Everyone knows I can be a bit anal at times. Okay, severely anal to the point that I annoy myself. It makes me want to gouge out my own eyes with a spoon and I can only blame both of my parents for this trait. :)

So spending one entire car ride [6 hours] writing down words for my business wouldn't cut it in my world. No, I had to spend a good portion of my day on Saturday doing the same thing but with the almighty internet backing me up this time.

I Googled names I like to see if they are taken. I thought out loud. I hurt my brain a little bit. And I thoroughly irritated my husband [score 10 points!]

Here is what I have to show for it:
Let me elaborate on the part about annoying Nate [the best part]. After spending way too much time asking, "What about ______" inserting two completely unrelated words into the blanks, Nate cracked. He did. He really lost it and I find that amusing.

N: "JULIA. I cannot keep telling you that I like all of your options. When will you stop this madness?"
J: "What about Pink Icing? I like icing on cakes and it's kind of like the icing on top of a wedding day."
N: [in a mocking tone] "What about Pink Pepperoni and Sausage? I like pizza. And what about Pink Chocolate? I like both of those."
J: "Okay, knock it off. I get it, dude."
N: [again, mocking me] "What about Pink Nipple? Or Tainted Pink?" [I will not give him the satisfaction of responding to these.]
J: "Seriously. Here is my list, what do you think?" [shoving both mega lists under his nose.]
N: "I HATE Pink Bliss. That is so incredibly gay. I hate it."
J: "All the more reason to choose that one, my dear."

No but really, I have issues with the name game. It's such an important step and I want to get it right.

And now I present to you more options, my friends. Feel free to tell me I'm crazy. OR just vote for your favorite. Whatever suits your fancy.

1. Sweetie Pink [or Sweetly Pink]

2. The Pink Giraffe [Nate has always said I resemble a giraffe. I'd probably have to add 'studios' to the name because the simple version is already taken.]

3. The Pink Lime [something about this one makes me thirsty and I envision a fabulous website]

4. Citrus Pink [technically there is a design firm in London with this name but it doesn't have the little copyrighted sign next to it. Does that mean I'm okay?]

5. The Pink Pair [because my metro hubby likes to wear pink as much as me, let's get real. I really wanted it to be The Pink Pear but that one is for sure taken.]

6. Twist of Pink [reminds me of a fruity drink. Do you see a theme here? Fruit and the color pink?]

7. Shiny Pink Designs [meh.]

8. Framed in Pink or The Pink Frame [the only one with some sort of link to albums]

9. The Pink J

10. [or one without my color, and rather boring but professional] Defining Life Album Design

I know, I know, it's overwhelming. And it's not that I don't love the ones you mentioned in comments last time. But nothing has hit me like a ton of bricks. It's kind of like finding your soul mate, or your wedding dress.....aren't you supposed to 'just know?'

I never bought that crock before. So I don't know why I'm so indecisive now. Probably because I'm a tiny bit insane:)


  1. I LOVE Citrus Pink. Sounds fresh!
    (PS- I randomly found your blog clicking through others... I think you might be a Nestie? I'm Kstar3000 if you are! I'm not on much anymore though!)

  2. J- No Pink J...its sounds like pink vajayjay... and then I think of flaps...probably not appropriate!
    Citrus Pink sounds cool


  3. Keri~what's wrong with vajayjays? that is right up your alley:)

  4. Julia, its Maggie. My first comment on your blog- feel cool! This is nerdy, but you MUST consider search engine optimization in your name. You need to choose a specific business name that the search engines will pick up and choose words that are not easily confused with others. I'll send you some articles on this. And as your friend, I FORBID you to use the word Sparkle.

  5. I choose Tainted Pink.

    In all seriousness, I like Pink Twist. And yes, I realize that it wasn't an option...

  6. Apparently all of my options are either XXX rated or made for three year old girls. And that is why this whole process turned my brain into mush!

    So Citrus Pink or Pink Twist are the winners thus far.

    Vajayjays, taints, and sparkles not allowed:)

  7. you have been tagged!

    take a look at my blog post from today for the rules!

    can't wait to see your answers! :0)

  8. I combine 3 and 7 - Pink Lime Design. Just my opinion, though.

  9. What a highly entertaining Monday evening you have made this! haha

    Keri's comment made me LOL IRL. haha

    EW, I like Jen's idea. Pink Lime Design. It has a neat "twist" to it. ;) Way to go Jen!

  10. The Pink Lime was actually one of my faves [it's on my handwritten list, anyway].

    But it's definitely taken [http://www.thepinklime.com/]

    Maybe if I add the 'designs' to it, then it'd be okay since both of these are just 'pink lime'. I'll consult my lawyer:)

  11. J: I'm weighing in and I agree with Mags on this one - while the names are cute - it would probably be more helpful to your biz if you chose something that made it immeditely clear what you you DO and maybe just put some pink embellishments on the website or your logo. (I actually liked the boring, businessy title the best.) And I think by choosing the super-girly names, you might be pigeon-holing yourself as only creating "girly" albums, ya know? (If I didn't know you and your style, I'd expect my albums to be glittered, ribbony, and hot pink.) I'd choose something a little more neutral that of course would rank highly in the almighty google.

  12. I really like Pink Giraffe. That one just stood out to me. Good luck!!

  13. LMAO at your husband. I think Nate and Josh would get along quite well :).

    And, sorry, I'm no help with names. I like them all.

  14. I like the pink giraffe and I like the pink lime too...what about pink kisses or pink champagne? I know, not on the list. You have to have the word pink in it!

  15. My 2 cents... no need for Pink. It's kind of the whole Victoria's Secret thing which is not at all what your business is related to. I would do a spin-off of your blog. I mean this is kind of how you got the whole thing started so what about something like "Transistions Albums" or "Life in Transistion; Albums by Julia"? I also think you should take Maggie's advice about search engine optimization. If some one is googling "hand made wedding albums" you want a name that will put you at the top of the list.

  16. I'm not what your middle name or maiden name are, but maybe Julia K. Designs? Something just based off of your name? I was going to say Pretty in Pink Albums before I read the comments about search engine optimization. I suppose a search for Pretty in Pink would bring up more Molly Ringwald.

  17. I thought about my name, but both my current last and maiden names are not sleek at all. Mouthfuls, misspelled a lot, etc.

    I DO like my middle name though. Julia Lorene. So maybe J.Lorene album design? Or I could change the spelling to be more smooth....J.Loreen?


  18. DeZigns by Jules
    Start 2 Finish
    Memory Lane
    Dreams come True by JLH
    Journeys, Love, & Happiness


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