19 weeks | Baby #4

2.13.17 | 19w2d

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Photo thoughts: Morning photo in the mirror means a glowing couch, really illuminating my belly. This is the smallest it will be today, as it grows by the hour. 

Size of baby: A mango! 

The Bump: Both big and small, heavier at night and super high. I love this stage of the bump so much and can't wrap my head around the fact that it's going to be so.much.bigger so soon.

Cravings/Aversions: don't believe in aversions. I only believe in eating everything, all of the time. Food is the best and my appetite both disgusts me and is the best part of the day. I realize that my stomach is not actually 'hungry' and it's mostly my head telling me I need to eat but I don't even care. We made granola this week, something we haven't had in ages but I love it. Mostly into salt but sugar will do in a pinch.

What I’m loving: Being pregnant. Feeling good. Nearing the halfway point. Lots to love;)

What I’m anticipating: The big ultrasound, in three days!!! Number one: we want this baby to be healthy and having the more detailed perinatologist appointment will be great for really seeing this baby. Number two: we are excited to find out if this is a baby sister or brother for our kiddos. Truman has a daily countdown going and will tell me multiple times per day, 'Mom! Only X more days until we know if this is a boy or a girl.' It's so exciting, you guys.

Miss anything? I do miss wine really badly this time of year. I miss the idea of running and being in shape but the wine trumps all right now.

Worries? Issues in the ultrasound, enough said. 

Differences between pregnancies? It seems like this current pregnancy is most similar to Porter's pregnancy: hating the winter, excited to find out the sex, always starving. With Cecelia, I don't think I was as ravenous as I am right now. And with Truman? I mean, seriously. Give me a break with that 'bump' and the fact that I painted the entire nursery in one day. I won't be painting any nursery at all this time around, not even sure where the baby will sleep for the first few months of life, since our house might be under major construction. That is certainly a difference this time versus all of the other times, but I'm really okay with it! Not feeling much creative energy exploding from my body right now anyway. 

How I’m feeling: Good, but I got hit with the kids' colds this week. Itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing (which officially makes me pee in my pants a little, if forceful), sore throat---it's always worse to be sick when pregnant. My energy level took a big hit this week but I somehow managed to take a 30 minute walk four times, too. Also, I've noticed that I feel a lot of pressure 'down there' if I'm standing for a long time. Like I can image my cervix holding down fort with a growing baby right above, and if I sit down it feels better. Seems pretty early to feel the pressure of the (tiny) baby. 

Sleep: Yes, please. Not the greatest when I'm congested but whatever. Currently fighting off a nap as I type this.

Movement: So much! Stronger kicks, too, especially in the evenings, after eating, or when I'm sitting down. Love it.

Boy or Girl: I have to remind myself why I think this is a girl, other than the fact that Truman wants a sister so badly. But with the bleeding that happened at the exact same time as Cecelia's pregnancy, and the super early conception date, it just HAS to be a girl, right? Or not. It could easily be a boy. Nate and I both admitted we kind of want a girl, but we think it's a boy. And if so, having three boys and a girl will be absolutely perfect for our family, there will be no sadness here (can't say the same for Truman but he will live). THREE MORE DAYS until we find out. And seriously, I love finding out at the ultrasound so, so much. 

Milestones: Both Truman and Cecelia felt the baby kick this week! Watching the looks on their faces was priceless. Definitely the best moments of the week. Now we just need to have Nate feel the baby and we will be set (pretty sure Porter won't care either way).

Best Moment of the Week: See above. Also, I had my regular 18 week OB appointment this week. Blood pressure is good, I've gained 7 pounds total (surprised it's not more) which is pretty much on par for my other pregnancies. I tend to gain the most in the second trimester and then the third trimester varies (tons more with Truman, less with Cecelia, the least with Porter). 

She heard the heartbeat on doppler and listened for a long time, rate was 154, she guessed girl for the sex. We even heard the baby kick the doppler and moving around. I asked my OB if she had all four of her kids before the age of 35, since she seemed so anti-AMA last time. Shockingly enough, she had the last two at age 35 and 37, and she wanted a fifth before age 39 as her 'cut off'. Come on, doc, why were you so negative with me, then?

She's very excited for the ultrasound and it was a much more positive appointment in general. We agreed that I'm in good health, and this baby was meant to be. I forgot how much I love OB appointments. 

Sibling Talk: Much discussion about the sex of this baby, plenty of kisses to my belly, and Truman has officially announced to everyone at school that we will find out the sex on February 16th. I'm sure everyone has written it on their calendars. 

Almost half baked and the next time I post about the pregnancy, I'll share our gender reveal!


  1. So exciting! I'm 20 weeks and have my anatomy scan on Wednesday! I have one daughter (3 years old in June) and she keeps going back and forth between wanting a sister or brother. :)

  2. Excited to hear whether baby is a boy or a girl! This is such a sweet spot of pregnancy. It was my favorite. It might be worth checking in with a pelvic floor PT re: the pressure you are feeling. I was very active during my pregnancy running and doing bootcamp classes until 7.5 months when I had to stop due to pressure/soreness in the groin area. Turns out it was my pelvic floor and I spent several months in PT after. Just a thought because it seems really early for that. Hope your appointment goes well.

    1. I know, I'm a PT, too, and wonder about my pelvic floor these days---I'm watching it and doing some Kegels! ;)

    2. I figured given your job, you'd be able to find a good pelvic floor PT quickly. Ironically for me, kegels were the worst thing I could do (my pelvic floor was stuck in a spasm and was not rising and falling with my breath) and I did a lot of them. Eeps. Good luck!

  3. I had that same crazy "down there" pressure with my last pregnancy. Not sure if it was the way he was positioned or a weak pelvic floor. As a PT also and being on my feet all day I got a lot of relief from one of those pregnancy support belts

  4. I had a lot of "down there" discomfort/pressure with my last pregnancy as well. Not sure if it was my weak pelvic floor or the way he was positioned, but as a PT as well and on my feet all day I was pretty miserable. I got a lot of relief from a pregnancy belly support belt.

    1. Totally---haven't used a belt before, but maybe fourth time it will be needed! Glad I'm not on my feet all day anymore.

  5. Awww, I loved reading through this weekly update so much! Made me think of the ultrasound when we found out the sex of our twins. I love that your kids are so invested in their newest sibling already!

  6. I'm 26 weeks with my 3rd boy and I am also having that same discomfort "down there"! Not all the time, just seems like he gets himself in certain positions for a few hours that put more pressure, then gets himself out of it. But man, those hours are rough. So excited for you today!!!


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