Baby #3: 34 weeks

First time I'm late with a weekly post for the third baby? Not too shabby! I have a good excuse anyway. We had a big weekend with visitors, then the day after they left (Monday), our seventh anniversary happened on the same day I technically hit 34 weeks (Tuesday). My mom and Memaw also arrived that night for visitors round two. And then CC's second birthday came on Wednesday and we are planning her big party for this upcoming weekend.  I figured all of the big occasions in the past week warrants a later than usual weekly pregnancy post. So many fun things happening right now. I love summer!

5.27.14: Thirty Four Weeks

Camera Roll-379

Geesh, only six more weeks to go? Definitely feeling like I'm nearing the end of pregnancy---and feeling all of the nostalgia and exhaustion that goes along with it.

We had a super active and amazing weekend last weekend with Erin visiting us (post to follow someday, mark my words, but until then you should follow that link on her name for her recap--it's the best!) and I was pleasantly surprised with how much energy I had for jam-packed days and warmer weather. Don't get me wrong: I was wiped out every night and especially after our first round of visitors left, but I felt like I could hang with many of the walking activities, playgrounds, and very little 'down time'. I did have timeable, crampy contractions in the middle of last week which totally freaked me out. But luckily nothing like that since because it's way too early for that nonsense! I have regular Braxton Hicks contractions with almost any physical activity, especially bending down or carrying a child. Fine by me as long as they aren't crampy and regularly spaced!

I also lost my voice and apparently have a little bit of laryngitis or something---really annoying, since I am not 'sick' but cannot speak above a whisper. Maybe I just talked too much over the weekend?

I'm counting down the days until I'm done working for maternity leave. Fifteen more work days, in case you were wondering. Yesssssss. Feeling like flip flopping my roles at home and at work, along with being pregnant and the summer weather finally arriving is a LOT to deal with. But still, time is flying by and I'll often find myself in denial that I'm *this* close to having our baby!

(From last weekend, with my 'pregnant with our third baby' friends. Both of these lovely ladies were almost 26 weeks here and I was almost 34 weeks. I say this every time I post one of these pictures but it's so fun to share our pregnancies together)

The top of my belly is hurting lately, as if it's just stretching and changing by the minute. But overall I still feel fairly 'small' compared to a lot of other 34 week-ers out there, and yet really 'big' compared to my past 34 week self. It's just so round and compact---still getting a lot of shocked comments that I'm due so soon, but I truly don't even remember them specifically anymore.

I do love my belly though and (don't hate me) still love pregnancy as a whole. It's just so freaking awesome, such a miracle, so WEIRD to think about growing a tiny human inside of my own body right now. The anticipation of meeting him is almost killing me. I.Cannot.Wait.

(yes, I had this picture in our anniversary post, but I like it enough to post twice)

He's still a big mover in there and I can tell where his hard little butt is most of the time (right side) and lots of pointy limbs are sticking out at me through the day. I am officially at the 'must rub my belly at all times' stage just because it's so wild to feel this child.

Camera Roll-381

At 34 weeks with Truman: I was starting to get a little nervous about labor and delivery, and didn't know that the next day after that post, I would spike my blood pressure and the drama would begin with Pre-E. Awww, poor Julia of the past. That really did suck! Obviously, it all worked out just fine but it was pretty scary for the last 4 weeks (!!) until Truman was born at 38 weeks (!!). Woah. That's crazy to consider.

At 34 weeks with Cecelia: I was feeling a little anxious just because of my first pregnancy issues at this point, but was still loving pregnancy overall. I wasn't feeling all that hungry and I guess I'm really not this time, either. I'm thirsty as can be with temperatures finally getting into the 70s consistently but food isn't as much fun as it used to be. The horror. Loving all fruit and definitely obsessed with my flavored/carbonated waters (ie basically diet soda but without the caffeine). I had one that was a pear/peach flavor and about died from how yummy it tasted. Must get more asap.

Belly comparison time! Very pointy third time around, I guess.

Also: I really miss beer right now, mostly because I love carbonation bubbles when pregnant. I honestly haven't missed alcohol in many, many weeks. But hot weather and a cold wheat beer? Sigh. Soon!!

