lightbulb moment

Maybe I don't have to scream PINK in my title. Maybe the website itself could have the color pink involved somehow. You know, like a pink font or something. Which means I could start my list over again:)

And apparently I cannot use a pre-existing name even when it lacks a copyright sign. Blasted legal issues! Goodbye, Citrus Pink.

Don't mind me, just thinking out loud...


  1. I think I like this idea better. I'm not sure... I think it's important for the name to reflect somewhat what your business is about and you can definitely express your love for pink (and fruit!) in your presentation. Whether its your webpage or business cards or how you plan on advertising. But, when it comes down to it, it needs to reflect you as well!

    All I can say is when you come up with that perfect name, you'll know it. Keep em' coming though!

  2. Also, you want to remember that the name of your business is probably going to be the FIRST thing anyone hears or knows about it! I think you need to make it appealing to all kinds of people.

    Maybe I'm overanalyzing this?

    Good luck!


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