Porter | One Month

P-man is one month old today!!

I just did a fairly detailed Four Week post, so today will be pictures and a quick update from his doctor's appointment.

Camera Roll-318


Weight: 10lbs 3oz (exactly the same at Truman at one month! To the ounce!) and 60th percentile
Height: 21.75" (a smidge taller than his siblings were, but these length measurements are a joke) and 60th percentile
Head: 39cm (93rd percentile). No clue he had a big head.

Happy, healthy, alert, and stared down the doctor the entire visit.


Still has an intense hatred for car seats, being asked to sleep on a flat surface, and today he didn't want to nap for more than 10 minutes at a time.


But the boy loves to be held, he loves his pacifier and to nurse (but he seems like a snacker lately), and is still sleeping really well at night by our standards (3-5 hour stretches, up just twice).
Camera Roll-306

He still has a striking resemblance to his brother and now that I know they are the exact same size, it makes him seem even more like a little Truman. But still, Porter is totally his own little dude in looks and personality. And his baby acne takes the cake for hitting the hardest and the soonest. My little pizza face. Maybe cradle cap is right around the corner so we can get all of the pathetic-ness out of the way.
Camera Roll-327

Porter has a big sister and a big brother who are completely obsessed with him. The poor kid is never going to be such a little pansy with these two protecting him at all times. Love it.

And the photo shoot outtakes are just as hilarious as the decent shots...
Camera Roll-340

But then there is this one, and I just die over these three kids. Cannot believe they are ours. And yes, thank goodness I put them all in their shirt when I did...Porter was making those onesie snaps scream in defiance.
Camera Roll-297

Porter, it seems like you've been a part of our crazy family forever and we love having you here with us. You are pretty freaking fantastic. I can't stop smelling your head and kissing your cheeks and marveling over your little body. Even when you are screaming like you are being tortured we love you to pieces. There aren't words, really, so I'll stop now. I just love you so much my heart could actually burst at times.

Keep growing, mister man. You're the best.


  1. gah he's adorable! I think he looks like him self but definitely very similar to Truman. Happy 1 month Porter!!

  2. (I have no idea if my last comment went through so just ignore this one if it did! I think I said something along the lines of…)

    I can't believe it's been a month already! I feel like we were just on Julia baby watch!

    I definitely see Truman in Porter but I also see a difference. I remember everyone saying Truman was Nate's mini me but I think Porter will take the cake on that one. Truman was a good combo of you two but I think Porter is going to look a ton like Nate.

    Happy one month, buddy!

  3. They're just beautiful.

    And if you ever need to vent to anyone about a no-napping baby, just email me. Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt. TWICE. :)

  4. Are you going to do the same pictures like you did with CC? I didn't follow when Truman was a baby. Like the ones on her quilt, chair, ect?

    1. Yep, will do the chair with the quilt on it this time…and maybe one shot of him on the rug each month. For Truman I did the monthly stickers on onesies in his rocker:)

  5. Love their little shirts!! They are all adorable!

  6. Those shirts are so cute!! :) Happy one month Porter!

  7. Can it be? One month already?! Oh, porter man. Slow down, buddy!


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