Breakthroughs galore

The stars are aligning, my friends. This weekend was seriously one of the most amazing ones to date. Breakthroughs all around and my head is still spinning from it all. I never do weekend recaps but this one was too ridiculous to skip on the ole blogster. I don't want to be that annoying blogger who says her life is picture perfect, because it's SO not. But this weekend, for just a few glorious moments, it really seemed pretty darn close. I am definitely chalking it up as a gift from God and I don't want to let go of the gratitude just yet. Reality will return and we'll have crappy times, too, but for now I want to focus on the good. Let's work our way through the people in our family and discuss each breakthrough-slash-major accomplishment with the help of a few pictures.

First? Me. Let's talk about me first, mmkay?

So I may still be 12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy (quite fit and thin) weight, BUT! I fit into my jeans this weekend! And it wasn't even *that* painful or restrictive to my blood flow. Holla! I know I might keep a few extra el bees on the old body while breastfeeding and that is okay, I don't have to be skinny while I'm making milk for my babe. But it feels so good to be headed in the right direction.

And also? Andrea and I went for a SIX mile run on Saturday morning. This is amazing for a few reasons: 1. I have been running about three days per week, but always with at least one child in tow. So the max distance I've done is 3-4 miles at a time. And 2. I felt amazing on said run, despite being really nervous before the big event. It was a glorious morning down at the Lakefront with a good friend and we chatted away the entire time. I needed this mommy-getaway more than I realized and haven't left both kids for more than 45 minutes before this. Nate and his mom did great without me, and I was gone for almost 4 hours total because I made a road trip after the run for a giant train lot purchased on Craigslist. Oh, how I missed running. But I think I can safely say, 'I'm back!' now.

Next up? Cecelia-who-hates-the-bottle. Um, while I was gone for four hours she took almost 2 ounces of a bottle from my mother-in-law. For reals. She was apparently hungry enough to give into the rubber nipple. Nothing special about the bottle---it was the Avent brand we've had forever, but my mother-in-law was confident and someone 'new' with this battle. Maybe that helped? CC was also quite happy and content before the bottle was given. (Wha?!) She did put up a fight with the 2 ounces but it wasn't awful, as per Nate and his mom. And when I got home after that bottle she freaked as soon as she heard my voice...BUT she took a bit when I was gone. It's a start. And two weeks from today is my first day back to work so this comes at a great time. Keep it up, little mama! I know we aren't out of the woods yet but I have to celebrate this little step in the bottle battle.

Andplusalso? I finally started to put her down to sleep in her crib!! She's done great with it for the most part, staying asleep in her pretty little nursery for 5.5 hours the first night and then 3-4 the other nights. I'll take it. I even got the courage to try two naps in the crib---with mixed results. She did take a full hour nap there one day but usually it's more like 30 minutes. Again, it's a start and I love having her in the nursery until her first wake up, when I bring her back into our room. Best of both worlds for now:)



And finally? Truman is getting a big chunk of this post and it's his turn to shine.

Apparently we are potty training my son, and as a planner who didn't have time to actually plan and research this, I'm still shocked that we are even at this point. I just didn't have the energy to start anything with him until after my maternity leave and I figured we'd do it sometime before Christmas. And that was that.

On Friday morning, before Nate left for work, he casually said to Truman: 'Hey buddy, if you go on the potty we'll give you a Whiff train.' Which, for those of you who are not Thomas buffs, Whiff is one of Thomas' friends who wears glasses and Truman is obsessed with him for some unknown reason. We had purchased old Whiff online a while ago and we were saving it for a special occasion. I rolled my eyes at Nate, like, 'Yeah right, there is no way he'll go because we haven't even discussed the potty in MONTHS.'

But Truman said, 'Okay, Truman go potty!' and I went into the attic and cleaned off the forgotten potty chair. And then? He went both number one and number two. So I almost died from shock. Then Nate had to leave for work and left me with a nursing newborn and a toddler who was apparently ready for potty training. So ready that he went on to pee on the potty THIRTEEN times that first day without a single accident. I hunted down the '3 Day Potty Training Method' online, read the crap out of it, and felt empowered enough to ride this wave. I took both kids to Target that day to get big boy undies and some candy, then I made up and printed off some sticker charts. I took off his diaper and put him right into the undies and we haven't looked back.

All weekend long, Truman has only had two pee accidents and both were about 5 minutes after waking up dry from naps/bedtime. He even wears the undies to bed and stays dry, you guys! He also had one numero dos accident because I wasn't watching him closely enough but aside from three total accidents in three days, he has successfully gone over 30 times. Including being away at a friend's house and also going to the State Fair. Wow. Just wow. I'm so proud of my little man it hurts, and I severely underestimated his abilities.

Not sure if anyone cares to read the details on this process for us, so I'll keep this short, but basically he is responding REALLY well to positive reinforcement. The stickers on his chart, the M&Ms, and then a big gift of a new train after he strings together some successes seems to really work. As does the phrase, 'Truman, just let me know when you have to potty.' He does NOT want us to ask, 'Truman, do you have to go potty?' because he will always say 'no.' He wants the control. Makes perfect sense to me now. We are also asking throughout the day, 'Hey, buddy, are your undies still dry? Yes? THAT IS SO AWESOME!' and we are really obnoxiously over-the-top happy about the little victories. He picks up on our excitement and eats it right up.

