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Sometimes I forget about the old blog. Between emails I send to 'real life' friends, Facebook, and Instagram I sort of feel like everyone knows about how my first day at work went but alas, I suppose there are hundreds more of you out there just DYING to know, right? At least, that is what my blog stats tell me:)

So Monday was shockingly WONDERFUL. I mean, literally both kids couldn't have done much better at Lori's. First of all, Cecelia slept for seven hours in a row the night before and then I had to freaking wake her up at 7 am after that to start getting the show on the road. Little stinker knew she had to rest up for her big day! I was so incredibly nervous and anxious about the prospect of her freaking out, not taking the bottle, etc etc etc. But the morning went smooth and I got both kids to Lori's on time (score one for this working mom---it's seriously such a feat to get anywhere with two kids at 8am). I told Lori that I was totally fine coming on my lunch break to nurse Cecelia if needed because apparently if she doesn't eat enough from bottles during the day, she might totally lose her mind later on (a la Thursday). When I called at lunch, however, Lori said CC was doing great and already had 3 oz and had taken two naps. THANK YOU GOD! When I picked the kids up at 4 they were both super happy and get this: little miss drank 8 ounces total of milk in the 8 hours she was there. I mean, what?! Amazing. Lori said it wasn't easy and CC was pretty pissed about it, but she didn't melt down. I'm still floored and keep praying that this continues.

Truman did great and didn't have any more fluke accidents there. He informed me on the way home that he watched after his baby sister and 'she cried a little, but not a lot'. Lori also said that Truman was very protective over CC, and if any other kids came up to her Truman would say, 'That is MY sister.' Sigh.

That evening at home before Nate was there was just fine, too (!!). Cecelia didn't cry on the way home in the car (maybe a first for the past few weeks?), she nursed and fell asleep, and then only after that little cat nap did she get a little tweaky. For about 30 minutes she was really mad and overtired but she finally calmed down and went to bed for me. She was up after a measly 4 hours and then nursed a ton after that, but I'm totally down with it for now. I just can't believe she took bottles at daycare and then was relatively happy all evening. Again: Thank you, God!

My day at work was a little mind-boggling. I won't go into details but basically my patients were all REALLY sick and really needy and totally overwhelming. Maybe it was just my luck to get the intense patients my first day back, or maybe I'm just soft. But wow, my head was killing me after that day and I had to stay up until 10 pm doing paperwork from it all. I'm hoping I get into my groove soon and can keep the paperwork at home time to a minimum. I love my job to death and the flexibility is priceless, but having to do any sort of work at home is always irritating to me.

I work Mon, Wed, and Thurs this week and next...then it's Labor day week, then we fly out for a wedding in Colorado (another blog post at some point, because OMG--we are leaving the kids at home and I'm totally freaking/excited about it!). So the first month of my return to work is going to be a little wonky with the days but I know I can manage. It actually felt really good to use my PT brain again. And the day FLEW by. I hope it continues to be a great balance for me, but so far so good.

And now for some pictures.

Our big morning! Go, Team!

And that evening, when everything seemed almost too good to be true. And too cute not to take pictures.


Also? Miss Cecelia is 12 weeks old, and almost 3 months old, too. I will do a proper 3 month post to talk all about her, of course, but please observe these awesome comparisons between my children. I cannot get enough of these types of photos. Last weekend I dug around in Truman's clothes bins to find a few sleepers that aren't TOO boyish that CC can wear. I found this cute brown one, but of course I did not find the matching ice cream hat. It just makes me smile to see both of my babes in the same outfit, though!



And sticking to the original theme of this post, here is a comparison of my first day back to work with Truman at 12 weeks and then with Cecelia at 12 weeks. Definitely did not plan to have the same exact pose and the same shirt in a different color. Also? Glad that I had better lighting this time---HATE that florescent color from the first time around!

first day of daycare comparison

One day down. Hope the rest of the week goes well on all fronts. So thankful that the first day was painless, and now I feel ready for this next chapter in our lives. Working mother of two kids? I guess that's me!


  1. Glad it went so well Julia!! I love the photo comparisons. With my second boy on the way I plan to take a billion of them!

  2. Working mom of two kids. Man, that sounds so crazy when you say it like that!!

    SO GLAD it went well for you. What a relief!

  3. Woohoo! I knew everything would be okay. Glad you are getting back into the groove of things.

  4. Count me as one of the people without instagram and who doesn't follow along on facebook. I'm glad everything worked out well for you, and thanks for sharing!

  5. I knew those babes of yours would pull through! Glad the day went well!

  6. I'm not surprised you are wearing the same shirt in 2 different colors, because I do believe that is the quintessential PT shirt - my sister also has that same one - I even had to go back in my pics to find it :) ha!! www.flickr.com/photos/benreichelt/5134051075/in/set-72157...

    Hope the rest of your work days aren't quite so hectic - baptism by fire, indeed! :)

    As always, your kids are mega adorable - I can't get over little fat baby Truman either!!!

  7. So glad to hear it went well!!

  8. Wow I can really see the resemblance between them! Glad the first day back went well.

  9. Thanks for updating us in blog-land! It is great to hear that CC did so well and that Truman was so protective of his little sis.

    I can't believe the 12 weeks have flown by already. And how are you going to leave CC home for a wedding in Colorado?????? My poor T is almost 11months old and I can't leave him overnight, kid requires boob many times a night still... *sigh*

  10. You go, girl!!! Glad the first day went well and love that pic of you guys that morning. :) Big day!

  11. Julia,

    I have really appreciated your detailed account of the bottle struggle (and success!). I'm going through that right now with my two-month old son. I actually just returned from purchasing another bottle in the hopes that he'll take this one (fingers crossed!). I don't have to go back to work, so there isn't the same kind of urgency/deadline that you felt, but there is an urgency to me being able to leave for more than a couple hours at a time. I'm not asking for much, just enough to restore a little balance to my life.

    I've been reading throughout your pregnancy journey since we were due around the same time, but haven't commented before now. I am awed by your documentation of your pregnancy/children's lives... I need to be better about that or it will be lost to "momensia" as you so rightly point out.

    Congrats on a great first day back at work--I hope the rest of the week has been just as successful.


  12. Whew! I'm so glad it went well for all involved. Baby girl will get used to that bottle as time goes on, I'm sure. When I worked, some nights were good and some nights were bad but you know, you just take it as it comes and really appreciate when both your kids are in good moods :)

  13. I still can't believe how much hair she has! What a cutie.

  14. I'm so glad you had a good first day back! My first day was last week and it was so emotional and hard on me. The baby did fine, but I was a wreck. Everyone keeps telling me it gets easier and I really hope it does.

    P.S. My little one wore that exact same brown outfit today! So funny!


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