Wallace's Birth Announcement

I realize it's fairly old school to send paper birth announcements in the mail, but it's something I've done for each child and I didn't want Wallace to feel left out;) Also, I mostly love to save one or two announcements for the baby book (yes, I do that, too) and even frame them in a shadow box with other newborn delights. Because of social media, pretty much everyone on our Christmas card list knew Wallace was born. I guess I could have called my Facebook post about his birthday the official announcement but nah, I can't let the paper cards go. Even for a fourth baby.

I've used Pear Tree Greetings for birth announcements and Christmas cards for several years now, as they've always been great to work with and will do sponsored posts/giveaways for my blog readers. This time they offered to do the same, so score another point for a discount for my readers! 

I knew I wanted something pretty simple for this announcement, to showcase our professional photos. I love rounded corners and spots for at least two pictures, since I can't ever choose one picture for an announcement! I chose this card style and love how they turned out.

Addressing cards and sending them out to our friends and family...
Wallace birth announcements

Wallace birth announcements

Front of card, OMG he was so tiny!
Wallace birth announcements

Back of card:
Wallace birth announcements

I sent them out sometime during my maternity leave and heard lots of compliments about how cute these cards were. They really ARE fantastic cards and I'm always pleased with Pear Tree Greetings for their quality. I'm already starting to think about Christmas cards and I know where I'll return once I sweat it out, attempting a DIY photoshoot with all four kids. Who wants to bet I will get plenty of hilarious outtakes and maybe one of all kids looking/smiling at the camera?

But back to the birth announcements: you lovely readers can get 50% off any of the birth announcements on the Pear Tree Greetings site. You'll just enter the code MYLIFE50 at check out and you have until 3/31/18 to use your discount. Hopefully some of my pregnant or new-mom readers can use this code, and have fun going down the black hole of design options!

Enjoy shopping and stay tuned for another sweet deal for holiday cards.


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  1. I still do newborn announcement cards and baby books, love having that stuff! Very cute card. Work on getting us a discount for Christmas cards, ha!


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