Heart Exploding from Cute

Her two bottom teeth are not messing around anymore. Sharp little nubbins mean our days of playing 'chew mommy's finger' are over. If she bites me one more time nursing, then proceeds to chuckle at my misfortune when I scream, I may have to nibble her toes a little harder than usual. She's tasty. I can't help it.


Shhh. Don't tell big brother that missy is playing with Clarabel. 'I'm about teach this train who's boss, ma.'

Baby looking at the Christmas tree in amazement = heart melted. Actually I think she just wanted to eat that random fox toy up there.

The wonder of her first Christmas. Sigh.

Christmas-themed hair bows. Enough to last us a few holiday seasons, all made by Go-Go. Practically doing one per day as a countdown, like a freaking awesome advent calendar;)

Baby wool peacoats. In red. With a Peter Pan collar. That was snagged from a consignment sale for just $9---tags still in place, from a high-end boutique. SCORE indeed. Even if it is a bit roomy;)

This tender-hearted boy. The one who now tells me 'Mommy, I love you. And I love Cece' nearly every day unprompted. Kissing his sister for no reason at all, other than 'because I love her'. And the fake half smile is always a bonus;)

Having two children at Christmas time this year. In our new house that we've worked so hard to make our own. And the kids in matching pajamas. I want this to be a yearly tradition, no matter how hard it is to get matching pajamas for a boy and a girl. Literally, nothing sweeter. Even if CC did spit up pumpkin onto her jams in 2 seconds.

None of these turned out great and I fully intend to force them into another photo session at some point. But hey--this was after baths, right before C's bedtime, when I was single-momming it. And apparently I don't edit photos anymore---these would have been nicer with the white balance fixed. And in a collage. But oh well!

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The half smile! Right before she threw herself back into the floor!

He was so proud to 'hold' her.

Oh, man.


But then she got distracted...

Bam! 'And I'm up again!'

Also? She is rolling now. FINALLY. At six-and-a-half months she can finally roll from back to belly. Non-stop. Hates being on her back now. I love it so much and for the record, no---seeing a second child meet milestones is not less exciting than the first time around. She just wanted to take her time, I suppose. And I do not mind at ALL---enjoying her days when she is not entirely mobile.

So much to be thankful for right now. Thank you God, for the cuteness of these two incredible blessings. My heart is overfilled with love for them now and always.


  1. Yup, dying from the cute over here. Matching jammies!! Nothing sweeter. Also, I cannot handle Truman's new half-smile.

    Does C have a sticker stuck in her hair in the fox toy pic? ;) And whoo hoo on the rolling! Benny took his sweet time with that, too. Eh, who cares? They all get there eventually and it's so exciting when they make up their minds to start making it a regular event!

  2. No sucker in hair--just my lens making some weird orb reflection things from the Christmas lights. Beyond me. But I get that a lot with lights?

  3. That 1/2 smile of Trumans is absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

  4. WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE JAMMIES! I'll bet they were from a consignment shop or something. Ugh!! I love these photos SO MUCH.

    1. Actually I got them NEW at Old Navy! Shocker, since everything else in this post is consignment;) ON jams are the best!!

  5. The half-smile is crazy cute! I can't handle it. I have the same Christmas jams for my little guy this year and now I can't wait to put them on him, after seeing how cute your two munchkins look. :)

  6. Those photos are absolutely adorable! That Truman looks like such a ham!

  7. Love it all! And your voice is super cute. :)

  8. Old Navy jams ARE the best. I adore little kids in jammies, there's really nothing cuter. On the days we're home, the boys stay in their jammies til after their naps. ;) I probably wouldn't make that a habit if they were home more, but since they have to get dressed for daycare four days a week and we often have a lot going on on the weekends, on the days they CAN stay in jammies, I'm all about it!

  9. Those two teeth poking up are so sweet... and sharp little suckers aren't they. Little stinker laughing at you!

    Truman's grin is the best - such confidence and silly at the same time. He is a charmer.

  10. Where did you get those ridiculously cute candy cane PJs?? :)


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