she doesn't spit up *that* often. I probably need to keep her more upright after feeding her and maybe I should be more diligent about burping. Always something to worry about.

-Also, while I'm being a worrying mom, she still has to work really hard to poop or burp. Like, she is the noisiest, gruntiest baby ever! I do remember Truman going through this though, and once she poops or I get her to burp she is happy as a clam. Nothing like your little angelic baby girl, who seems as delicate as a flower, grunting and ripping a huge fart to ruin your perception of a proper lady:) It's even more awesome when she goes cross-eyed, turns red, and arches her eyebrows while ripping said fart. I think she got this from her daddy.

-She doesn't really like being swaddled. She isn't a huge fan of the pacifier. But sister does love to nurse and is doing a stellar job at helping with my engorgement. I'd say she takes both sides more often than not, usually 10-15 minutes on each side. Pretty phenomenal if you ask me, and I feel like she is looking fatter by the day. Love it.

-Night time sleep: going surprisingly well! She's gone from waking up every hour to stretching it to 3-4 hours at a time. The big question is whether or not she falls asleep easily after her feedings/diaper changes. Most of the time she is kind to me but sometimes she just wants to party. But overall, I feel pretty well-rested in the mornings considering the broken sleep. I mean, waking up just twice a night with a newborn is a pretty amazing gift if you ask me---hoping it lasts and I didn't just jinx myself by writing about it.

-Awake times are getting more frequent and lasting longer. I'd say she is probably awake for 30 minutes at a time, a multiple times each day now. But of course, there are times when she is awake for hours at a time with just 5 minute naps here and there. That is when she gets pretty fussy and overtired and it takes a lot of 'work' on my part to coax her to sleep. She's definitely a content baby most of the time but when she is fussy, it's really frazzling and I hate seeing her cry. Again, I think Truman was the same way but like I told Nate the other day, I barely remember him crying at all in the early weeks. Nate reminded me that Truman did, in fact, cry just like his sister. It's amazing what you forget with time. :)

-Nicknames so far: C, Sister, Sis, Cease (weird, but it just flows out sometimes), and of course CeCe. When strangers ask me her name I do love to say 'Cecelia' though. It just suits her so well.

-Speaking of strangers, the day of the many errands was one that was also her first day NOT wearing pink. Now, remember, she is in her brother's red infant car seat, with his bright orange pacifier clip and a blue elephant hanging on the handle (a little boyish, yes). But anyway, that day she didn't wear pink I had 3 people ask me HIS name or when HE was born. Not cool. And now I will be making her drip in pink with pink bows on her head at all times. Not really, but maybe. We'll see.

-Truman is still an amazing big brother. When Nate brought Truman home from Lori's yesterday, the first thing T said when he entered the room was not, 'Hi, Mommy!' or anything like that. It was, 'Baby, is?' Which in Truman speak means, 'Where is baby?' Still loving his gentle nature with Cecelia, how he kisses her and tells me to feed her any time she fusses.

Photo dump time again! These are from weeks two and into her third week now...what did I do without my iPhone/Instagram/internet at all times when I had Truman??

Such a Truman face...

At the playground, watching big brother run around. Very surreal since I hadn't been there since I was VERY pregnant. So happy to have her out instead of in.

A giant flower headband, made by Go Go. Many more where that came from.

Oh, hi!

The crew.

dying over dressing her up each day.

ruffles and bows. Sigh.

So little in this giant (boyish) car seat.

Wide awake at 10pm when I was ready to go to bed. Good thing she is cute.

Pre-bath hair plus an adorable outfit.

Very red hair here!

This is the life...little lounger.

Peaceful angel. Who grunts and farts.

Proud big bro.

Proud daddy.

This is what she was wearing when people called her a boy. Still love the outfit but must figure out a way to incorporate some pink next time.

-one last thing. Today is June 13 which I just realized is the one year anniversary from my D&C. What a difference a year makes. And thank you, God, for this amazing blessing in our lives.

I can be found on Instagram with my new name: mrsjuliagoolia. Love that site.


