Baby #3: 33 weeks

5.20.14: Thirty-three weeks with baby number three. My golden week, when my belly matches my age!
Camera Roll-444

I like stripes and pinks/purples.
Camera Roll-452

The Good: Baby is fattening up at 4-5 pounds and almost 17 inches long and is almost ready to be on the outside world. So fascinating to me to read those updates online and think of a real, live baby boy in there, growing and kicking and hiccuping away. And oh, he is still kicking like he wants to go down in history for bursting through my belly button. I even woke up one time last week in the middle of the night, specifically because he was kicking my bladder with authority. Ouch, buddy! My OB said he is head down which makes me so happy. I have no idea why I can feel him all over the place, but it's probably because he is a maniac and will be a total wild man on the outside, too. Pointy little body parts make me want to rub my belly at all times just to visualize if it's a tiny heel, an elbow, or a knee that is jabbing me in various organs.

I think my belly is reaching torpedo status at this point.
Camera Roll-400

I'm seriously in denial that we are so close to meeting our son. I cannot freaking wait. Literally might burst from excitement at this point and feel very little nerves/anxiety about labor and delivery just yet. I'm sure that will change but for now, reading back over Cecelia's birth story made me want to cry because we get to do *that* again!! And soon.

Pretty good for energy levels this week, but I did require a lot of sleep over the weekend. Like, sleeping until 8 am, then napping, and then going to bed before 10pm---all of which are pretty rare around here, but I couldn't hang. I'm trying to find that balance of doing enough activities to feel accomplished and productive but not to much that I regret it later. Always a work in progress.

This whole week flew by and I don't even know what to say was the best moment of the week. Just the weekend in general? Warm, sunny weather, eating pizza on picnic benches with a bunch of friends, a BBQ on Sunday was all amazing. And these next few weeks are going to be even better! We have our Minnesota visitors (Erin!) coming to see us this weekend, then it's our anniversary, then Mom and Memaw fly in, it's Cecelia's birthday and then her party. So much fun!! Time will surely fly.

The Bad: My stomach truly feels like it could explode from stretching, especially at the top. Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions this week that leave me feeling a little uneasy about my body 'getting ready' so soon. I have a hard time getting comfortable in the evening and my upper back hurts. I'm waddling a bit and peeing a ton. Really, really, really ready to be finished at work for awhile. Occasionally letting Jesus take the wheel for solo parenting my two hooligans because I just cannot deal with their shenanigans. If I hear one more 'CC poked me!' or 'True-yyyyyyyy, nooooooooo' I might lay down and take a nap, just to show 'em who's boss. I'm tired, dudes (although I just said my energy levels are pretty good, so I guess it depends on the minute). And yet, I still think for being 33 weeks I'm doing great---it could be so much worse!

The Mushy: I love being pregnant. I'm overwhelmed by emotions on the regular, but especially when I think about adding another person to our crazy crew. A PERSON, you guys. A squishy baby. One that has his own baby smells and little squeaks and cries and weird newborn movements. Gah, I can barely take it sometimes.

The Comparisons: With Truman at 33 weeks, I was still working full time in the super physically demanding/fast paced Acute Care setting (HOW?!?!) and was apparently feeling really good. This was the week before my blood pressure spiked, though, so I know my body was starting to feel it even back then. I was decorating Truman's nursery and we finished up our breastfeeding class. Ah, the good old days. Feeling reminiscent tonight just reading that post---life was so different and we were on the cusp of so much GOOD change!!

And oh, the belly is so different with each of my boys. I don't think this is cropped correctly to adequately show how small I was the first time around, but whatever. You get it.
Camera Roll-442

With Cecelia at 33 weeks, I was just starting to feel a little uncomfortable, with upper back pain, a tight stomach, and we had just moved into our house. I was deep into unpacking and painting and nesting and although we don't have to be *that* extreme about it this time around, I am finding a lot of satisfaction in organizing and cleaning. I finally mustered up the energy to polyurethane the crib and repaint the nursery windows to be all white instead of the maddening cream panes with white trim. Add those check marks to the 'buy diapers' bullet point on my To-Do list and I'm a happy mama who feels slightly more prepared for this baby. Nate thinks I'm nuts to buy a pack of diapers 'this soon' but truly, it makes me feel a lot more relaxed for some reason. Ahem, control freak.

