CC at 8 weeks

Wow, eight weeks seems pretty old, doesn't it? Baby girl does not look like a newborn anymore and life is feeling a lot more settled. I think I'm already forgetting how hard those early weeks really were for us:)


Sister is just so stinking adorable I can hardly stand it. Observe:
She is just so much more predictable now, although still wildly UNpredictable occasionally:) I don't feel as nervous about taking her out of the house in fear that she will have a complete meltdown in public. I think I'm reading her cries a little bit better, figuring out when she is hungry versus just tired. Evenings are mostly good around here, too. She's still falling asleep around 8:30 or 9 and will last about 4-5 hours, then is up every 2-3 which means I feed her twice in a night most nights (but sometimes it's 3-4 times. Sigh). She still does at least one huge 3 hour nap each day plus a bunch of 20-45 minute ones throughout the day. And she still loves to nurse about every 2-3 hours. We won't even discuss how much she hates the bottle. :)


One big thing for Cecelia this week was her first baby massage! Nate's coworker, who is a PT that works with pediatrics, offered to see Cecelia for an hour long infant massage and we totally took her up on it. I got to see Nate's office for the first time (finally!) and meet a lot of his coworkers. Of course they ooh'd and aahhhh'd over Cecelia appropriately and she put on a show for them, too. The massage itself was amazing---she was obsessed with having her legs, arms, and back worked out with oil and love from both mommy and daddy. She absolutely freaked out when we tried to do her tummy though, I think because she really had to poop. I guess I wouldn't want people pushing on my stomach if I had to do that, either:) But we came home with a bottle of oil and some really nice handouts on the massage routine. I hope to give her a little baby spa appointment from mommy a few days a week right now because it's so much fun to interact with her in that way and her blissed-out state afterwards (complete with some AMAZING sleepy hours) is totally worth it!

As a side note, after her massage and big day meeting all of Nate's office she was SO tired she couldn't deal with being in the car. So we only made it about 20 feet in the parking lot as we left before I decided to pull over and let her nurse in the back seat. SO hot and squished back there that it really makes me want my mini van. I think I'm wearing on Nate for this battle and perhaps someday I will be that soccer mom carting her kids around in a van! Cannot wait.

Another quick thing about me: I thought I was coming down with mastitis this week and was completely freaking out about it. I had the big M three times with Truman and it was pure misery. But each of those times it seemed to come out of nowhere, without any warning, other than a suddenly painful and red boob plus a fever/chills. This time I think I actually had a clogged duct that I must have caught early enough. I noticed that my left bottom part of my boob was super sore to touch and whenever I moved my arm. It felt bruised and when I looked I found a big red stripe across it. So I started massaging the heck out of it and made sure to nurse CC even more often on that side. And hooray! It went away and never turned into the big bad M. Whew.

Cecelia is growing up a storm, you guys. Everyone who sees her is stunned by how long she is getting and how big she seems. I am even using our 3-6 month onesies for nighttime now because the 0-3 ones are getting too short. Of course, most of her 3 month outfits fit fine for now but those darn onesies are always going to be the thing she outgrows first. Cloth diapers don't help matters and surely make her seem even longer/bigger. I will be interested to see how she has grown when we have our 2 month appointment next Monday. NOT looking forward to her first shots, though.

And now it's time for pictures from the week!

My crew, 'booping' Cecelia's nose one day. She loves being the center of attention, of course.

Is this Truman or Cecelia? Can't tell!! But look at the rolls starting to form.


Very unflattering high-waisted outfit that makes me laugh. So cute.


The lady in red---which makes her hair seem SO red!


Truman's eight week post made me laugh, yet again, not only because he was seriously SO huge with a giant face, but because these kids are so much alike at this stage. Truman was smiling a lot more easily at this point and so is his sister. I was contemplating a move to the crib with him and I'm still thinking about it with Cecelia. But poor dude did have his first cold this past week and luckily we are in the clear with that for now---probably helps to be a summer baby this time around! Oh, and this is the week when I noticed Truman's already-sparse hair falling out in odd patches. I'm pretty sure Cecelia's is staying put but there are definitely some suspect areas that seem pretty thin now. Like her temples and sides of her head, and maybe a receding hairline?


But regardless of her slight hair loss, she is still rocking the reddish locks like a champ. She still needs a bath or a semi-head-face bath every day because her hair still gets sweaty and greasy. Love it so much.

iPhone pictures from last week:

'We love maternity leave'-the girls of the house. (also love C's stunned look here)

smooshy baby lips = the best

Failed attempt at a paci, as always. Pretty funny though.

Doing her morning stretches

Big brother holding a fussy baby's hand on a BOB ride---which worked to soothe miss fussy pants. And now he wants to hold her hand all the time in the BOB. Swoon.

So miss Cecelia is 8 weeks old! I love watching her grow, watching her little personality emerge, and cuddling with her while she will let me.

Love you so much, baby girl!


  1. Girlfriend is growing up so fast! Love all the outfits, especially that red one.

    I cannot believe I might be losing you to a minivan!! Noooooo. The horror ;) Although I can understand their practicality. I'm curious to see if Nate will crack :)

  2. LOL @Andrea's mini van comment. I just think it's funny that you find mini vans so desirable, Julia!

    C is freakin adorable! Glad things are feeling calmer around there - those early weeks are no joke!!

  3. Oooooh glad you avoided mastitis!!! I'm SO paranoid about getting it again - I think I was close once more but caught it thankfully. That was HORRIBLE!!

  4. Just came across your blog and wanted to tell you what you already're little ones are absolutely adorable! I also love that you are a Julia/Nate couple like my husband and I.

  5. Beautiful, precious pictures! I love the hand holding one. My 3 year old son loves to hold baby sister's hand in the car and tell her about what he sees out the window.
    Been there, done that with mastitis. 5 times with my son. Once so far with little girl. It is miserable. Glad it didn't prgress!

  6. love those morning baby stretches!!!

    she is so adorable!!!

  7. Julia, I love reading your updates on Cecelia. My daughter is just a few days younger and as a first time mom I feel reassured having someone to "compare"her to. I swear you could switch out the pictures and the name to Brynn- your updates are so similar to my daughter. I was wondering where you get Cecelia's headband and bows. I am having trouble finding ones I like.Thanks!

  8. Ah, I so badly want to show you a picture of Jaxon as a newborn, I swear CeCe and Jax have the same hair... color and all!

    She really is so cute, and I love love love the outfits.


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