Nursery reveal

It's time to reveal my labor of love, my favorite room in our house, and my 'happy place' where I could let all of my girlie-ness shine. Cecelia's nursery!


nurserywall nurserydetails6


To say I love her pom poms and lanterns is an understatement. So you get a collage of them just for fun.

More details...


The huge closet for a tiny girl, before and after my paint job. SO much better.

Can't get enough of her clothes.

And girlie cloth diapers this time around!

The crib and lanterns/poms along with my mom's handmade quilt are my favorites.

Mister Big Bro prefers the awesome glider.

And the prints on her wall are very 'me'. And hopefully very 'her'. :)

Had so much fun painting this canvas for her!

And the details...

Crib: painted Jenny Lind style crib from Craigslist, $40 (Behr Fuschia Kiss color)
Rug: from Rugs USA, the Momeni Lil Mo Hipster LMT8 Black Rug in 5x7 for $300
Glider and Ottoman: from My Urban Child, the Baby Letto Nara Glider ($699) and Kyoto Ottoman ($250)in Ecru on sale for $900 total, free shipping
Changing table: re-painted white and added hardware, from Craigslist, $75
Prints: Etsy seller Urban Tickle: 'You Are Loved' print in 8.5x11 for $20; 'Owl Family Tree' print in 8.5x11 for $22; stats print made by her mommy:)
Frames: Kohls 11x14 white matted frames, on sale for $14 each (regularly $35)
Lamp: Target's Room Essentials Stick Lamp for $17, then covered in fabric by me
Letter C: Joanns Fabric Paper Mache Letter in 23.5" for $9.99, wrapped with fabric
Curtains: Roman Shades made by my mom
Canvas: from Michaels, painted by her mommy
Poms/Lanterns: made by me a la Martha and purchased from Joanns/Party City
Wall color: Behr's 'Wildwood Spring' in eggshell finish
Trim color: Benjamin Moore's Advance paint in standard off-shelf white

A post on how I painted her crib pink coming soon.


  1. Please have you mom do a post on how she made that fabulous quilt! I love it!

  2. Please have your mom do a post on how she made that fabulous quilt. I love it!
    And could you share the printable on the baby stats by chance?

  3. I've been anxiously waiting this post. Her hursery is adorable! Congratulations!

  4. Looks awesome!! Love all the detail and the quilt!!!

  5. It's beautiful and girly and you and I love it! I'm sure she will too! Love everything about your new house. It has so much charm.

  6. This is beautiful, and so girly! I love the colors, and the pink crib is my favorite part

  7. Love everything about it! Jealous of your glider looks so comfy!

  8. Really really really really love it.

    The quilt is amazing.

  9. Oh my goodness - LOVE! I have to know how you made those fabric poms. I have been pinning those like crazy but haven't found a decent tutorial. If you would direct me to some instructions, I would be very grateful!

  10. Super cute, Julia!! I love the colors. And I love that it's fairly simple, not a ton of "stuff" or things on the wall. I think between the poms (love!) and the colors, it's the perfect balance of fun with clean and simple.

    Did you buy all new dipes for Cecelia? Those all look so fresh and new!

  11. I DIE for that lemon outfit you have on the top of your Gorky clothes picture!!! Where did you get it?!

    Cutest nursery ever, love the brightness of the room and painted crib, turned out SO cute!

    I've been reading your posts, cried through your birth story and am just SO SO happy for you guys!!! Congratulations and enjoy this time with your baby girl, so much LOVE to you, CC, Nate and Truman!!!

  12. Looks great! So often I see the pom/lanterns done soo wrong - not fluffed right, too few, too many, weird placement - this is total perfection! Serious love.

    The room looks great, the colors are so perfect together and so not cookie cutter, great job!

  13. Beautiful! I love everything about it.

  14. Love it! We did similar colors for our little one's nursery.

  15. Oh this is such a fun room! What a lucky lady to get to grow up in there :) AND to start her life off in that rocking pink crib - LOVE IT! I'm glad to see that you organized your cloth diapers by color family ;)

  16. Yay! It is beautiful! I love the dipes too! Did you get Freetimes or 4.0s? We got one of every color Freetime because I love them so much ;). I can't wait to see how you painted that crib!

  17. Gorgeous! I'm so inspired by all your home decor/design posts. You guys are so impressive to get it all done in such a tiny time frame!

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  19. Thanks guys! To answer questions:

    -Theresa: Mom used a quilt pattern found on Pinterest. Here is the link we found--the zig zag quilt.

    And the baby stats design I made is in photoshop---with layers. Not really sure how to share that with people, but I wouldn't be opposed if I could figure it out. I got my inspiration from Pinterest of course.

    Brit~The poms aren't really fabric at all. A lot are made of tissue paper and I followed the instructions online for the classic Martha Stewart ones. Also, I had a few paper lanterns from T's room. And then my favorite ones are the pink paper ones that are by Martha Stewart. Couldn't find them anywhere online, but found one little pack at Joanns!

    I got all new dipes for her, yes! I got them from my friend Darci (who also used Browers back in the day!) who only used them a few times.

    Melissa~They are all 4.0s with snaps . Love them.

    That romper is SO something you need! I got it at my favorite little consignment store. I want to say it's by Carters, though. I will seriously send it to you because you NEED it, if you can't find one of your own. :)

  20. Oh. My. Goodness. Love love love it so much!! This is pretty much my most dreamy nursery ever! My favorite is the pom pom/lantern bundle...!

  21. I love your room reveals! You mix colors in such a beautiful and refreshing way. Gorgeous room for a gorgeous little girl :)

  22. Beautiful. Love it all...the colors, the crib, the prints, the poms and lanterns. So much fun!

  23. I have been DYING to see the nursery! It's absolutely beautiful... happy... fun... cozy... creative... fresh... wonderfully girlie! The last time I saw the room there was an air mattress on the floor and the crib was in pieces in the basement. :-) You did a fantastic job, and Cecelia is the perfect final touch! (I love the picture of Truman looking inside the closet.)

  24. I love it all, but ESPECIALLY that quilt! I just may have my mom rip a chevron quilt off your mom for baby #2! ;)

  25. LOVE IT!!! The poms are my favorite and confirm that when we move I must add more to E's room!

  26. What was with my "Gorky" in my comment? I think I meant to say baby but it came out wrong on my phone - hahhahaa!

    Oh my gosh would you totally send it to me?! I looked online everywhere after I saw it in your pics and couldn't find it, let alone any other cute outfit covered in lemons (aside from some handmade ones on etsy). If you remember, that would be AWESOME!!!

    Allison Walden
    7056 E. Moreland Street
    Scottsdale, AZ 85257

    My email too:

    THANKS!!! She is SO cute - love her red hair!!!

  27. Hi! My name is Christy Bode, I've followed your blog for quite some time (I think I found you when you were pregnant with Truman). I also have met Leah (marital bless), I think you guys follow each other too! The reason for my comment today, I work at Pear Tree Greetings and we just launched a nursery contest and I think you should enter your daughter's nursery! You did such an amazing job. The prizes are $250 to and $200 to spend at Pear Tree. I know you cloth diaper but I'm certain you could find other things to spend on if you were to win :) Just wanted to pass the opportunity along!

  28. I love what you show about the Babyletto Nara Glider. All are excellent. Thank you.


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