  1. Love the cuteness and the hair, my goodness!!

    My daughter Ella has the same grey and green outfit - I love it. And CC could be wearing pink from head to toe and trust me, someone is STILL going to say "oh look how cute HE is". Drinks me bananas.

  2. so many things to comment on...

    A's cord fell off on Day 5! crazy right?!

    Regarding the reflux, juts mention it to your pedi at the next appt. A's didnt really "manifest" until about 5 wks. I was overlooking a lot of symptoms as "baby things". Even still she's not a pukey refluxer, she technically has Silent Reflux. Google and check out the polywog site, see if any of the symptoms match. Hopefully its just something passing!

  3. - Isaac was a "happy spitter". No exaggeration, he spit up after every. single. feeding. until he was 6 months old. But he was never upset about it, so I never considered it an issue. At first I thought maybe my over supply contributed to it, but even once we got that under control, he still spit up a ton. So as long as she's happy, I wouldn't worry about it.

    - People are so weird about gender. I remember having Isaac in very boy specific clothes and people asking if he was a boy or girl. Uhhhh...he's in a blue onesie with trucks all over it, what do you think??

    - "I know I can do this motherhood thing on my own, but it sure was a lot easier with my own mom here." Isn't that the truth?? I still like my mom's help, and Isaac is 2.5, haha!

    - I love her hair!

  4. In love! She's absolutely perfect.

  5. She is amazing!!! Love her hair! Can you be followed on Instagram?

  6. "And now I will be making her drip in pink with pink bows on her head at all times. Not really, but maybe. We'll see." HAHA love it.

    ps:: Love the light in your home. Putting it to good use mama!

  7. Settle in, Julia. This is going to be a long comment ;)

    -Luke's hair also gets greasy and weird looking after a few days without a bath - kind of annoying. I definitely just did a washcloth on his hair a few times instead of a full bath :) I'm sure me rubbing my face on his hair and kissing him and smelling his head constantly didn't help :)

    -Annie had a little piece of her cord that remained after the larger part fell off - I think it hung around for maybe a week. So weird and kind of gross.

    -LOVE her hair so much - and hilarious that she pulls it out - I predict you might have a truly amazing bald spot/mullet situation going on fairly soon - my niece had a ton of hair when born and then it ALL fell out except for on the very top of her head. It was hilarious. Observe:

    -I'm jealous that you can type while nursing. Really was never able to work that one out.

    -6 errands is crazy, but glad you got them all done. Luke is a carseat hater a lot of the time too, basically when it is above 80 degrees. Very annoying.

    -Oh, the spit up. It's so disgusting and comes out of nowhere. Hope she's just learning to digest and you don't have to deal with it for too long! The grunts are so hilarious - both Annie and Luke were super grunty and would get bright red too.

    -HATE the gender confusion. People frequently would ask about Annie, regardless of what she was wearing. Or not ask at all - and the conversation would go like this: "what's his name?" "HER name is Annie" "Oh, little Danny! He's so cute" Sigh. Whatever. I think headbands/bows are the only surefire ways of avoiding it, we never used those until Annie actually had hair so I got REAL used to people thinking she was a boy :)

    -LOVE how much Truman loves her!!! It's SO amazing to watch. Hopefully he's a bit more gentle with her than Annie is with Luke. Yesterday I witnessed her basically lay on top of him, and then roll him over (!!) all while cheering him on. I guess he was smiling at her, so at least he was enjoying it too :)

    She's seriously just totally precious. I miss having a tiny baby girl!! (a little bit at least)

  8. Erinn and Kristal~
    I feel like you both have great points for me to think about. For one, like Kristal's Isaac, I think CC is mostly content and happy even when she does puke and so far she is gaining good weight. So part of me thinks we just need to ride out the spit up and assume it's normal.

    But Erinn, that polywog site is really interesting, too. I'll keep watching her because I could see her having a touch of silent reflux maybe. She is still so young, I feel like only time will tell if this is an actual problem or not.

