Porter | Five Weeks

Notables from this past week:

Porter is smiling already!! I turn to mush when I see that gummy grin and love this milestone since it feels like, 'Hey, this kid might actually like me a little bit.' It's nice to feel loved by this little creature who is so loved by us! It seems early to see smiles at 4-5 weeks but I'll take it...never gets old.

Camera Roll-185

He's still sleeping the same at night, up twice usually and back down without much fussing. I'm going to try using the co-sleeper instead of the MamaRoo now just because carrying the swing up and down the stairs every day is a hassle. And it's probably time that Porter starts sleeping relatively flat, I guess, but I sure hate to mess with a good thing. So we'll see, I promise nothing and still don't think P will sleep in a swing until high school either way. Daytime naps range from epic 3 hour stretches to just cat napping all day long for 10 minutes. Still looooooves to be held or worn for all naps and he's pulling the 'my eyes pop open as soon as you put me down' trick, no matter how tired he must be. So any nap that lasts more than 5 minutes in the swing or the Boppy is a big success in my book. If I held him or wore him all day he might sleep non-stop, he seriously loves it that much, and swaddles really help him snooze, too.

Camera Roll-215

Camera Roll-125

Camera Roll-111

Camera Roll-108

(got a Wubbanub pacifier and he loves it! So do I.)
Camera Roll-168

Camera Roll-133

Still nursing well but I had my first clogged duct last weekend and wanted to die from the pain. I actually thought it was quickly turning into mastitis (would have been my fourth time total with the Big M) but somehow I massaged the clog out and forced Porter to eat non-stop in addition to pumping. Something worked, thank goodness, but I sort of forgot how painful the clogs can be. I wish I knew what caused them for me----nothing really obvious, that's for sure.

I guess he's eating maybe every 2-3 hours during the day but I'm not tracking it at all. I'm trying to pump each day but many times the hours slip away and I just can't seem to work it into the routine consistently. Meh. Whatever. Not a huge priority at the moment, I suppose.

Camera Roll-206

Porter still has acne but it's a little better this week and so far he doesn't have cradle cap. I know I'm severely biased but I think still think he is the most beautiful, handsome little fella out there---even with his pimples! He seems to be changing by the day, and is really coming into his own. Definitely not Truman's clone anymore! He's all Porter and it's fun to imagine what he'll look like as he gets bigger.

The best comparison I could do for 5 weeks---totally different, right? T v. P.
Camera Roll-214

It's still pretty early to report on his personality but overall he seems extremely content and happy, especially if we are holding him/carrying him around. He will stare at windows and ceiling fans for a few minutes if I have to leave him alone but usually that doesn't last for long, and then he's like, 'Where did everyone go? I'm lonely! What am I supposed to do when I'm awake?' or something. P-man is not too crabby in the evenings anymore, and I find that we can usually fix the fussies with a swaddle, nursing/pacifier, and being held. SO much easier than a few weeks ago. He still screams as if the car seat is a torture device but the last two times in the van seemed a little less traumatizing. Allll about walking everywhere we can because the Ergo is 10000x more pleasant than the car seat! Bath time is hit or miss and he seems to love diaper changes for some reason---but really, he only freaks out in the car seat and sometimes if he's been awake/soaking it all in for too long and becomes overstimulated. Love this happy baby!! Even if he is cross eyed at times and this picture is a little blurry.

Before he let us have it for putting him in the seat
Camera Roll-252

We haven't even had to use our secret weapon for our previous fussy babies: Dave Matthew's 'Two Step' and the iTunes visualizer were both in heavy rotation for Truman and Cecelia at this point. I still laugh when I think about Nate putting the co-sleeper directly in front of the TV at the duplex, blasting DMB, with the psychedelic visualizer flashing from the screen...such a hilarious sight to see my baby blankly staring at the boob tube at one month of age. But it worked to calm him down, and you better believe we will pull out all of the stops again if needed!

(at his one month appointment---no shots but even that didn't make him too angry. The car ride to and from did, of course).
Camera Roll-91

Now that my mom is gone and it's just me with the kiddos during the day, I can see that Cecelia is going to be the most 'needy' child and the one who demands the most of my attention. Porter is easy compared to his two year old sister right now! But that's another post for another time. ;) I know this could change and hopefully it's just a phase but having three kids in general is not particularly overwhelming for me. There have been so many awesome moments when I feel like, 'I totally have this Mom of Three thing!' I mean, I was even brave enough to bake cookies with all three kids alone----bold move, indeed. I only had to raise my voice three times which is insane.
Camera Roll-121

 But when Cecelia is inconsolable for some unknown reason, Porter needs to nurse, and Truman is whining about me providing him with the incorrectly colored drinking cup it's reeaaalllllly challenging to maintain my composure. Especially when it's been an off day for all of us and then the evening comes and we are all just OVER IT. Luckily there is plenty of coffee in the mornings, cold beer in the evenings, tomorrow is a new day, and kids are incredibly forgiving when mommy briefly loses her freaking mind.

Camera Roll-203

Camera Roll-191


Camera Roll-98

So yeah, it's going pretty well so far with three kids and no other adult helpers during the day! A few rough patches here and there of course, but I'm typing this while two out of three kids nap, after a fun morning with this crew, and it's a Friday. So life is (currently) good;)

Camera Roll-166

Camera Roll-164

Life with three! Baby wearing and refereeing brawls in the bathtub.
Camera Roll-143

First time to the Wisconsin State Fair also deserves it's own mention in this post. He slept 99% of the time we were there so he missed out on some great people-watching and didn't even get to see his first cream puff. Sad.