He is at daycare today and I'm just praying that he can carry over this success to Lori's house, too. I know this will be an ongoing process and we might have some set-backs and accidents, but overall it's been awesome to see his little mind 'get' the potty training thing. I hope we can keep riding this wave of amazingness because I REALLY enjoy not having to change his diaper. I almost cried a few times this weekend because I was so proud of him, and a few times because he just seems THAT much older and bigger now. My little guy. He never ceases to surprise me.

Halfway through the first day, my hand-made charts:)

Later that night, the online charts printed off and ready for another day, plus all of the potty-training supplies.

Is there anything cuter than a little toddler butt in big boy undies? Probably. But not to his mommy:)


Weekend summer fun---pool party with friends...

And a fabulous trip to our State Fair. Cream puffs for everyone! He is thrilled, obvi:)

My boy.

I took a lot of pictures of 'fair' stuff but this one is a fave. The colors, the chaos, the blue it all.

My crew on Friday. What a day.

Just so I don't come across as totally annoying, and fake, and bragging in this post I want you to know that it's not ALL puppies and rainbows (and bottles and potty chairs) around here. Cecelia has been tweaking out like a champ when in her car seat to the point that leaving the house is an absolute nightmare. And she has had a few inconsolable episodes aside from the car when she gets overstimulated and I literally cannot handle the crying. It's horrible. Plus I'm really really tired from lack of sleep and my beloved potty-training-toddler has had his share of meltdowns this weekend, too. And on the morning of my run, right when I was cleaning up Truman's first pee accident I glanced down on the rug and saw a huge pile of dog turds. Sitting right on top of Truman's train tracks. Apparently Henry needs to be potty trained, too. Disgusting double clean up before 6 am on a Saturday? FUN. Feel sorry for me, or at least know that I'm not claiming to have a perfect little life. :) Far from it. But it was a pretty amazing weekend that I need to absorb and appreciate.

I think in the wake of the senseless shooting we had in our area yesterday, it's easy to feel down and depressed about the state of our world. I know I've done my share of hugging my babies, wishing they weren't growing up in a sick and twisted world. I just don't understand how people can be so incredibly evil and hateful and it makes me feel sick to think about my innocent kids growing up in this mess. But I also think the shooting has taught me to enjoy the happiness in life even more. Because if you look hard enough, you can surely see blessings and goodness all around you. Even if I want to pack those little blessings up in a bubble and never let them leave my sight---it's still important to focus on the good in life and not let the evil win.

So yeah. I'm a runner again, who can fit into some jeans. Cecelia is sleeping (partially) in her crib and took a bottle. And Truman is getting potty trained. We are on a roll over here, even if it doesn't last! Thank you, God, for these breakthroughs.


  1. Awesome! Don't you love it when everything falls into place like that? ;) I love that fair pic, too.

  2. Brag, schmag! You deserve to gloat, lady. You had a killer weekend and I'm so proud of Truman for reaching this milestone. And yay for CC and the bottle. I just *knew* she'd eventually give in. You may have some more set backs but at least you are headed in the right direction :)

  3. Cheering for you here in Oklahoma! So very very happy for you and your fam! It's moments and days and weekends like this that get you through the battles:)

    Oh, and thank you so much for the email on the diapers!

  4. So amazing, on all fronts!! You always keep it real, so don't even worry about falling into the puppies and rainbows trap :) GO TRUMAN with the potty - he was definitely ready! Hope daycare is a relatively smooth transition for him. Even if he does have some rough days, he'll get there soon I'm sure.

    Oh, and I definitely saw a big increase in meltdowns with Annie while we were potty training - probably just all the change or something!

  5. Whoo hoo to all of it! Girl, do not worry about bragging - people like to read happy updates! (and if you have to put a disclaimer on this post, it just reiterates why I could never make my blog public - people would barf.) Seriously, you DESERVE to brag and be proud of all this!! Go C and go T and go YOU, mama!

  6. This is amazing all around. So glad it was a great weekend!

  7. I'm SO HAPPY to heat CeCe took a bottle. That's huge and I'm sure it's a giant weight off your shoulders. Whew!

    And I'm so jealous of the potty training success! Go T, that is just amazing.

  8. Good post!! So happy that things are finally falling in to place. CeCe will take that bottle like a champ when it comes time for you to return to work.
    And, I totally agree about the toddler undie booty - Sam's been in big boy undies for 9 months and I still can't get enough!
    I love the last paragraph too. Breaks my heart to think of my babies hearing/seeing all of the hate and evil in this world. Makes me want to move to a compound with all my sane friends and keep them protected forever.

  9. I am cracking up, because I cannot even imagine running six miles, let alone CHATTING while running six miles! Ha! You guys rock!

  10. This is a great update! Lots to be happy about and not be shy about it! I loved the pictures from the fair. I only went to the Wisconsin State Fair once but I know it is a very big deal, my husband always talks about it and the foods he misses!

  11. Anyone who reads here knows you aren't one to brag!
    I'm so glad to read about your weekend of breakthroughs. It gives hope to some of us who are hoping for breakthroughs of our own!

  12. yay, CC!!!!! whew!!

    go Truman! Tell your buddy, Brady that it's cool not to wear diapers :)

  13. I just started reading your blog. So many similarities to our life. My older daughter, Shelby, is almost 2-1/2, and my younger daughter is 12 weeks old. Shelby's also in the thick of potty training but not doing as well as Truman. She's *this* close to having it all click, but there's a piece still missing. Oh well. Looking forward to catching up on your blog.


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