Golden indeed

So today is my golden birthday. Twenty seven on the twenty seventh. 27 years old. Wow. For some reason this age makes the leap to 30 so much closer than it was last year.

Thirty---an age that wee high schoolers see as 'old.' Ancient, in fact. I always thought by age 30 I'd have it all figured out. I'd be married [check], have a career [check], with tons of kiddos running around my house [screech to a halt on both counts.] Okay so I have three more years to make my ideal thirty year old status, but who's counting.

The point is I woke up this morning feeling exactly the same as any other day. Besides the voice of my loving husband, who happens to be 4 months my junior, saying: "Good morning, Grandma! Would you like DECAF coffee this morning for your aching bones?"

The only time I enjoyed being older than Nate was when I turned twenty one before the young buck. And now? It's all downhill from here:)

So onto my birthday weekend. And yes, I still cling to the philosophy that us ladies get a whole weekend to celebrate our existence. Not just one measly little day. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, girls.

First, I would like you to watch this fabulous video sent to me by Keri. Consider it preparation for next weekend's trip to Kansas and please note Keri's skin color for further entertainment:

Too cute kind of like this little guy:

Saturday night we went out to dinner and I forced Nate to take a few pictures with me. He insisted on using the self-timer which turned out to be fairly stressful. Out of the dozens of pictures we snapped here are two classics:

Onto dinner at a trendy restaurant called Sake Tumi. Get it? Sock it to me? I love martinis and beer in contemporary glasses. And on my birthday weekend I get a free pass to take tons of pictures in public.Can you spot the newlyweds amidst the alcohol?

I couldn't make up this name:
Mmmmm, maki rolls! Again, on my birthday I get a pass to eat fish even though Nate *claims* he is allergic. I missed sushi and will be dragging him back to this place very soon.

After dinner we went to Alterra for a typical old couple night cap: Coffee! Well, he got coffee and I settled for Chai Tea. I didn't want to risk being up all night because I'm officially geriatric.

Sunday morning, my birthday! I got my homemade pancakes and devoured them with fury. Did I mention that carbs are my best friend?

Isn't he adorable in the kitchen? He's making my cake in secret!
We had to borrow Lois' cake holder and it's 1970's fabulous. And it matches our kitchen:)
And the end result? Chocolate and pink goodness. He did well, my friends.

Sunday night we also went to dinner, but this time with Tony and Lois. We chose Italian and it was the bomb.
Onto the presents! I received an adorable handmade card from Sara---who just so happens to share my birthday, is married to a Nate, and is transplanted to Wisconsin from another state. And she loves crafting as her fabulous card entails:
Speaking of crafty, Mom also made a 'refrigerator worthy' card, too:
Nate managed to push my buttons while simultaneously giving me my birthday gift. He offered it to me with his signature 'up to no good' smile on his face. Of course that made me suspicious but he insisted that I just open it. As I reached for my gift wrapped in hot pink [good boy!] I heard a rattle that could only be one thing. Golf balls! That bastard gave me golf balls to force me into his sport. Take a look for yourself:Such a sneakster wrapping his own golf balls into my gift. I got the I-pod shuffle, fit for running in style. Now I can banish my Big Bertha I-pod to our docking system and this baby is going to help me train. No, it's not pink which is somewhat of a bummer. But apparently shuffles don't come in pink, so aqua is the second best option.

Other gifts? Memaw and Pepaw sent me a blissful 60 minute massage and spa pedicure gift certificate. Nate was an integral part in planning this pimptastic gift and I cannot wait to schedule my pampering. My toes are looking pretty horrific right now and San Diego is looming!

Plus, Tony and Lois gave me a nice gift certificate to J.Crew! I smell some 'vacation gear' coming up!

So that's it. My golden birthday. Long post but worth it, right? Thanks to everyone who left me texts, messages on facebook/myspace, and emails. It's nice to be loved:)


  1. Happy Birthday Julia! 27 is such a fun year! Enjoy it!

  2. Joyeux anniversaire Julia!

    Hope all your birthdays are as Golden as this one!

  3. happy birthday hun! enjoy your day to the fullest! you deserve it!

    sounds like you had a blast! what a sweet family and hubby you have- darin is always such a sweetheart on my b-day!

    and his b-day was like 2 weeks long this year- weekend after weekend of different family and friends throwing him parties- i am definately due for at least a month long party! :0)

  4. Happy birthday Julia!!! And that video was HILARIOUS!

  5. That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I am glad you had a great birthday! :)

  6. J- I am glad our dance skills made it on the web. I think there is hope for me to accomplish my dream of becoming a back up hip-hop dancer! Glad the B-day weekend (of course, you don't celebrate one day!) was great. I still tell people 6 months ahead of time when my birthday is :)Love you lots and can't wait to see you on FRIDAY!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday but I wasn't online until this morning. I got such a fantastic email with some beautiful layouts!! I'm going to look them over again today and give the final approval. THANKS!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. Happy Birthday Julia! :)

    Glad to hear that you had a great one. The video was hilarious!

    And, forget b-day weekend, I give myself a whole birthday MONTH! (Ask Ric all about it. hehe).

    BTW: I AM going to be 30 this year. :| YIKES! haha


    Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday Weekend I celebrate for a full week at least. Last year since it was the big 3-0 I celebrated for a the entire month on May!

  10. Happy 27th on the 27th, sorry a day late I know. But I remembered, I promise. Duh, it's like permantly carved into my brain.
    BTW, I couldn't see any of your pics on the post - is there a glitch? Please see if you can fix this, I'm going nuts with no pics to look at!!!

  11. I couldn't see the pics either...but Happy Birthday!!!

  12. I can't see the pictures for some reason :(. But, happy golden birthday!!!!

  13. Happy birthday again! Glad it was great. I can't see half the pictures, though ... :(

    I'm also four months older than my hubby, and Sake Tumi is my favorite!! That's where we went for my birthday this year, too.

  14. Happy Birthday (plus a day)! I'm glad to hear you had such a great weekend (I can't see any of the pics though)! I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with extending your birthday by a few days either.

  15. Seriously the picture thing is bugging me. They were fine earlier!

  16. Happy Birthday :)

    And yes, I was greeted first thing in the morning with a "You're almost 30!" from my 2-months-younger-than-me husband. Nice.

    P.S. I see the pictures :)

  17. Glad you had a fun birthday weekend...I think you should join me and extend it into an entire week, though! And how dare Nate incorporate GOLF BALLS into your gift!!!

  18. Julia, Happy Birthday a little late. I cannot even remember being 27...probably a memory lapse from being well into my 30's and seriously ancient, apparently :). Sounds like you had a well deserved wonderful weekend. My daughter's 1st birthday was 4/25. I am so glad to hear she shares a zodiac sign with such an awesome person.

  19. Hope that you had a wonderful birthday! It seems like you did! It is so funny because Mike always gets me gifts that has to do with HIM! Two years I got a bike because he wanted me to go biking with him and last year, golf clubs. This year we are going to a bed and seems that he has finally gotten it!

  20. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was awesome!

  21. Hope you had a great day! Happy Belated Birthday. Enjoy your week long celebration!

    I couldn't see the pictures yesterday so I was happy to find them fixed today!


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