snow, sleep, and mood swings

The past two nights have not been kind to us around here. Cecelia forgot how to sleep again and has been waking up for 2-3 hours at a time at night. Then yesterday as a whole was pretty horrible. It was just one of those days when everyone was 'off' and cranky and nothing seemed to go right. The 3 am hour was a cruel one for me this morning, when I was convinced that the world was, indeed, ending (just a day earlier than predicted). Because I was just too tired, my baby would never sleep again, and my toddler would never behave again either.

But then today happened and it was glorious. Just as Wednesday was a day when nothing went as planned, today was a day when things went better than expected. We had a great playdate this morning where both of my kids acted like angels (redemption from the last night's playdate when one of them was a little...challenging. Ahem. Truman.). We had fun as a family making a fire while the snow fell outside; listening to Christmas music while wrapping gifts; eating a delicious dinner complete with dessert; making elaborate train tracks together; and enjoying two happy children who didn't seem to have their own crazy agenda for once. I got Starbucks not once, but twice today---so you know it was a good day no matter what;) I also got to workout via DVD at home during a dual afternoon nap when my usual 5 am gym time got passed up for more sleep this morning. Nothing like some caffeine and endorphins from exercise to make life seem a lot better.

I got to hear, 'I love you, mommy' from my precious first born who I KNOW is a good boy. Even when he is acting naughty. And acting like a soon-to-be-three year old. I got to see my baby girl light up that adorable face just for me. Laughing. Smiling. Being so pretty that it hurts my heart to accept that she is my daughter. My children are not perfect by any means. They drive me batty sometimes. And yet, I am hyper-aware of how incredibly blessed we are to have these gifts from God. At a time when the pain of Sandy Hook is all too fresh, I was irritated with myself for letting a bad day or two get me down. Because really---how can my days be all that bad when there is so much good in them?

On Tuesday we got a few inches of snow here. Our first real snowfall. And Truman was in freaking heaven playing in the snow with all of us. Cecelia slept while bundled up in the Ergo and I snapped hundreds of pictures to remember this fun evening as a family. Winter in Wisconsin can be so incredibly beautiful. I welcome the white stuff...for now. After the new year it can kindly go away;) Although we were supposed to get a blizzard today, most of it passed our house and we only got a few more inches while our neighboring suburbs boast 13+. I'll take the itty bitty amounts we've gotten. Better for a toddler to enjoy anyway.





















Thank you, God, for this life. Even when it doesn't include sleep or a predictable mood from my children. Thank you, just the same. Help me to remember my blessings and forget my complaints. And please let the baby sleep tonight.


  1. What beautiful photos! I have days like that too and I always feel guilty once things return to normal. You aren't alone!

  2. We're allowed to have bad days :) but perspective helps. My husband has done 3 year long tours overseas-I get down on myself if I get crabby about something when I should just be thankful he's in this country, but we're human.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Makes me wish we would get a little snow for Christmas. It happens, we all have bad days.

  4. This post made me cry, Julia. Such little blessings those two are, even when they act naughty and don't sleep!

    LOVE all the pics. LOLed at Nate with his new snow blower for the 1-2 inch snowfall. ;)

  5. I hate those days where everyone is pissy and sleep deprived and nothing seems to be going well. Glad you had some fun in the snow at least. AND that you made sure to take a photo of Henry peeing on the snowman :)

  6. I love how dogs are so excited about snow and the pic of your dog peeing on the snowman was hilarious!

    We got just a dusting today which, of course, sent everyone into panic attacks while driving. :)

    I'm sorry the sleeping is so awful. Maybe with time together this holiday break, she can get her act together!

  7. You KNOW I relate, ha!

    Love those snow photos--perfect example of beauty in the mundane ;)

    We should start a list of mamas who are all up at 3am, and pray for each other that we (a) make it through the next day and (b) that the baby sleeps, ha!

  8. OH Julia... I wish I could meet you at Starbucks. I would tell you thanks for making me feel better about waking up at 1, 3, 4, and then finally at 6 am.

    Hooray for snow!!!

    I love how you make the horrible days funny (at least to me reading about yours) and catch the dog peeing on the snowman to make this extra tired mama laugh!

  9. The picture of Henry happily peeing on the snowman: I laughed out loud. :)


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