No major waves of dread or fear about labor itself yet and honestly, I'm mostly just excited to have this baby here with us. I hope we make it to the hospital on time and I hope I get an amazing epidural and all goes well, obviously. But when I think about his birthday, I get butterflies in my stomach and figure that I'll remember the mind-numbing pain soon enough. It will suck but it will be so freaking awesome, at the same time.

I try not to think about how much of an adjustment it will be to have three children but this is something weighing heavily on my mind lately. Whenever I feel super tired and lack patience with my two current kids, I wonder, 'Am I really cut out for three? Will we all go bat sh** crazy with the addition of one more?' Basically, I'm trying to think positively and also enjoy the calm before the storm. I have no real expectations going into this big transition: no clue if I will get a good baby or a tough one. I don't pretend to know what it's like to have three kids and am not saying it will be easy AT ALL. It will probably be extremely overwhelming for a bit, just like it's been for the other two kids in our lives. But, if I've learned anything, I know that kids grow up and change SO QUICKLY that it's not worth stressing out about all of the potential stumbling blocks having a third baby just yet.  It will be hard, yes. It was hard before and life is sometimes hard now (although getting easier and more settled each month as the kids get bigger). It will be a 'different' hard and all of that. So I will enjoy having 'just' two little hooligans to run me ragged and will embrace the chaos the best I can once mister man adds to it all. Because honestly, excitement is the biggest emotion I'm feeling right now. Not fear.

So there you have it: ramblings about how I'm feeling good and mostly just excited to move forward into the next six weeks and beyond. I'm tired and happy and there have been so many fun occasions in the last week. 


  1. Ugh, prodromal labor. I had that with Miriam. Legit, painful, timeable contractions from about 34 weeks on. Put me in a constant state of "is it time?!" Super obnoxious. I think it's really common with second+ babies and I'm not looking forward to it this time around!

    But YAY for being 34 weeks and warm weather and friends and family visits! Can't wait to see pics from CC's bday party.

  2. I had that, too, with baby #2 - weeks of what I felt like could be labor! Such a mind game. Hoping that won't happen this time around, but it probably will!

    I feel like we're able to put life with three kids in such perspective after already having two - well, as best as is possible, anyway. Like you said, we know now how fast it all goes, and we know how crazy life can be with two - so we're used to crazy now! It'll just be MORE crazy. ;) So excited you're going first - can't wait to meet that little man!!

    It popped up in my Timehop today that I came to meet Cece in the hospital two years ago - crazy that another one is so close! I love it!!

  3. I still can't believe how much energy you had this weekend! Far more than non-pregnant me!! :) (which really isn't surprising given our differing views on "activity" and "exercise" ;)

  4. You look fantastic!! I personally love how you are enjoying being pregnant and loving your adorable belly. I'm still in the "ugh" phase of pregnancy and really need to snap out of it, so it's nice to read an upbeat, positive account of such an amazing time in our lives!!! I totally agree about the three kids thoughts - there are times when I'm like, oh crap, what are we getting ourselves into, and then there are other times when I'm totally zen about it and just figure it will work itself out. I can't wait to see how the real adjustment goes!

  5. Love seeing how the belly is so different all 3 times! Time is definitely getting close!

  6. Love reading your posts! Anticipating baby's birth is such an exciting time! I just had #3 3 weeks ago. I had to laugh when you said "I hope I make it to the hospital in time." Would you believe I didn't...I always have lots of contractions in the weeks prior that periodically become consistent but don't turn into real labor. At 39 weeks, I told my husband just after 11pm one night that I had had 3 contractions in the past 20 min.(He just finished telling me to wake him if I had any runs of contractions even if I didn't think it was the real thing, otherwise I probably wouldn't have mentioned these.) I got out of bed to use the bathroom and got hit with back to back contractions and had to yell at my husband to come catch our baby exactly 17 min. after getting out of bed! (He was busy trying to finish packing my hospital bag and get someone here to watch our kids.) Yep, just over 30 min. of labor with #3. That is the fun part with labor, you never know what to expect! Although, I do know my experience is a little unusual ; )


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