This comparison shot confirms that my belly is quite a bit bigger this third time around compared to my last. Man, I love comparison pics.
Camera Roll-449
Ah, pregnancy. So wild. July 8 seems really freaking close and also far away. I know it's really dangerous to allow thoughts like this, but I really think I might go a little early with him. I KNOW, totally jinxing myself and everyone thinks they will go early with subsequent pregnancies. But I just feel so much insane movement, like he wants out, my belly hurts from stretching and I'm tired. As if that means anything...but still. Mark my words: I will be surprised if I make it to my due date. Stop snickering. I know ;)


  1. My favorite part of these posts are the belly comparisons. Just as each bambino is an individual, so is each pregnancy. Unique to the little human inside :)

  2. I just love your updates. I love that you love pregnancy (because you know I do too) and it just makes my heart want to explode thinking about how happy you guys are. I have also bought diapers. Actually, big giant packs of Size 1, 2 and 3 because they were on sale and why not. Our nursery is not even close, but she has clothes and diapers. That's enough for now, right? I still can't believe we're getting so close to meeting these babies (I know I say that every week). Ahhh!

  3. Your pregnancy updates are my favorite because they aren't the normal lists. And you are so good with words. I loved your letters to your children and have been working on one to my daughter but it just seems so bleh and not what I really want to tell her. And we are working on #2 (start clomid with my next cycle, after I force a period) and sometimes when I journal it, I am just not expressing what I want to say.

  4. I love comparison shots, too! I hope for your sake he'll come a little bit early!!!

  5. Cute top in the main photo!

  6. We were planning some things for July and I totally had the thought, "Julia will have a BABY then." Exciting stuff.

    I think you will go early. I mean, I thought I would go early with Miriam and she was 6 days late, so it's not like I'm accurate on this stuff, but since CeCe was early, I think the little man will be too. Maybe a fourth of July baby! We have friends with a firecracker birthday and I've always thought it would be a cool day to be born.

    (Also, I mention this in every post lately, but that belly!! You look awesome, so perfectly pregnant. Can't wait to see how it changes and grows in the next 6-7 weeks.)

  7. Also, I think I just posted as my husband...super creepy. This is Kristal. HA!

  8. Girrrrl, I hope you didn't just jinx yourself! Haha, just kidding - I bet you go early too. You are not BIG in general, but you are definitely biggER than your other pregnancies. It will be interesting to see how much bigger he is than your other two were at birth.
    I love how giddy you are about pregnancy - it really is so magical and amazing - but I need you to start throwing some of the nitty gritty at us - back pain, fatigue, heartburn - give me something to remind me how it's not all rainbows and butterflies, because you're making my uterus lustful ;)

  9. Sounds like you are in the home stretch, for sure! I hope you get some bursts of energy which I'm sure you will. July WILL be here before you know it. I'm certain of that! Hold on to your seat ;)

    Love the image of you napping when the kiddos drive you bonkers. I pretend not to hear them…or turn the music up in the car ;) Sometimes ignoring them is better than saying what's on your mind! :-D

  10. I love that you are always so positive and excited in your updates. I wish I could be the person that loves pregnancy so much but I'm just not. I really have no reason to not like it, but I just don't LOVE it. You look fantastic!

  11. your maternity clothes are absolutely adorable. and, as always, super cute belly. i love(d) being pregnant too...but looked nowhere nearly as cute as you :)

  12. Love all of these bump shots! Getting so close to the amazing due date!

  13. You look amazing and are definitely in the home stretch. Cannot contain my own excitement over the fact that we are bringing another person into our lives...the fact that you guys are doing it too...just awesome. Two new little boys to love! I'm with you on the wishful thinking about going a little early (a week or so would be great!), can't hurt to dream right!?


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