Camera Roll-210

Camera Roll-212

Camera Roll-189

Camera Roll-229

Camera Roll-162

Attempted cloth specifically for this photoshoot. Will have to re-do it at some point because P was not happy about showing off his dipes. And CC's legs are obscenely long!!
Camera Roll-170

And also, tummy time is seriously hilarious. Fatigues in about 10 seconds. Heavy head!



Camera Roll-116

(Truman took this one and Porter's little hands under his chin make me laugh)
Camera Roll-115

Because I don't remember anything about the early weeks with my other kids...
Cecelia at 5 weeks: she was spitting up huge amounts and was growing quite a bit, almost ready for 0-3 month outfits. Porter has not been a big spitter at ALL which is really appreciated and he has been in his 3 month outfits for a solid few weeks already. She was 10lbs 2oz at her check up which is just a little less than the boys, and I remember being shocked by that since CC seemed to much tinier than Tru! I had just done my first two nights alone with both kids, since Nate was out of town, and I survived with the help of my in-laws in the evenings. I think I could probably handle all three kids alone overnight now, too, since those 4:40-7:30 pm hours are already the WORST and I am on my own with those twice per week anyway. I didn't write about her nighttime sleep but I have a feeling it was pretty similar to the two wake ups Porter is boasting right now, too. And then it got really really horrendous so I just hope Porter doesn't follow suit with that sleep regression stuff.

Truman at 5 weeks: I was still forcing the kid to wear newborn clothes for some reason and I forgot about his little fall from a bouncy seat before this! He was just getting his acne and my mom had just left from a visit, so I was feeling kind of down about everything---specifically like I was NOT good enough at getting Truman to sleep. HA! He was on the verge of smiling, was sleeping really well with two wake ups around 3 am and 6 am (woah, even better than P), and I was kind of shocked at how often I had to nurse Fatty McGee. I was just coming to terms with feeding on demand and letting go of the concept of a 'schedule' with anything in life. Ah, to have just one child again with the energy to overanalyze it all.

So that's it! My boy is rocking the 5 week mark, for sure. And this post goes to show you that even though I thought there were nothing to report, I still managed to make this lengthy in words and included tons of pictures. Go figure.


  1. Reading this post made me remember that I FORGOT to email you about the clog specifically regarding the massaging.... perhaps you remember my little situation with pink milk? Yes. Horrifying. That is why I stopped the vigorous massaging, but it still happened a few times. It's funny, in hindsight it seems like I had a completely easy time nursing Luke. Momnesia has caused me to forget all that and still have really positive memories of nursing. So weird, but glad it works like that!

  2. Beautiful children! I like that you keep it real too.

  3. Oh my gosh, when the kid is bitching about the color of the cup? You do not have to keep your composure. At times like that I holler, "A thirsty kid would drink!" Anyone worried about the color of the cup is not all that thirsty. Put in your requests BEFORE I fetch the beverage. AAAGGGHH.

    And someone a long time ago told me that the reason they want to be held all the time and can tell when they're being put down is just survival instinct. Back in the day babies had to be held close for warmth and safety and that all makes sense. Until I'm folding clothes one-handed, typing one-handed, all a slave to a twelve pound tyrant.

    Porter is beautiful. Glad things are going well. love, Val

  4. Oh, Porter - what adorable pictures!! Love the one Truman got. ;) So awesome that you're rocking the mom-of-three thing - gives me faith I will, too! Fingers crossed! But truly - we just have so much more perspective and experience this time around, ya know? Love the update!

  5. "Luckily there is plenty of coffee in the mornings, cold beer in the evenings, tomorrow is a new day, and kids are incredibly forgiving when mommy briefly loses her freaking mind." TRUTH. You just summed up my recent life in one sentence! My kids are the same age as yours (give or take a couple months) so I hear you, girl!

    Also, those pics of Porter doing tummy time are out of this world cute!!

  6. Gah google irritates me. I actually posted a long comment on here the day you posted and apparently it didn't go through. I was marveling at the similarities of our girls as well!! Yes, please do a post on it. I need preparation. ha! Miriam has always been super independent...but also kind of clingy/demanding, especially once we moved here. Still nothing in comparison to her brother at this age though. But then suddenly, she's ALL ABOUT MOM, all the time. Eek.

    Also, I so clearly remember the bouncy accident. I actually even thought of it several days ago when I was moving our bouncy by the "handle" for Miriam to play with. Crazy how well I remember that when it wasn't even me!

  7. Ah! I can't wait until we get real smiles! I have also had two clogged ducts and wanted to cry it hurt so bad. It's so funny that he hates the carseat and loves diaper changes. We are pretty much the opposite over here :) Also, I am totally stealing your shadow box idea from one of your other posts. LOVE them! And lastly, how in the heck do you find time to blog?? I can't seem to find the time to do an update with one baby let alone three kids to care for! You are superwoman or something :)

  8. Porter is SO ADORABLE, and it is so neat to see how he's becoming his own little person instead of a mini-Truman! I love his little monster outfit, and I love his tummy time photos - he looks like he's trying so hard! And like he thinks that maybe he can lift up his whole head just by using his eyebrows. :) :) :)
    I am riveted by your experiences as a mom of 3, because you've always been a little ahead of me on the kids timeline (my two are 3 years old, and 9 months old), so your blog has always been a great resource. But especially now, since I'm debating trying to talk M into a third (and that happened much faster, this time - I had no inkling of wanting a second until H was more than a year old, and I was already thinking about maybe a third when E was only 5 or 6 months old!). So I love seeing the challenges and the rewards you experience as a result of having a larger family.

  9. So cute. Love the shadow boxes. You are on the ball! I have my kids' newborn mementos shoved into an album.

  10. You make it work...just fabulous!!! You rock girl:)


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