    And I'm glad to know other people have issues with the 'strangers and gender of baby' thing. Again, I do NOT remember anyone thinking Truman was a girl. Anything 'new' this time around, that I don't remember from last time, automatically seems odd and therefore needs extra overanalyzation from me:)

    Erin KR--you know I love your long comments. So thorough!

  9. oh, and lparsons---I unfortunately used my last name for my instagram name. So I don't really post it on here and should probably figure out if I can change my name over there cause I do love finding more people to follow on Instagram!

  10. I am dying over her cuteness! And the farting...ha-ha. My daughter was the same way.

  11. 2nd the Instagram comment - would love to see more of your awesome pics! You can change your username in settings. :)

  12. okay, name changed on Instagram!
    Follow me at mrsjuliagoolia


  13. I am going to dig out my 8th grade yearbook and find a pic of your husband in 6th grade. And then you will see that same hair. Ask him. haha :)

    What a doll she is! And I can't believe, even in grey and green, that someone would ask "what's his name" with ruffles and a flower. My three year old would know the difference!

    The night sleep is awesome -- we were blessed like that too (and continue to be blessed: bedtime is 6pm for the almost 6 month old usually -- and I'll see him around 6:30am tomorrow); You know it will change and evolve, but it sure is nice for now!

    I had two silent refluxers -- one was done around 5-6 months...the second is still going strong on his meds and we keep having to up the dosage for weight. HOWEVER, Dad has MAJOR reflux issues, so it doesn't surprise me. I suspect that it will be something that she will grow out of. :)

    Thanks for the photo dump!

  14. I'm in love! Cecelia was one of the names on our list for evelyn. I love the nicknames. And, yes, I could dress evelyn in pink and hair bows and sure would still be called a boy!

  15. She is so beautiful!! And my son gets called a girl all the time, even when he's in all blue and sports stuff... People are weird! :) Also, Theodore had TONS of dark hair when he was born and it didn't start falling out until he was about 6 months old... Now that he's almost 9 month sold it's starting to come in reddish blonde.... :)

  16. She's perfect and I'm so glad things are going well. You know I'll always be jealous of your kids' sleep, but I don't harbor any ill will or anything. ;) Ben's four months and I'm lucky to get 3-4 hour stretches out of him! Hope she keeps it up!

  17. Love her hair and all the bows and ruffles!! Glad to hear everything is going great and Truman is such an awesome big brother.

  18. What a DOLL!

    Quick big brother question: How does Truman do when leaving for daycare while his little sister gets to stay home with mom? Or doesn't he care?

  19. I love her hair and can totally relate the fact that her hair gets a little greasy after a few days. Coen was the same way with his mane. We just dealt with it, but it got better as the baths increased. What a great head of hair! Perfect for bows!

    Glad you're all doing well.

    The spitting thing increased for us at like 6 weeks but toppled off. It was bizarre for that short period of time, but it's what he had to do. I didn't get it and it made a mess, but what are you going to do?

    Oh and that emergency backseat cuddle/nursing session... that brings me right back to when I was nursing at my sister's wedding in early July last year. It was in a house without air and I felt like I was dying. It was so nasty, but I had to do it. We were a hot mess. Literally.

    She's really sweet!

  20. A- Lizzy had that same pink cardigan from Carters with the green and brown buttons, and it was my FAVORITE. I was so sad when she grew out of it!

    B- I totally feel you on the strangers calling CeCe "he", we had a green car seat, and people would always call Lizzy "he" even when she was in pink head-to-toe!

    C- LOVE all these photos!

  21. A.---Truman has been doing really well going to daycare when I'm at home. I've been the one taking him this week, while baby is in the car, and he always asks 'baby come?' while we walk inside. But once he is inside he gives me his usual kiss and is off to play. The first few days he was there, when C was BRAND new, were a little tougher. He didn't want to go and was a little clingy to Lori when there. But now we are doing much better!

  22. My oldest had SPIKEY RED hair as a newborn, and still has the red. :) I love it!

    I teared up reading about your Mom leaving. I totally understand.

  23. Oh my goodness she's cute. Sounds like everything is going great.


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